3 Ways to Create Perfect 3D Architectural Visualization

3 Ways to Create Perfect 3D Architectural Visualization

Nowadays, it is not difficult to make a lifelike 3D visualization for architectural projects by equipping with powerful software. However, the lower threshold brings more rivals, who heats up the race of the visualization industry. Many designers are striving for the perfect 3D visualization, but a fabulous one never grows on trees. There are several essentials that designers must keep in mind in order to achieve the perfect quality.

Details make all the difference

The emphasis of 3D architectural visualization is to make it as real as possible. Therefore, the elements relevant to the project are supposed to be added while visualizing the 3D rendering, which can increase the realness and be more convincing.

For a better understanding of the importance of surroundings, we can take nature elements as an example. Many people will say that nature is not as important as the main building in architectural projects. However, this opinion underestimates the great positive effect that nature brings to the atmosphere. For instance, the project looks more modern when featuring cloudy weather and manicured trees and lawns. The sunny weather and blooming flowers, however, bring out the passion and romantic atmosphere. In this way, the interaction of buildings and surroundings makes the visualization more convincing.

In addition to the exterior, the interior details such as furniture, home appliances, windows, bricks are also necessary when maximizing the reality. Beyond all that, any other details which help to show the beauty of the project should be considered by designers. As one proverb goes, details make all the difference.

Never forget shadow, lighting and visual angle

If we assume that details shape the physical body of the 3D architectural visualization, we can say that the shadows, light and visual angel bring it to life.

First of all, we talk about the shadow and lighting. The lack of shadow and lighting makes the project look artificial and plastic. When you render the shadow and lighting, you need to consider the angles and sun direction, which ensure that there is more depth as well as a perspective for the viewer to view the building clearly. Besides, the essential part is highlighted. Nevertheless, the amount of lighting requires careful consideration. When the light is not enough, it is difficult to see the central building clearly. Whereas, too much light leads to the loss of details. Quality lighting is necessary and essential for rendering a stunning 3D rendering. Therefore, handling the light and shadow is the point for designers to keep in mind.

Another way to increase the realness is to add special visual angles. A camera-based overview is a case in point. But why the camera-based overview matters? Because it starts from the perspective of people and conforms to people’s habit of observing things, which includes the angle of the camera and height adjustments, the 3D rendering will become more immersive and realistic. Hence, from now on, try to think like a photographer.

Ensoul the architectural visualization

An excellent 3D architecture visualization company always has its own style and personality. As we had mentioned before, the progress of visualizing technology brings the increasing industry homogenization. Only the one who features a unique style can stand out and catch the eyes of buyers. A famous visualization company is especially good at bringing out the beauty of the project. The application of countless 3D model combinations allows viewers to have a look through various angles. It will focus on the change of the weather to present the extreme effect. It can even mislead people that this is a dynamic picture. Consequently, ensouling 3D visualization is also what we need to highlight.

The process of making 3D visualization for architecture is to give life and soul to a deadly design. Your technical skills can help you create 3D rendering but never forget that the right mindset bring the design into reality. Hope these 3 essentials help designers pursue the more beautiful 3D visualizations and renderings. If you are looking for architectural visualization, welcome to contact AIMIR.

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