Corona Renderer isn’t a household name yet, but its ease of use and unprecedented interactive rendering engine position it as the current big thing at AIMIR CG and the next big thing in the whole 3D rendering industry.

What is Corona Renderer (CR)?

Corona Renderer is a modern high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max, MAXON Cinema 4D, and as a standalone application.

Browsing through the Corona Renderer Gallery shows off the incredible capabilities the software has in terms of realism. The work is consistently good, and ditches that plastic-y, half-real veil that can haunt even the most expensive rendering software. With the power of Corona in the hands of the right design office or 3D visualization artist, there are few limits to the quality of work it produces.

Going even further, Corona was developed by an artist, with a community of artists, for artists. It has already established an intimate relationship with the underground 3D rendering industry in Europe, and is poised to grow into one of the most widely used renderers on the market. Corona Renderer is here to stay, and finally gives artists a rendering engine to call their own.

AIMIR’s Story With Corona Renderer

Although Corona Renderer has been out for a few years, it is still a little-known thing in China. Corona Renderer is one of the underdogs – a feisty and capable piece of rendering software that offers just as much under the hood as the titans of the industry, but leaves the hefty price of admission and language barrier – there have been no tutorials in China – at the door.

Even so, we AIMIR smelt the opportunity and made the first move. Our team has spent 9 months learning this outstanding rendering engine. After tons of trials and errors, spending hundreds of hours doing tests, we are proud to announce that our CR rendering service is now officially available!

AIMIR’s Test Work Using CR

To show you how good CR is and what quality we can achieve, I would love to share you some non-commissioned test work we have done! One of our favorite interior designs is Kelly Hoppen. So, with respect, as a tribute, we re-created some of her awesome designs in CR. Let’s take a look!

Design 1: Original Photo v.s. 3D Rendering



Design 2: Original Photo v.s. 3D Rendering


Here are more test works we’ve done using CR:


Recently, we’ve been working on a commissioned project. We are very confident about the final result and will share it once it’s done!

With the introduction of CR, there are now few limits to the quality of work we can produce. If your projects need top-quality photorealistic 3D interior renderings, please contact us for more information!

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