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For those clients who have the experience working in CG industry, it’s well known that there is a standard work process that clients are required to sign the model & view/final image(s) confirmation for 3D rendering before moving to the next stage and to release the final high res rendering(s).

Some of our clients may confuse: why bother to sign the letter after we already agree to move forward? In this article, we will explain why signing the confirmation letter is necessary.

In most cases, AIMIR is always willing to accept minor adjustment and revise accordingly for free even after signing the model stage/final confirmation letter. But there are also cases that our clients will have major modification after delivering the full pixel renderings. In these cases, we may charge possible extra fee based on the specific requirements which will cause a great quantity of workload.

Let us try to explain more about the revision fee: for us, we judge it according to the workload. The funny thing is that sometimes we will receive full-page comments from our clients, it looks a lot but actually our clients just repeat some ideas which we can easily handle by Photoshop. In this case, we don’t charge any fee if the revision is actually minor even clients believe it is a large change and should be charged after signing the confirmation letter. While sometimes it’s opposite, our workload for revision is larger than the initial expectation of our clients.

You may wonder why?

Actually, this kind of revision is like “A slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole”. From the architects’ point of view, it’s only a slight change to the angle, height, width or shape, like

Architect A: well, rise 5 inches to each floor and the slabs should be extended correspondingly.
We: Are you serious? It’s a high rise building and we’ve finished the rendering with full models of furniture in interior…

Architect B: Just raise tower bulge to this level!
We: OH JESUS! Don’t you know that is an irregular tower……

It follows that we have to rework because it happens everywhere not just a part. Lots of workloads need to be redone and in some extreme cases, it could be considered as we are working on a new rendering. It’s a chain reaction like:

a data changed> whole building changed> re-model> re-render> re-output> re-Photoshop

Let’s take a look at the other cases that will generate fees but clients clarify as a MINOR change AFTER final delivery.

Architect A: Everything looks great and our client is extremely happy with the result, nothing special but please help to slightly twisting angle only.
We: Why we are not happy at all…

Architect B: Hey, I come back with an updated design after meeting our clients. I am sending you the new scheme model file via WeTransfer, please replace.
We: All right, super good, awesome… I bow to you, anyway please prepare the money to pay…

At above moments, we truly wish what irregular tower your confirmation on model and angle at the modeling stage was firm.

After checking all the examples, we believe they should be much clearer now. To be honest, signing the confirmation letter may not be such troublesome as you think. Actually, it’s a way to save your cost and we do our duty to kindly remind. It really protects the interests of both sides. It is understandable that sometimes our clients may think it is inconvenient for signing. No worries, we adopt online approach via DocuSign with just a few clicks to sign back! If not, how about confirm by email which it’s still workable and effective way, moreover, it has the same validity as signing the confirmation letters.

We hope this article answers your query. Are there any other questions about our services or work procedure that you would like to know? Welcome to leave your comments below and AIMIR will be glad to answer your questions.

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