Greetings! The promising new year 2019 has finally arrived! It is a great time to reflect on the past year, reviewing and refreshing the most impressive 3D renderings we have done in 2018.

It comes as no surprise that everybody seems to have a clear idea of how to judge the criteria of beauty. The “likes” we received last year from our clients greatly inspired us to embrace a more open approach to the way we explore and present our works. Now AIMIR is going to tell you how the top 10 most impressive 3D renderings are well-received in 2018.

Harbor Whitman Townhomes

Project name: Harbor Whitman Townhomes
Location: Ohio City, USA
Project: September, 2018
Architects: *** Studio LLC

New construction in Ohio City! The two-story Townhomes successfully depicted an elegantly simple but fairly comfortable urban living by its striking design and elegantly furnished. The stunning master suite features its unique vaulted ceiling and spacious visual sensation, turning out to win the heart of someone who is looking for a dream house.


Villa Renderings

Name: Villa Renderings
Location: Hokkaidō, Japan
Project: July, 2018 – August, 2018
Architects: *** Sudo

These renderings were able to embody the minimalist style that echoed to Japanese culture. What’s more, they were shortlisted by their pretty impressive photorealistic reflections.


Redondo Beach Town Homes

Name: Redondo Beach Town Homes
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Project: Feb, 2018
Architects: Muller ***

Most notably, the townhome masterpiece presented a unique feast for the eyes by its spacious but modern design idea, showing you the real charm of its favorable geographical location of the South Bay in Los Angeles County.


Skokie Point

Name: Skokie Point
Location: 7855 GROSS POINT ROAD | SKOKIE, IL 60077
Project: Apr, 2018

From the line modeling to color utilization, this 75,000 SF one-story office building comes as a breath of fresh air.


University of California at Berkeley – Upper Hearst

Name: University of California at Berkeley – Upper Hearst
Location: 2701 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709
Project: May, 2018
Architects: SC*

As we see, the ambiance is in harmony with rich academic atmosphere and harmonious life, showing you a glimpse of a newly renovated look in University of California at Berkeley.


Jemison Bridge

Name: Jemison Bridge
Location: 2950 Mountain Brook Pkwy, Alabama
Project: June, 2018
Architects: CA & I*

Sometimes less is more. This set shows the different beauty of Jemison Bridge in winter and summer.


Lake Merritt Station

Name: Lake Merritt Station
Location: 800 Madison St, Oakland, CA 94607
Project: July, 2018
Architects: SC*

This is a project for competition that mainly features for its typical characteristic as a commercial complex located in the flourishing Chinatown. AIMIR successfully developed three camera angles for viewers to see and feel how this building can be.


Andys Burgers Restaurant

Name: Andys Burgers Restaurant
Location: 4632 Riverside DR Chino, CA
Project: September, 2018
Architects: Yianna *** Architects

The smooth lines and warm tone of the spacious ceiling blends into the restaurant created a sense of comfort for customers who are seeking for a place to relax and to enjoy the gourmet food. Those colorful trees and the bright red logotype seem to infuse the refreshed energy and enthusiasm into the restaurant.


Furano ZEKKEI Hotel

Name: Furano ZEKKEI Hotel
Location: Furano, Japan
Project: December, 2018
Architects: *AAD

In keeping with the consistent style in the full of renderings, AIMIR adheres to capture the design concept by natural and cultural elements in Japan, the hotel has been taken on an entirely new look in the grand Furano.

Quality first is always our work philosophy. We are looking forward to seeing how our architectural 3D visualization will be evolved in 2019. If you would like to experience and explore what AIMIR can create for you, get in touch with AIMIR for help.

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