Basic Information

Wangcong Tianfu Cultural Industry Park is an important carrier for the goal of “building a world-class cultural city and creating a new development concept for the central city of the park”. Carrying out this planning and conceptual design, aiming at relying on the ancient culture, looking at the direction of international modern urban development, and expounding the connotation of “three cities and three cities” and “park city”, highlighting the ambiance, the Chinese style, and the other wonderful This planning project has become a blend of ancient culture and modern civilization, with diverse formats, elegant forms, rich and rich texts, and abundant ecology. Yiwen Yiyi is a cultural and functional area and a new urban area. Through the public collection method, we invite international and domestic top consulting and design institutions to complete the overall planning of the Wangcong Tianfu Cultural Industry Park and the conceptual design of the core area with high standards and high quality.

The solicitation activity is open to the world and invites consulting and design institutions with relevant industry planning and architectural design experience to participate.


Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China.

Total area of this project is 8916.35acre. East to Hegong Rd., south to Chengguan highway, west to Taiqing Rd, north to Hongyang Rd (Center area covers a total of 2.68km2). The area can be contacted with other areas through Chengguan Highway, Chengdu Second Ring Expressway, Metro Line 6. The core area of ​​the project (about 0.37 square kilometers) is located between Wangchong Middle Road and Zhongxin Avenue. It includes 117 acres of Wang Congxun upgrading and transformation + 350 acres of Wang Congzhen Cultural Park + 91 acres of edible land.


According to the requirements of the “General Planning of Wangcun Tianfu Cultural Industry Park and the Design Task Book of the Core Area Concept Plan”, the main functions as a park including exhibition, worship, singing, tourism, gourmet.


Applicant must be eligible as followed:

  1. Design firm: firms outside mainland China must have a valid business license and design permit; domestic firms must have level A design certification.
  2. Industry Planner: Foreign institutions must have legal business licenses in their country or region; domestic institutions must be independent legal entities and have legal business licenses in the country.


The finalists submitted by the project with unsatisfactory results documents have no cost compensation; the short-listed institutions that have submitted the qualified outcome documents but have not won the winning prizes, each received a design compensation fee of RMB 800,000 (including tax); three winning firms, except for the selected institutions, each won a bonus of RMB 500,000 (including tax); one of the selected institutions received the service contract for the consultation activity, and the bonus and subsequent optimization design fees totaled RMB 2.4 million (including tax).

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