Live a fast-paced life, time becomes more precious. Many time-saving technologies emerge as the time requires like VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). They cause a revolution in the real estate market, which reshapes the ways of pre-selling.

Although VR and AR have just recently risen to prominence, the value they created in all kinds of industries is predicted to hit $120 billion by 2020. They bridge the gap between blueprint and reality, providing users with engaging and interactive visual enjoyment. Users can even see the real world overlaid with digital information through a smart phone’s camera. This brings more potential clients and increased sales to real estate agents.

But how VR and AR reshape real estate market? Why can they become a revolution in pre-selling real estate? In this post, we’ll explore the secrets in VR and AR.

Offer an Immersive Experience

For clients, a 3D tour supported by VR and AR is an appealing and immersive experience. People all appreciate the chance of being personally on the scene. It’s so natural that they can’t help imagine what the finished product looks like.

Now, in Arlington, many customers begin to experience 3D tours of the project under construction. And they “Just wearing a headset with two motion sensors, I can see my future house from every angle. So amazing!”

Real estate agents also enjoy this high-technology because of its fantastic view and the convenience. Most importantly, compared with a building model, a digital one saves much more time but achieves equivalent effects, even better.

Design their own Space

In a traditional open-house tour, customers just walk through a house but have no ideas whether their own design concept is suitable for this house. But AR can satisfy the demand that customers want to see the house of their style in mind. They can choose whatever they like from the external environment to interior furniture to make their own space.


Dispel any further Doubts

It’s natural that people will hesitate to make a decision about the project before construction or in development. A 3D walkthrough will help them dispel any further doubts they may have. It can involve all kinds of details like light, color, texture to help customers visualize the finished product. It shortens the sales time. And agents needn’t try their best to explain the benefits of the house. Instead, visual impact offered by a 3D walkthrough can directly prove its value.

Save time and money

Using VR and AR, it is easy to tour the buildings and see what it looks like. Customers can step inside and explore each property with little expense or time commitment. Real estate agents can invite customers to experience many real estate projects in many locations. By providing countless options, they can increase the chance of your client finding something they love.

So why not try VR and experience the great impact it makes on your business? Contact us by email: [email protected]!

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