Computer-aided design is no longer the exclusive realm of architects and engineers. Technology creates many opportunities for business. 3D architectural visualization, as an emerging industry with huge market potential, interior design can join the big league of getting the work done via the power of computers. The fantastic magic of 3D renderings enables designers to communicate their design easier and clearer. No wonder interior designers who offer 3D visualization are much more competitive than those who still using hand drawing.

The best 3D interior design software couldn’t automatically turn us into better 3D artists. We still have to master these 3D skills, but choosing the right software will greatly save a lot of time and energy. Besides, it is affirmatively of help when producing breathtaking immersive 3D rendering.

In this blog, we’ll bring you a list of the top software and tools we’ve used to perfect your design.

Autodesk AutoCAD

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As one of the best programs, AutoCAD is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and can be applied to any sorts of 3D projects for completely realistic 3D and technical 2D drawings.

The creation process in AutoCAD is highly in-depth. It deals with your project far quicker than the traditional method of hand drawings. It is so accurate to take care of every single aspect of the project. And it offers you space to store your works both on your computer and on the Internet, which avoids wear and tear during transportation and make your models come in handy.

Owing to its mighty functions, it requires some time to master the usage. If you want something easy to use, this may not be desirable. But, believe us, it’s really efficient because it has so many characteristics other software don’t offer.


Tag: #simple but detailed#  #user-interactive#

This is another top-level software to meet different kinds of design needs. Compared to AutoCAD, it’s easier in operation but as powerful and detailed as its competitors.

It’s one of the creations of Google. Hence, user-friendly experience is a given. The software presents in several forms with the view of serving different demographics and intended uses.

(1) SketchUp Pro

Tag: #the best and most detailed version#

It has a stronger performance and creates better end results than any other SketchUp program based on details and formats. Therefore, it’s the most complicated one of the bunch.

(2) SketchUp Shop

Tag: #fully online#  #for DIY#

It mainly caters to DIY designers and those who create real-life models. The application is accessible through an Internet app. And it is nearly entirely used in connection with CNC machines and 3D printers for the purpose of producing models.

(3) SketchUp Make

Tag: #free#  #educational and personal use#

It’s the version concentrated on educational and personal use. As a stepping stone to using SketchUp Pro, it’s a good choice to have a clear idea of what you are working with. In addition, it’s absolutely free and later developed into SketchUp Free.

(4) SketchUp Free

Tag: #free#  #convenient to safe#

As mentioned earlier, it is the next installment in SketchUp Make. It is free and also has all the features SketchUp Make offers. But it still keeps constant updates and upgrades. Your progress can be saved directly to the cloud or in SketchUp formats like SKP and STL.

Adobe Photoshop

Tag: #compatible#  #high-quality#  # widely use#  #creative#

Whether 2D or 3D design, Adobe Photoshop can be used from start to finish. It’s one of the best, biggest and most valuable ones in the history of software and program. It literally adds sparkle to the Internet. As well, its constant updates make it compatible and high-quality all the time.

With a wide range of uses, finishing interior design is a piece of cake, if you know how to use it. As well, it can also be applied to floor plan creations and texturing. It’s an easy job to achieve a stunning visual effect during the project presentation by using any CAD tool and a combination of Adobe Photoshop’s editing capacity.

Due to its compatibility, it’s one of the important tools for designers. All the projects and models produced in Photoshop can be rendered later in 3D via CAD software.

Another highlight is its creativity, which makes it the lifeblood of the design. You can try each new angle, color and a new level of visualization. The assistance of its add-ons can even remove the obstacles of imagination and help you create what you want.

Chief Architect

Tag: #user-friendly#  #educational and personal use#  #flexible#  #suitable for beginners#

It’s very user-friendly for people from novices to experts. Though it’s the more established design software rooted in early Windows, with users in mind, the strict control of every detail and regular updates increase its competitiveness in the interior design market. Interior designers can use different versions according to their needs. In addition, it is easy to master and get used to, which compensates for its complexity.

The intended use of the Chief Architect is limited to home design. However, it can be applied to model design and exterior design for certain products. It provides a series of tools for you to select and allows the add-ons to be supplied to make the software better and flexible.

Similar to SketchUp Make, it’s mainly intended for educational and private purposes. It’s really simple to create plans and elevations as well as correct and modify allowing for changes and addition even after output. However, it can still be used for commercial profit. And if you are a beginner in this field, the mastery of Chief Architect helps you a lot before using more complicated programs.

Hence, don’t miss this necessary tool for beginners. It’s not free, but it’s worth the cost by comparison with expensive and intricate ones.

Apart from these interior design software mentioned above, we also have a list of 10 Best Architecture Rendering Software for Architects in 2019. Are you interested in our blogs? Welcome to visit our website for more interesting topics. And contact us for amazing and photorealistic virtual prototypes!

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