Architecture Design Competition for The Global Smart Chips Innovation Center

The global chips innovation center is located at the intersection of Meilin road and Fukang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. It divided into several functional areas, such as construction area, office area, commercial area, property service area, and public transport. It covers a total land area of about 12 square kilometers.

Work content

The workload is including the overall planning and design, architectural design detailing and landscape design detailing within the scope of the site property line, construction design.

Registration Requirements

There are no restrictions on the qualification of applicants. Any design agency at home and abroad can sign up for this competition.

Applicants shall have legal business qualifications in the country or region in which they are located. Application by individuals or teams of individuals is not acceptable. Consortium applicants are acceptable, but each consortium shall have no more than three members. No member of a consortium is allowed to register twice in the form of either individual firm or another consortium formed with another firm.

The designers participating in this competition shall be registered personnel of the current company. The chief designer shall be a person who has held several projects of the same type, shall be directly involved in the whole bidding process, and make scheme presentation as per review requirements. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the regional background of China and the related requirements, there should be at least one project designers fluent in Chinese;

The applicants shall submit the application information as required by the design documents.


Two means of participation are available

Public registration (The competition will be announced online to call for open registration; after prequalification, three design firms or consortia will be determined to proceed to the next stage)

The competition will comprise three stages:

(1)Registration and prequalification

(2)Design and evaluation



The total cost of the contract for service from conceptual design detailing to schematic design detailing is no more than RMB 6 million Yuan (tax inclusive). The specific work tentatively includes planning and design, architectural design detailing and landscape design detailing within the scope of the site property line, construction design. (please refer to design contract), excluding design development, construction drawing design, construction administration, equipment, structure, curtain wall, lighting, interior finish, and environmental protection design. The Organizer will negotiate with the bid winner on the design price in accordance with relevant national charging standards, and sign the architecture design contract at the final price

To obtain the follow-up information and registration form please feel welcome to contact AIMIR. All the competition we republished is totally free. In addition, if you need 3d rendering service to visualize your design, please drop us a line freely. Aimir as always feels happy to help you. 

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