The International Tendering for Phase I Urban Design and Architectural Design General Contracting of Shenzhen Construction Industry Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters Base, which is another municipal-level key industrial cluster project in Longgang District of Shenzhen City, is about to start! We sincerely invite the global design elites to follow the international trend of being green and low-carbon, and jointly participate in the 100 billion-level industrial cluster project!


Project Overview

In response to the national decision and deployment on the implementation of emission peak and carbon neutrality, to improve the efficiency of energy and resource utilization, promote the use of renewable energy, reduce the building carbon emissions, and create a good ecological environment for the construction industry, in accordance with the strategic deployment of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, to promote the high-quality development of Shenzhen’s modern buildings, form a new center of Shenzhen’s construction technology industry cluster, develop a new format for the entire industry chain of construction technology, use the “Belt and Road Initiative” as the engine to connect with the domestic and foreign construction markets, and establish a new benchmark for low-carbon construction technology development, the Shenzhen Construction Industry Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters Base, established by the Longgang District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, has come to its existence!

The Shenzhen Construction Industry Ecological & Intelligent Valley project aims at the world advanced construction concepts and technologies, takes green, low-carbon and digital intelligence as the main development direction, and focuses on the existing technological advantages to deploy three major industrial clusters of “intelligent construction”, “smart buildings” and “carbon neutral buildings”, and six centers of “corporate headquarters agglomeration, intelligent construction digital innovation, building standard formulation, green and low-carbon demonstration, smart building innovation, and technology exhibition and trading”, form a green and low-carbon city demonstration area, lead the future 100 billion-level construction industry cluster of Shenzhen City, and realize the transformation of the construction industry from production-oriented construction to green, intelligent and service-oriented intelligent construction.

Shenzhen Construction Industry Ecological & Intelligent Valley plans to develop and construct according to the “1+1” spatial layout model of “headquarters base” + “industrial base”, in which “headquarters base” is this tender project and the core component of the Ecological & Intelligent Valley, located in the middle of Universiade International Science and Education City, Longgang District, Shenzhen City.

Project location map


Work Content

A. Design Competition Stage:

  • Urban design: about 74.6ha design scope, In which about 28.2ha of Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters Base needs to reach the level of detailed urban design.
  • Conceptual architectural design (Phase I of Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters Base): about 4.6ha design scope, FAR 3.9.
  • Chapter of study on green, low carbon implementation.

B. Subsequent design development content of the bid winner:

  • The bid winner needs to complete the adjustment and optimization of detailed urban design scheme;
  • As the general contractor of Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters Base Phase I architectural design, the bid winner shall complete the whole process design and management;
  • Special design on green, low carbon and intelligent construction.


Work Focus

Build a domestic leading and world advanced building technology green valley, take three-dimensional composite and space sharing as the core concept, highlight the characteristics of being green, low carbon and ecological, and create an urban vitality space integrating production, life and ecology. Actively respond to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Green Building Regulations, meet the requirements of Shenzhen’s near-zero carbon emission urban pilot indicators, and focus on the implementation of four major park-level ecological technology systems, including carbon emission and energy comprehensive utilization, water resource and sponge city comprehensive utilization, smart park, and regional microclimate system. The specific requirements include but are not limited to:

All buildings meet the national green building two-star operating label requirements, key buildings shall meet the national green building three-star operating label requirements; establish the prefabricated building demonstration project; consider the highlighted demonstration of near-zero energy consumption building, LEED standard and WELL standard in this project; encourage the application of innovative technologies in this project, such as BIPV, Internet of Things, energy storage, 3D printing construction, PEDF (Photovoltaic, Energy storage, Direct current, Flexibility), etc.


Tender Method and Timeline

  • The method of open application + prequalification will be adopted for this tender. After prequalification, 5 shortlisted agencies will be selected to enter the design competition stage. The shortlisted agencies shall submit deliverables as per requirements of Design Brief. After the scheme review, the top three (without ranking) will be selected as the winning candidates to enter the bid award stage. On the basis of respecting the opinions of the scheme review meeting, the Tenderee will determine the ranking of the top three, and the first-place bidder will be the winner and get the subsequent design development contract. Other shortlisted agencies that do not win the bid will receive the corresponding design compensation fee according to their ranking.
  • Application conditions: ①The applicant for the bid must be a legal entity that is independently registered inside and outside China; ②Consortium is allowed, with no more than 3 consortium members; ③The applicant (consortium) must have Grade A qualification of the domestic construction industry (construction engineering) in China; ④The chief design team needs to have professionals with relevant experience in green building, low-carbon and intelligent construction.
  • Applicants shall submit application materials and draft concept on time as required. Due to the positioning and characteristics of this project, applicants are advised to focus on providing their achievements that demonstrate design and operation experience in green building, intelligence, low carbon, energy saving, and prefabricated buildings.
  • Expected tendering schedule:

Mid and late April 2022  Launch tender activities and make official announcement.

Early May 2022  Make prequalification result announcement.

End of July 2022  Submit deliverables and scheme review meeting.

Mid August 2022  Decide the bid winner.

All the tendering information is subject to the official announcement of this project.



Host: Longgang District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality

Tenderee: Shenzhen Longgang Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Tender consultant: Shenzhen Ehow R & D Center

Contact: Engineer Zheng, Tel:+86 185 6678 2232

Advisory mailbox: [email protected]



The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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