How AIMIR Cope With the Time Difference Problem When Working Remotely?

How AIMIR Cope With the Time Difference Problem When Working Remotely?

Thanks to the Internet and advanced technology, working with clients across multiple time zones has become a reality for remote workers. In the previous post, we’ve shared how we communicate with clients who live in different places. Today, we’ll talk about another similar topic, the influence of time difference on our cooperating with clients in foreign countries. More importantly, we’ll show you how AIMIR demonstrates flexibility in making use of this advantage.

Below is a form showing the time difference between AIMIR and our clients locating in different regions.

LocationTime difference
Asia1-2 hours
Oceania2-4 hours
Europe6-8 hours
North American12-16 hours
South American11-12 hours

Globalization has made it possible to do business worldwide, but this is also a challenge of dealing with clients who are not in the same time zones.

When the time difference is between 1 and 6 hours, that is half a day away. In such situation, we will make full use of the morning hours of clients’ and the afternoon time of ours. This allows a high frequency of online communication as well as overlapping business hours. In particular, 11-16 hours of time difference could compromise timely exchanges and business opportunities, which clients in related location mostly worry about. And that will be the focus of the subsequent analyses, along with two specific cases.

Case 1

When the schedule is not tight, plus sufficient time for production:  We will follow the normal procedures of both sides as usual: first, we will start working on the rendering and send the updated the drafts for checking. There will be several rounds of back and forth on the draft. After receiving the comments, AIMIR will make adjustments accordingly and ask for clients’ confirmation when the draft meets their requirements. Finally, we complete the final delivery.

Case 2

When Delivery is in urgent need:  Every now and then AIMIR will receive an urgent task requiring completed drawings in 24 to 48 hours. The time difference made it difficult for timely communication for both sides as bedtime meets worktime. However, it is precisely this type of project that truly reflects the advantages of time difference. Now, let’s see how the project runs efficiently and continuously 24 hours a day inside AIMIR.

Firstly, after receiving the completed documents and comments from clients, AIMIR will sort out the details and start production. The time when clients drown in sweet dreams is exactly the working hours of AIMIR. During this time, AIMIR will finish updating drafts and send them over to clients before they go to work. They can have plenty of time for discussion among their team or with clients and offer feedback in their working hours while AIMIR is in bedtime. When we back to the office the next day morning, we can handle the feedback right away. If there’re any questions, we would inform the clients immediately. But if the question has no major influence on the progress of modification, we usually prioritize further production and try not to disturb the clients too much in their off-work time.

In a word, our goal is to ensure a normal timetable for both sides. We provide 24-hour support for the project by making full use of the alternating “time difference” to work in two-way shifts. Furthermore, we will flexibly arrange the staff to work overtime according to the emergency of the project. This is also to save time as well as to guarantee enough rest for our clients so that they can engage themselves in the design with abundant energy the next day.

We at AIMIR always keep a customer-utmost mindset and are ready to sacrifice for your best comfort and ease to make sure your project is running smoothly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

How AIMIR Handles Long-Distance Communication and Time Difference?

How AIMIR Handles Long-Distance Communication and Time Difference?

It’s quite often to hear a question like this from our client: Do you have an office in my city? If not, how do you work with a company in another country without having a face to face meeting? Whenever we discuss, the question of how AIMIR deals with long-distance communication and time difference keeps emerging every now and then. Since it may have concerned many clients who are willing to try our 3D rendering service. Today, we will have a further explanation of how we solve this problem and make it a win-win situation.

For nearly 10 years of development and evolvement of the Internet, unquestionably, it radically changes the way how we work and socialize. There’s no doubt that our lives have benefited from the technological innovations greatly as it brings more and more convenience. With that being said, working remotely is not a new topic. It’s gone viral early this year because of the outbreak of COVID -19. People are required to keep social distancing and work remotely to mitigate the risk of infection. No matter what your attitude toward it, working remotely is no longer a working mode for a few people, it has gained widespread acceptance by the public. And this working method is in lined with what AIMIR does.

AIMIR as a service company, our modus operandi is mainly virtual, and that is the way we do our business. All communication, with regards to the project, takes place through the internet, and this includes briefing, project management, file exchange, previews and delivery can be initiated virtually from anywhere with ease. You needn’t have any qualms in this regard, as we will establish the best possible online communication channel with you. We serve clients worldwide and not having any difficulty to work remotely with our customers. Over the last 15 years, we have found it comfortable to work on projects and have executed a number of successful projects by working in this method.

On the other hand, we can make the most of the time difference. Normally we will update the drafts for our clients checking before their working hours (9:00 am), and they could review the drafts when they are back to the office and prepare the feedback during their working hours. And when they are off work, we will work on the revision and update the drafts, for urgent cases, we could also communicate with clients at the time frame they feel comfortable with. This would be the ideal situation that we make good use of time and I hope it could ease your concerns.

Given that we will be keeping in contact with you throughout following ways that you will feel like we are working right next to you.

Multiple communication channels.

  1. Email
  2. IM Apps, such as Whatsapp, Skype…etc
  3. Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook..etc
  4. Concall/ online meeting: Zoom, Gotomeeting, Webex…etc

Online tools

In order to manage the project smoothly while improving bilateral communication more efficiently and effectively, we have many platforms to synchronize information with our clients.

  1. Rendering/Animation/ Virtual Reality Brief
  2. Feedback
  3. DocuSign for Contract/Invoice/Confirmation letter
  4. File exchange platform such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive…etc
  5. PayPal

Strict production system inside AIMIR

Strict, normative, and systematic production is the foundation of successful cooperation that is what we firmly believe. Therefore, all the projects will abide by the rules to make sure every comment has been carried out.

Here is the link to our working process for your reference. Besides, our clients need to confirm and sign the necessary documents in every stage so as to avoid misunderstanding among the two parties. You can have a transparent working experience with us.

Before the Cooperation

Project brief


Contract & Invoice

Check list

In the middle of cooperation

Remittance confirmation letter

Model stage confirmation letter

Final Key Frame & Video Camera Path Confirmation Letter

Final image confirmation letter

Meeting/Calling Memo

Crosscheck feedback

After final delivery

Project summary

Project survey

Annual summary for regular clients

Blog analysis

AIMIR has done thousands of projects in a decade. After every cooperation, we will analyze them case by case, selecting some of the common questions, difficulties, and problems that occurred in the production and offer a specific solution to this problem by writing a blog. It’s a helpful way to deepen communication and interaction with clients. Better understanding and mutual trust is the first step to success. Below are some blogs for your reference. If you want to know more, please visit our website.

Tips: 9 Tips on Providing Efficient Comments During Architectural Visualization Process

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Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) in Interior Rendering

AIMIR has developed an agile and efficient work methodology that is fully tested, making the customer participate in all stages of development. The client participates in all the processes to avoid errors and surprises with the final result. It will probably be uncomfortable at first, but services like CGI can save progress and instantly make corrections. Online feedback is everywhere these days, and it’s an integral part of any project, allowing to ease communication, speed up the process and reduce the amount of corrections. The ultimate goal from us is to create a methodology with no gap between us even we are far away and in different time zone. If you need architectural visualization, please feel free to contact us. You won’t regret it.

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