Located on the southern tip of Nan’ao peninsula, Xichong Area is surrounded by mountains on three sides and adjacent to the ocean on one side. Limited by external transport and environment carrying capacity, the Area has well preserved the natural coastal view and historical and cultural background with lush natural vegetation, the cleanest waters, the longest and finest beach shorelines, and unique traditional villages. As a splendid pearl on the golden coast of east Shenzhen, it represents the highest standard of Shenzhen ecological coastal tourism and holiday making and is a core area of Dapeng New District to build a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort area as well as a key carrier of Shenzhen to build an international coastal tourism city.

In September 2018, affected by the strong typhoon “Mangkhut”, the infrastructure in Xichong District was damaged to varying degrees, and it was one of the most affected areas in the city. The city leaders attached great importance to post-disaster reconstruction work and long-term development. On October 3, 2018, the secretary of CPC Shenzhen Committee made an important instruction on the regional planning and design work after the on-site survey of the area, pointing out that it is necessary to ensure the implementation of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, a key global marine city and Eastward Development Strategy of Shenzhen, speed up and solidly guarantee the reconstruction of post-disaster facilities, turn crisis into opportunity, grasp the opportunities of post-disaster reconstruction, plan from a high starting point and construct at high standards,  build it into the most brilliant eco-tourism business card in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with a world horizon and an international perspective as well as achieve a win-win situation of nature and development.

Based on the above changes in the situation and background, in order to give full play to the strategic value of the Xichong area, this International Consulting is hosted by Shenzhen Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources and Dapeng New District Administrative Committee jointly. With an international vision, forward-looking thinking and innovative design, it guides the high starting point planning and high standard construction of Xichong area.


This International Consultation aims to solicit forward-looking and innovative urban design concepts and schemes amongst domestic and international design institutions.

(1) In response to requirements for Shenzhen’s developing into a key global marine city and international coastal tourism city, propose a creative, forward-looking development vision that conforms to the development characteristics of Xichong.

(2) Map a blueprint of an international top-class coastal tourist resort and develop a proposal of urban design with innovation and operability for Xichong.

(3) Looking to the future based upon the present circumstances, take into account the post-disaster reconstruction, study the development pattern and path of Xichong, and make an action plan for the near-to-medium term.

Consulting Approach & Rules

This consulting will be undertaken by two stages: Stage I-Qualification and Conceptual Proposal, Stage II – Urban Design Competition.

Stage 1-Qualification and Conceptual Proposal

The clients will set up the qualification jury, which will perform a comprehensive review on prequalification documents such as the achievements and experiences of chief designers of the application units, the team members and experiences of the planned project, company qualifications, industry reputation and concept proposals (please see III. Composition of Prequalification Documents). Eight names listed competitors will be selected for stage two. And two alternatives in order who will enter the competition by order if any of the eight competitors quit.

Stage 2 – Urban Design Competition

The eight competitors should submit the deliverables according to the design brief. The jury should review the submitted urban design scheme, and select the top three winning institutions. The review jury should also give review opinions to the top three winning institutions, and recommend them to the clients. The clients will determine the ranking of those 3 institutions through study based on full respect to the review jury’s opinions.

Stage 3 – Review result

Clients will report the three winning schemes to the competent administrative department to determine the final winning institution. After announcing the ranking result, the design institution or joint group who wins the first place needs to send chief designers to participate in the follow-up workshop discussion of deepening the work of Xichong urban design for two-three times.

Design contents:

Scope of Urban Design and Coordinated Research

This consulting work comprises 3 aspects: holistic research scope, overall urban design scope and detailed urban design scope.

Holistic research—Nan’ao peninsula and its coastal zones

Overall urban design scope—with an area of about 18km2, mainly the land area, also considering the adjacent coastal zone.

Detailed urban design scope – detailed urban design for two key sections (which can be assembled according to the scheme characteristics) within the overall urban design scope, such as the section adjacent to the mountain, lakefront section, and seafront section, with the area of the detailed urban design not less than 1km2.

Requirements for Registration:

(1) The competition will be open to the public and those independent registered companies who have relevant design experiences can register for it. Joint design participation comprised of no more than 3 members is allowed. And any of them should not register by itself or join other design companies. No individual application or individual combination is accepted.

(2)Teams with similar design experience will be prioritized in consideration:

  1. a) With rich experiences of ecological security and ecological disaster prevention reaches;
  2. b) With comprehensive research ability and practical experience in urban design of coastal tourist resorts;
  3. c) With rich product planning and operation experiences in coastal tourism areas;
  4. d) With rich pubic landscape and environment creation experiences.

(3) Designers participating in this competition must be registered personnel of the firm. The chief designer must be those who have presided several similar projects and involved in the entire design. To make sure that the project designers have a correct understanding of the background of China and relevant requirements, it should also involve at least 1 teammate with proficient Chinese language skills.

Consulting Schedule:

☆ All the time mentioned is subject to Beijing Time. The client preserves the right to adjust the schedule.

Bonus and Compensation

(1) Bonus

Top three winning design institutions will be rewarded as follows:

The first prize winner will be rewarded with 3.5 million yuan.

Second and third prize winners will be rewarded with 2.5 million yuan.

(2) Design compensation

Each of the other five shortlisted bidders that have submitted the deliverables that meet the requirements of the competition file will get a design compensation of 1.5 million yuan.

For further inquiries and information access, please refer to the document of “Working Rules of International Consulting on the Urban Design of Xichong, Nan’ao, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen City”.

This article is reproduced from ABBS, for further information, please pay attention to Website of Shenzhen Center for Design(, and WeChat Official Account of ABBS, or send emails to [email protected] for inquiries.

Or please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need 3D rendering services for this competition. Aimir always ready to support our customers.

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