FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) is one of the most important elements in interior design as well as in interior 3D visualization. So, at the beginning of every interior rendering project, we always ask the client a question: does the furniture have to be exactly the same, or can we use similar furniture from our 3D library?

Case A: Similar furniture is fine.

Most of the time, the clients will provide us with CAD drawings (plans & elevations & sections), material board and reference images. But they don’t have a detailed FF&E list that specifies every piece of furniture. Instead, they give us a few mood images which show the style and aesthetics they want to achieve as well as some reference images of drawing. In this case, we will pick similar furniture from our library to best assemble the given style. Of course, the client can switch them at the modeling phase. (Please refer to our workflow for more details)

Case B: Furniture has to be exactly the same as specified.

Sometimes the clients will provide us with a detailed FF&E list with photos or product sheets, and they need every piece of furniture in the rendering to be exactly the same. In this case, we will need to assess the workload based on the quantity and complexity and adjust the proposal accordingly. For example, the workload of modeling these two chairs is apparently very different. (For simple ones, we may be able to model them free of charge.)

Special Case

It’s rare, but it does happen occasionally. In the first place, the client says the furniture can be similar, but later, it turns out that none of the selected ones can be as “super close” as they expect it to be. In this case, we will suggest the client try to find 3D models that they think would fit. If they can’t find one either, we will then consider custom modeling in order to meet the requirement. However, this might require an extra fee according to the complexity.

To avoid this awkward situation, please understand that it is not always possible to find super similar furniture from the 3D library. So, next time, we can show you some different types of 3D models from our library to help you identify if you need customized FF&E or if it is OK to select from our library.

Do you have any questions about the FF&E in 3D rendering? Feel free to comment below or email us: info@aimircg.com.

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