It’s been quite a while since the Novel Coronavirus spreading both home and abroad, today this article aims to state what happens in China. To be honest, even though we have experienced the SRSA and MERS, this is a new test for China and the whole world. No matter what country, race or religion you are, there’s no difference in virus transmission. Fear is far worse than the virus, only if we work together, trust each other, we can finally eliminate the disease.

After the first case emerged, the medical workers pay close attention to it. The government tracks down the source of the virus and identifies the pathogen in a short time, which sets a new record in the world. There’s an initial panic when the disease spreads rapidly and widely, but for the first time, our government takes top-level preventive and control measures against the novel coronavirus spread further. This is no sign of lacking confidence in controlling the virus, and it’s the evidence of putting people’s lives first.

What measures we took to curb the spread?

China’s health authorities have been placed on full alert for the menacing new coronavirus originated in Wuhan, giving warning to people who travel to and from Wuhan and taking preventive and control measures to curb the spread. The densely populated places such as train stations, airports, supermarkets or public transportation disinfect every day.

The transparency report is crucial in restrain fear. Social media, TV stations, newspapers update the current situation every day, we can get all the information timely and effectively. The tips about self-protection broadcast non-stop. With the help of the well-developed Internet, it greatly reduces the spread and infection. Besides, the virus’s DNA information sharing with WHO and other country praised highly by the global community. The speed of response of testimony improves the global preparedness for this new disease. With the joint effort of all parties, there’s a significant achievement in fighting the virus.  

The demand for masks surges. This sudden surge in face mask leads to a shortage of both online and offline stores. This is a great chance to increase the price and earn a fortune for the supplier when people are in desperate need of the face mask, but most suppliers and enterprises have released notices forbidding vendors from increasing prices simultaneously. And the free masks distribute to residents every day in some areas. It shows great responsibility and accountability for our society.

A makeshift hospital, with the capacity of 1000 beds, was built in 9 days and start treating patients who infected with the novel coronavirus on Monday, February 3, 2020. This hospital consists of 1400 medical staff from the armed forces, many of them participated in the fight against SARS and Ebola. Besides, many experts who have more than 10-year experience in treating infectious diseases have involved in this operation.

China is resolved to do what it can to curb this virus and stop worldwide transmission. Citizens no matter rich or poor are actively work together. We have faith to win the battle against the outbreak eventually. As a service company, we are not affected very much. All projects are processing as normal. We welcome you to discuss further cooperation with us.

Also, we would like to thank all our clients for their great support and trust. As always AIMIR will continuously provide high-standard 3D rendering service. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

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