Tender Condition

The design work of the Binhe Digital Industrial Park Project has been approved by the authority of approval / reviewing / filing. It is self-funded with 28 million yuan in total. The tenderee is HangzhouXiaoshan Qianjiang Century City Urban Operation Co., Ltd. This project has already met the tendering conditions. It adopts open tender method. We welcome interested potential tenderer to apply for pre-qualification.


Project Overview and Tender Scope

Project scale: this project includes xiaozhengchuchu [2019] No.10 and xiaozhengchuchu [2019] No.12 areas, a total of 12 blocks and surrounding supporting municipal roads and bridges. It covers a total land area of 135 Mu (90000 ㎡), with a total construction area of about 185,000㎡. It has 67,162 ㎡ ground construction area, and 117,838 ㎡ underground construction area, including a 33,797 ㎡ public square.

Scope of tender: this is a one-section tender for the following project: (001) Tender for Designing Work of Binhe Digital Industrial Park Project.


Tenderer’s Q ualification Requirements

Qualification requirements for tenderer:

  1. The tenderer registered in China must have Class A Qualification for Design in Construction Industry or Class A Qualification for Design in Construction Engineering Industry or Class A Qualification for Comprehensive Engineering Design.
  2. Overseas tenderer  (with branches in China and legal business license) must form a consortium with a domestic design company with Class A Qualification in Construction Industry or Class A Qualification in Construction  Engineering Industry or Comprehensive Class A Qualification in Engineering Design, and the initiator of the consortium must be a design unit registered in China.
  3. Consortium is permitted. Please provide the Consortium Agreement with no more than 2 members.
  4. Each member of the consortium shall not bid in the same project section in its own name or in another consortium.

Consortium is permitted in this project.


Acquisition of Pre-qualification Documents

Time period: From 09:00, March 12, 2021 to 16:00, March 18, 2021
Access to the documents: refer to the announcement for details


Submission of Pre-qualification Application Documents

Deadline: 09:30, March 23, 2021

Submission method: printed documents; address:  Room 2009, Sanhong International Building, Minhe Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou


Time and Place of Pre-qualification

Date and time: 09:30, March 23, 2021
Place: Room 2009, Sanhong International Building, Minhe Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Review method: Comprehensive scoring method


Other information

This project is a commercial-cultural-tourism project, located in the core block of Qianjiang Century City. It aims to be a distinctive landmark riverside commercial block, with the main functions of culture, recreation and commercial retail.
Construction site: it is located in Fengbei Village, Qianjiang Century City, Pinglan Road in the East, Guihuawei 11th Road in the south, Guanlan Road in the west, and Guihuawei 8th Road in the North.
Planned commencement date and construction period: 70 calendar days

Estimated construction and installation cost: about 1,750,000,000 yuan
Contents and scope of tender:
The specific scope of work is as follow: conceptual design, implementation design (including estimation), design adjustment, preliminary design (including estimation and its adjustment), construction design (including BIM design, construction design budget and its adjustment), construction design review and submission for approval, and cooperation and other related services, such as but not limited to follow-up, technical and acceptance issues.


The design works include but are not limited to: landscape greeningdesign (including areas outside the red line), municipal road design, comprehensive design of municipal and outdoor supporting pipeline, energy saving design, sponge city design, smart park design, architectural design, structural design, bridge design, foundation reinforcement design, door and window detailed design, HVAC design, electrical and lighting design, signage system, weak current design (including integrated wiring, computer network, digital television, access control, broadcasting, multimedia display and conference systems), building plumbing design (water supply and drainage), foundation pit bracing design, intelligent building design, acoustic design, power distribution engineering design, curtain wall design, mechanical and electrical design, BIM Design, green building design, prefabricated design, fine decoration design of public areas, logo design, floodlighting, fire protection design, civil air defense design, traffic design, exhibition design, preliminary design budget and its adjustment, construction design budget and its adjustment, etc.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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