Whenever we discuss, the question of what kind of 3D architectural rendering services AIMIR should provide keeps emerging. AIMIR is always in pursuit of great artistic effects, premium quality 3D architectural resolution and valuable customer service, which helps our customers to present beautiful architecture and dazzle people by its amazing appearance before construction. This is our long-lasting original intention. And here, thanks to all the team members in AIMIR along the way with the company’s development. Even though there is still a long way to become the most outstanding CG company, we always armed ourselves with professionalism and efficiency, challenge ourselves with high standards and finally, we will fulfill the goal to be an exceptional CG company one day.

It’s difficult to get everyone on the same page when comes to aesthetic. However, there is still a rough consensus on the aesthetic assessment of renderings. Below are the main factors in making a compelling rendering and animation.

High Standards on 3D Renderings

Firstly, it’s important to highlight the overall construction. Whether the building is in an eye-catching position and features the key design elements. What’s more, make sure nothing overwhelms the dominative part.

Secondly, it’s necessary to avoid the rigid color or motley application, which would burr the unique feature of the architecture with poor visual effects.

Thirdly, the details should be greatly reckoned with. It shouldn’t be out of touch with reality except for special requirements.

Last but not least, productional professionalism plays an important role in creating a stunning 3d rendering. For instance, a good model, proper lighting and meticulous post-production. Besides, a good angle can perfectly showcase the whole building and the relative surrounding in a harmonious way.  

All in all, if you’re astonished by rendering at a glance that is hardly indistinguishable from the real photo, it’s what we call a masterpiece.

High Standards on 3D Animation

Integrity, ornamental value, and creativity are regarded as three aspects of evaluating an excellent animation.

First of all, nothing would mean anything if the animation is in low pixels. There’s no doubt that viewing an animation at high resolution is way better than that of at low resolution.

Next, the storyboard is a key factor needs to consider. With the same objective factors, good storyteller, attracting plots, clear idea, and smooth connection, these are the crucial elements in making a good animation.

In addition, the technique and methods in presenting an animation do make a difference, such as bounce, wiggle, turn in and turn out, squash and stretch ect…furthermore, the breathtaking and startling visual effect is of vital as well for making a compelling animation.

AIMIR is always relentless pursuit of high quality, no matter what challenges lie ahead. Please feel free to supervise, evaluate our works for that we are never afraid of being criticized. What we only care about is why we make mistakes and how to improve. If one day our work lives up to the high standard mentioned above, it will be an incomparable masterpiece of architectural vision. If you want to know more about architecture visualization, please kindly check our website.

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