Advertising is one of the most direct-viewing and effective ways to show the uniqueness of the housing. In the highly-competitive real estate market, In the highly-competitive real estate market, strikingly photoreal 3D visuals can spark the clients’ appetite to learn more and tempt them to make purchases easily. Hence, whether you are the leader or a newcomer in this field, it’s necessary to keep pace with the times and adopt new strategies.

Compared with long speech and paragraphs, people are more sensitive to pictures and videos that aren’t involved in traditional marketing tactics. That’s why high-quality marketing visuals are the key to distinguishing your projects from others. As a company specialized in architectural visualization, AIMIR is proficient in maximizing the advantages of 3D visuals. Now let’s take a look at how we managed to help you attract your customers.

#1 3D Renderings for Listings

The need for magnetic illustrations is dramatized by the clients’ behaviors. Although they are looking for factual information, it’s the picture that makes them decide whether to read further or not.

In the past, photographs worked quite well. To finish this process, it usually requires good composition, proper lighting, relevant decor, and professionals. The lack of just one factor would influence the smooth running. Now, it doesn’t take too much effort to get a show-stopping picture by 3D visualization. It’s easy for 3D artists to find the perfect lighting and choose any kind of decoration you like to show the interior with photorealistic quality. The benefits of 3D graphics are more obvious in terms of exterior renderings. You can choose any weather, view, and environment that you need to fit the housing unit best, which makes your projects excel.


#2 3D VR Panoramas for Websites

What if the clients are too busy to visit your housing? What if they are away? VR panorama is a good solution to this problem, offering a 360° view of the interior with clickable doorways to other rooms. When the customers check the details on your website, the VR panorama will immerse them in the cozy house and help them fully understand the design. They can even imagine and visualize their lives at this dwelling in the future!

Besides, VR panorama also has the advantages of still 3D graphics. It’s free to match the lighting with the shadow correctly. Since the renderings don’t need any physical matrix, you can adjust any resolution. What’s more, the 360° panorama is sometimes cheap, if the model has been already built.


#3 3D Animations for Social Media

Parallel to a real visit, 3D animation is more than just looking around. The camera can move across the premises to imitate the clients’ vision, which ensures a better comprehension of space and proportions. Furthermore, it is a powerful supplement to the marketing materials.

Like the two techniques above, the selection of lighting, camera angle and furniture lie within your grasp. Rich materials in 3D visualization studio’s model repository provide space beyond imagination to display your projects.


#4 Floor Plans for Listings and Websites

Floor plans play the role of conveying a complete picture of the housing, including the layout, dimensions, proportions and the function of each zone. Therefore, making floor plans is also worth our attention, because customers may decide to buy the house on account of this.

Try to add an extra dimension to a 2D world! A 3D floor plan can present not only the configuration of the house but also the overview of each room. It will set your promotions out among the classical approaches.


#5 Immersive Virtual Reality Tour

Live a fast-paced life, time becomes more precious. Many time-saving technologies emerge as time requires like VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). They cause a revolution in the real estate market, which reshapes the ways of pre-selling.

Although VR and AR have just recently risen to prominence, the value they created in all kinds of industries is predicted to hit $120 billion by 2020. They bridge the gap between blueprint and reality, providing users with engaging and interactive visual enjoyment. Users can even see the real world overlaid with digital information through a smart phone’s camera. This brings more potential clients and increased sales to real estate agents.


The right saddle must be set on the right horse. In the same way, your business needs excellent marketing materials. In this world of high competition, we AIMIR look forward to working with you to transcend your visuals to a whole new level and help boost your further development!

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