Visualization, with plenty of benefits, is becoming more and more popular in architecture-related industries. To carry out architectural projects successfully, it tends to be helpful to gain efficient collaboration with an ArchViz studio. However, not everyone can have smooth and pleasant collaboration experience. Some architects may get tired from giving feedback on disappointing drafts repeatedly. In turn, studios may lose their patience when modifying endless details. Actually, such situations usually generate from misunderstanding of their roles in the projects.

If you are looking for an ArchViz studio to work on visuals for your architectural project, do not worry at all. This article will reveal some major confusions you may have so as to help you avoid impairing the project quality. Without following confusions, you will proceed with ArchViz projects efficiently, and more importantly, build sustainable collaborative relationships with ArchViz studios.


1. Choice of an ArchViz studio

When you start to seek an ArchViz studio, the first thing you may focus on may be the studio’s portfolio. Indeed it will show you the visual style most directly, but it can never be the only element for your consideration. As all should know, the production of 3D renderings is not to add visualization effects by simply clicking a button. It often costs some time to deliver quality images through complicated operations.

In that case, a studio with your preferred visual style may not always be the most suitable one. Imagine you are dealing with a project on a tight schedule, but the studio likes sticking to its lengthy process. That will result in the postponement of your deadline. Although you can judge the quality and style of an ArchViz studio through its portfolio, it is really necessary to learn more factors such as working process and software they use, before making your choice. Otherwise, you may suffer from hard collaboration and fail to get images with your expected effects to a large extent.

2. Budget for a visualization project

After you find an ideal ArchViz studio, one thing you cannot avoid is the price. Some clients of ArchViz studios may try to cut down the cost of visualization. They may be confused if it is worth spending large sums of money on producing wonderful visuals. It is understandable sometimes, but in fact, it is just short-term consideration and reduction of potential values.

As a client of an ArchViz studio, what you will get from the project is not only the nice renderings themselves. Besides the visuals of high quality, you will benefit from the rich additional values they bring for your long-term development. Not only are those visuals the representation of specific projects, but they are also powerful evidence of your expertise. They will enrich your portfolio and draw attention of your potential clients. In the long run, they will converse into more collaborative chances and multiplied profits greater than former expenses.



3. Brief for visualization projects

If you are new in working with an architectural visualization studio, it is normal to feel confused when briefing. Maybe you are wondering how detailed a project brief should you offer. Despite that, as long as you keep two core points in mind, you will start successfully.

On one hand, it is vital for you to clarify the intent and overall concepts of your project. This seems easy to do, but is often ignored by some architects and designers. They often attach little importance to reaching consensuses on the general idea with the CGI team. As a result, the ArchViz studio has to interpret the project as per a vague idea in the brief, which may cause extra hindrances that affect the output quality and your cooperation.

On the other hand, it would be better if you could define the expected boundaries for target viewers. You have the right to decide whether the project aims to fit the architectural concepts or pursues fascinating visual effects. Moreover, 3D artists can exactly dig out and present potential points that further convey your ideas based on your expectation.


4. Keys to communication

To smooth the process, efficient communication plays an essential role all the time. Possibly some architects and designers may find difficulties in their communication with the 3D studios. Here comes several tips for dealing with this core part.

Firstly, sticking to detail changes excessively can unnecessarily raise the final quality. As mentioned before, architects should focus mainly on the general concepts and boundaries of the project. When there are some subjective changes needed for tiny elements, it would be better to link with the clarity of intent. Otherwise, too many of them will only cost extra time and block the progress.

Secondly, great time management is beneficial to the completion. Specifically, the time you send a clear brief and relevant documents decides the pressure of time limit from the beginning. During the production, your prompt and accurate feedback can leave adequate time for ArchViz studios to proceed.

Thirdly, heuristics is never a good method for making decisions. Comments of 3D visual drafts should be supported by empirical evidence or end client’s expectations. Those stemming from unproven biases may only drive ArchViz artists to flog a dead horse. Whereas ArchViz studios can be professional enough to make reasonable modifications, the favor from their collaborative client is always appreciated.

Last but not least, simple words are adequate to communicate clearly. In visualization projects, stopping using too many sophisticated technical terms is the most direct way to avoid confusions owing to misuse. Honestly, layman vocabulary has already allowed you to explain your needs clearly although ArchViz artists know architectural terms well.


5. Development of a long-term partnership

It is found that plenty of architecture companies are trying to have their preferred ArchViz studios work for them only. Since they are afraid of the increase of studios’ charge resulting from business expansion with other companies. When the price reaches a level they fail to afford, they have to look for another suitable one. But the truth is the price doesn’t depend on how large the business of an ArchViz studios is. Given all that, architecture companies may need some approaches to maintain a stable relationship with an ArchViz studio.

In fact, the most important reason of maintaining a long-term partnership with an ArchViz studio is that your business portfolio will develop consistency. As we all know, every CGI team has their own visual style which other teams find difficult to copy. When you acquire 3D visuals from one team constantly, it in turn help create a consistent architectural professional portfolio.


Generally speaking, the success of visualization projects depends on efficient communications and collaboration with the studio fitting in different respects. Because of the realistic and potential values, those projects deserve your investment. Furthermore, collaboration will never be confined to specific projects. As long as there are mutual interests, consensuses and collaborative possibilities, clients are always welcome to build up sustainable cooperative relationships with suitable ArchViz studios.

So if you have some upcoming visualization projects, why not try win-win cooperation with AIMIR, a professional architectural visualization studio who has been delivering high-end visuals to the world for 17 years?

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