Tender for Architectural Design of Shenzhen 28th Senior High School is now open for pre-qualification application. Design teams from home and abroad are welcomed to participate in this tender.

Shenzhen 28th Senior High School is located at the intersection of city and nature. On the one hand, it faces a quiet and wide lake as well as a forest park. On the other hand, it borders an urban area which is in urgent need of renewal. Now, the competition is initiated on this site with superior natural conditions, to guide the campus transformation by design and explore the possibilities of future education, living, ecology and community integration in a time after the pandemic.

In the Pre-Qualification Stage, the tenderee will evaluate the qualifications of companies and project leaders according to the Pre-Qualification Document. The concept proposals that are qualified in the qualification evaluation of the companies and project leaders will be reviewed anonymously. 7 shortlisted bidders (without ranking) will be selected to enter design competition stage. The deadline for submission of pre-qualification application document is 2021 July 30, 17:00 (UTC+8).


1. Project Positioning

Shenzhen 28th Senior High School aims to be a full-time high school that is in harmony with natural landscape and adapted to the future development of education. Referring to the Notice of the Development and Reform Bureau of Bao’an District on the Pre-Investment Plan of the Government in 2021 for the Three Projects including the New Construction of Shenzhen 26th Senior High School (No. 14 [2021]), the project is positioned as a 72-class boarding senior high school, with 3600 students according to the standard of 50 students per class.

The construction of the project shall meet the construction standards of the Grade One School in Guangdong Province. The construction standards shall reflect the cultural, pioneering and forward-looking characteristics, and create a beautiful campus with “ecological environment, profound culture and artistic atmosphere”.


2. Project Overview

The site is located in Xinqiao Street in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The west of the site is urban renewal area called Xinqiao East. There is a lake of Lianfa quarry on the east and Huoshan Country Park on the south of the site. The design should fully respect the local context and make the best use of the advantages of the site to create an ecological campus.


3. Core Design Content

The total land area is 70030.81 square meters, including 69563.01 square meters for construction and 467.8 square meters for restricted construction. The total gross floor area is 130000 square meters (subject to the final approval from the Development and Reform Department). Major programs include teaching and assistant rooms, office rooms, living and service rooms, flat for faculty and staff, underground car park, mechanical rooms and others.


4. Tender Content

The tender scope of this project is all-phase design of all engineering construction within the site, including feasibility study report preparation, scheme design and optimization, design development, construction document, on-site construction cooperation, construction application assistance, as-built drawing preparation, project completion acceptance evaluation, etc.

The tender scope does not include foundation pit supporting, slope treatment, lake filling and supporting of this project (the above three special designs of geotechnical engineering will be separately tendered).


5. Tender Process

The project adopts the method of “open bidding”, which includes 3 stages: pre-qualification, design competition and final evaluation. Honorarium is set for the bidders that are pre-qualified but fail to win the bid.

Pre-Qualification Stage – Applicant is required to provide company profile and credit files, and concept proposal. The tenderee will organize Qualification Review Committee to evaluate the qualifications of the companies and the project leaders according to the Pre-Qualification Document. The tenderee will organize Pre-Qualification Review Committee by law. The conceptual design books and presentation boards that are qualified in the Qualification Evaluation of the companies and project leaders will be numbered, and submitted anonymously to the Pre-Qualification Review Committee for independent review. The Pre-Qualification Review Committee will vote by open ballot to recommend 7 shortlisted bidders (without ranking) and 2 alternative bidders (with ranking).

Design Competition Stage – The tenderee will set up a Scheme Review Committee according to relevant laws, and review the bidding schemes in anonymous format. The Scheme Review Committee will vote by open ballot to determine the top 3 finalists (without ranking) to enter the final evaluation stage.

Final Evaluation Stage – A Final Evaluation Committee will be established by the tenderee to determine the winning bidder from the 3 finalists recommended by the Scheme Review Committee.


6. Pre-Qualification Application

  1. Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.
  2. Applicants must be class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering).
  3. Consortium is permitted. One consortium shall include no more than 2 members (including the leading member). Leading member must be class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering). The consortium member is not required to have any qualification, but can only carry out the creative scheme design.
  4. Project leader is required to be Grade One registered architect in China. For consortium, project leader must be staff from the leading member.
  5. Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally.
  6. Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.


7. Tender Agenda


8. Design Fee & Honorarium

The tender fee is tentatively set at US$3,800,000 (RMB 24.5413 million), including the feasibility study report preparation fee of US$123,500 (RMB 798500) and the tentative basic design fee of US$3,673,000 (RMB 23.7428 million).

Honorarium is set as follows:

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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