3D architectural visualization, as most architecture-related professionals known, has become one of the essential parts in architectural planning and construction. Today, architects aren’t simply holding long-stretched blueprints with all mark-ups and tags and just manage the project by sheer imagination. The up-to-dated technology has largely changed the way and make it more easier and convenient. 3D rendering tool helps not only architects but also those who desire their ideas to be visualized in a better light.

As the wise would remind you to hold second thoughts before everything is decided either upon a strong impulse or levity, 3D interior rendering, in essence, offers great favors for designers and developers before reality assumes. So what favors exactly can 3D architectural visualization offer? This article will break it down as below.

Present beautiful image to your client

By leveraging the 3D technical tools in architectural visualization, clients can be offered with the very first impression of their ideas as a whole. If the images shown largely match clients’ expectations, then congratulations, there is a great chance that they will approve the project and invest money into it.

3D rendering can help architects to offer a grand picture of designs to their clients. Architects combine all the design elements together in the 3D rendering, so it’s easy for those investors, who don’t possess the professional insights as designers do, to picture the yet-to-build building. More specifically, they are capable of assessing quality. By presenting the model, clients can choose the angle and revise the outline of it, and after that, they can provide feedback on the materials, texture, and landscaping to make the design more desirable. Clients can involve in every step of the design and see a clear picture of how this beautiful building will look in the future.

3D rendering can offer a strong impression to your client and help fasten the decision process by present the beautiful images.

Provide panoramic and detailed presentation

This feature has partly coincided with the above discussed insights. Photorealistic renderings can highly display the details and general impression of the interiors. Long before 3D technology is applied in this industry, designers or architects can only imagine the interior through 2D sketch-ups or project plan. Now even if they are blessed with incredible artist mind and hands and that they can create realist paintings, they could be flawed and might miss or portrait some details.

With computer software like 3Ds Max, the pictures could provide a better display of details that run through each corner of the interiors. Not only that, but clients could also see from any position at the model nowadays and decide which views can best describe the designing story. With 3D rendering, investors are able to see the tiniest details of the design. Meanwhile, the furniture, fixtures, and equipment could be moved to different positions, which allows designers and clients to see how everything interacts with one another, make comparisons and come to the final decisions.

Therefore, with panoramic and detailed presentation shown by 3D interior designers, architects and clients can relocate their focus and make their ideas better understood.

3D Animation and Virtual Reality for more wonderful insights

We’ve talked about still images, but what if we can just experience a realistic walk-through into the room and look at the designs like in reality? Today, we are capable of developing a realistic virtual tour. 3D animation, though less authentic compared with VR, remains important for most people, especially for those who didn’t have the insights of design and how it would develop.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is the upgraded version, or more, world-changing technology that burgeons in recent years. It has largely affected a number of industries, including that of 3D Rendering. By using VR technology, clients, architects, developers or investors could eventually zoom around the rooms or buildings without actually being there. For an undeveloped project, VR could also manage to create a realist tour since everything could be set up in the 3D world. Even more, people can now adjust and move things around on their own accord with the latest technology and could feel a sense of touch using special gloves Haptx. All these are just tips of the iceberg, as more are still waiting to be discovered. It’s, perhaps, the best way of presenting the project, the ideas of which is then rendered with souls.

These are the favors that nowadays 3D architectural visualization can do for you, all of which generally correlate to 3D technologies. If you are interested in having your ideas visualized, whether it be interiors or exteriors, we at AIMIR can help you realize the specific visions, for we provide quality renderings as well as VR services. Warmly welcome you to contact us.

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