Architects would make great effort in client presentation in order to convey a clear vision to clients. A successful presentation can deliver the message clearly and unambiguously to your audience. As a 3d architectural visualization company, we’ve worked with many designer and architects and we’ve come up with the following 5 points that can help architect improve during client presentations.

1.Directly showing clients a CAD modeling interface

Generally, clients who don’t often use modeling software such as Rhino are less likely to understand the meaning or vision when you present it in CAD modeling software. By contrast, it’s user-friendly to present all the information in 3D animations and VR, because it greatly lessen the misunderstandings and improve interactiveness. 

The image has no bearing on this text

2.Preparing more backup options besides renderings

Sometimes, the unnoticed details may have a vastly influence on decision making process. In client presentation, displaying various renderings and design options can help clients get a comprehensive understanding of architects’ designs and intension. It’s better to prepare as many backup 3D renderings as possible within a limited time.

Miscommunication can lead to terrible results

3.Focusing on clients’ demands through communication

Focusing on clients’ demands takes priority in presentation. Effective communication could ensure the efficiency and effectiveness in our presentations, which would avoid a waste of time and money. To grasp the important details of your clients’ need is of vital in the beginning.

Clients usually don’t understand or appreciate complicated drawings

4.Use easy-to-understand expression

It’s difficult for non-professionals to understand professional expression of architecture, such as technical terms, theories and diagrams. It is essential to present renderings and designs in a simple and explicit way. By doing so, clients can understand what we convey in the presentation and accept our ideas.

5.Having your own style

It is always fascinating to have your own unique style. While communicating with clients, a distinctive style can help you stand out in the competition or leave a strong impression to your customers. In addition to professional ability, humorous language, creative design can also highlight your strength.

These 5 points are one of the keys to clearly deliver your vision to your customers. Another dominant element is the application of 3D renderings. If you have any questions about 3D renderings services, please feel free to contact us. We AIMIR are always ready to help you in any time.

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