This series is written to assist clients who want to save time and money with 3D visualization services. The topics discussed here will help manage expectations while enabling agencies to assist you as effectively as possible.

Developing your vision can be a difficult task, whether you are a newcomer or an old hand to the architectural rendering world. That’s why we’ve prepared this Client Checklist.

Please email us to get the PROJECT INFORMATION CHECKLIST: [email protected]

With this checklist, architect/designer/project coordinator/project manager can systematically straighten out the project files, avoiding resubmitting or missing any information, which is helpful for plan a schedule of providing project files in an organized way.

What’s more, this list will guide the architect/designer/project coordinator/project manager deeply think about how the look of the rendering images they want, for example what style/mood, what kind of people, where is the sun… having a more thorough understanding of the project, and better control the development of the project and the final overall effect of the rendering images.

Of course, organized project files&requirement can save both time and effort of the visualization firm, improve the efficiency and definitely help to submit the final results that reach even beyond client’s expectation.

Don’t hesitate to leave your precise comment if you think there is still something need to be amended to the list.

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