International Request for Proposal Announcement on Detailed Urban Design for Hangzhou South Railway Station New City Core Launch Area

International Request for Proposal Announcement on Detailed Urban Design for Hangzhou South Railway Station New City Core Launch Area

1. Project Overview

As an important link in the future Hangzhou’s “five main and multiple auxiliary” railway passenger transport hub systems, Hangzhou South Railway Station is one of the five main passenger transport hubs. It takes responsibility as an important portal that not only opens to the provinces, but also connects the Yangtze River Delta, and meanwhile benefits the Greater Bay Area. Since the Hangzhou South Railway Station officially came into operation in July 2020, Xiaoshan District has been actively planning the development and construction of a new city center on the South Railway Station hub, with the hope of tapping the potential of the high-speed rail catalyst advantage to drive regional industrial transformation and development, and realize the development of Hangzhou South Railway Station as a “Golden South Hub New City & Window of the Greater Bay Area”.

In order to give better play to the value of the Hangzhou South Railway Station hub, stimulate the cultivation and high-quality development of relevant regional industries, and achieve the development goal of “station-city integration, industry-city integration”, based on the preliminary urban design of the new city, this RFP is inviting excellent domestic and international planning and design firms to join this open competition, and will fully incorporate the results into the statutory planning of the region, to guide future implementation and construction of the area.


2. Project Brief

This project includes three design scopes with different requirements:

Scope 1: New City Coordination Area (regional research):  
About 26.7 square kilometers. Beitang Road in the north, Ring Expressway in the east, Nanxiu Road in the south, and Tonghui Road in the west. (The scope can be expanded according to research needs.)

Scope 2: Core Launch Area (detailed urban design): 
Approximately 3.2 square kilometers (of which 1.7 square kilometers is reserved for current use). It is adjacent to Shanbei River in the north, Xiaoshao Canal in the south, Gaoxin Seven Road in the east, and Shangcheng Road in the west.

Scope 3: Demonstration Construction Area (architectural concept scheme):
About 45 hectares. It is adjacent to Tonghong Road in the north, Zhantong Road in the south, Xincheng Road in the east and Tongcheng Expressway in the west.


3. Registration Requirements

1Qualification Requirements

There are no qualification requirements for this international competition. All legal independent legal entities or institutions registered in China and abroad are welcome to register and participate. Applications by individuals or individual groups will not be accepted. Different organizations under one same head, or those affiliated to each other through shareholding or management are not allowed to participate in the bidding for the same bid section or the same bidding project without division of bid sections.

2The participating applicant may be a consortium (the total number of consortium leader and members shall not exceed three)

The organizer encourages design firms to team up with different background groups as cross-disciplinary consortia, to integrate fields including urban design, architectural design, landscape design, industrial and functional planning. Members of the Consortium shall jointly sign a consortium agreement and specify the lead. All parties of a consortium can no longer participate in this competition in their own name or form another consortium.

3)Design Team Requirements

The designers participating in this international competition should be registered under the design firm to which they belong. The chief designer must be a designer who has presided over multiple projects of the same type, or a well-known architect who has won important international and domestic architectural awards in related fields and must be truly responsible for this project and participate in the entire process of this international design competition, including but not limited to important node meetings (including video conferences) such as project presentations, surveys, mid-term reports, results reports, and Q&A sessions. If in the course of this international competition, it is found that the main creative designer does not match the person submitted in the application materials, the organizer reserves the right to cancel his qualification. In order to ensure that the designers have an accurate understanding of the background and related requirements of this international design competition, at least one of the planners and designers should speak Chinese as their native language.

4Experience Requirement

Applicants with the following project experience will be given priority:a. Possess comprehensive research capabilities and practical experience in urban transportation gateways such as railway hubs;b. Experienced with TOD urban design for rail stations;c. Experienced with urban design experience in key development areas.


4. Competition Rules

This international RFP is divided into two stages. The first stage is pre-qualification and conceptual proposal submission. The second stage is the solicitation of detailed urban design.

Stage 1: Pre-qualification and conceptual proposals submission

The organizers will organize a prequalification committee to conduct a comprehensive review of the applicants’ resume, industry reputation, main creative and team performance and experience, and conceptual proposals of the registered organization. After review, the committee will select three unranked shortlisted design agencies to enter the second stage. Meanwhile, two candidate design applicants will be selected and ranked. If any shortlisted design agencies withdraw, they will be replaced in order by the candidate design agencies.

Stage 2: Detailed Urban Design Solicitation
The organizer will organize shortlisted design agencies to conduct a mid-term report to check the design direction and answer questions.

The shortlisted design institutions shall submit design results documents in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements. Each applicant team can only submit one proposal.

The expert review committee will review the urban design results submitted by 3 shortlisted design agencies. One winner and two finalists will be selected. A formal written review opinion will be issued to the organizer for each project. The organizer will review and confirm the winner of the prize on the basis of fully respecting the expert committee review opinions.


5. Pre-qualification Document

The prequalification document submitted by the design agency consists of two parts: the registration document and the conceptual proposal, each must be separate volumes

The conceptual proposal should be formatted in A3 horizontal graphic layout, single-sided color printing, and has no more than 10 pages (excluding cover and back cover). The contents should include but not limited to the following (see detailed assignment book for details):1. Description of the project’s vision2. Concept of overall spatial structure3. Design description of core nodes or typical scenes4. Contents and experiences that can be used for reference.


6. Competition Bonus

The expert review committee will review the design results submitted by the three shortlisted teams in accordance with the procedures and determine the ranking. Subject to the ranking, the teams will receive the following bonuses (tax included):

The winning prize (1 winner) is two million RMB, including a bonus of one million RMB, and another one million RMB for further design development work.

Finalist Prize (2 finalists) is one million RMB for each finalist.

The winning team will be responsible for learning from the advantages of the other two works and deepening and further developing the urban design results. If the winner refuses to finish the tasks above the deepening integration work, the further design development prize of RMB 1,000,000 (tax included) will be stripped from the winning award bonus. The organizer will separately entrust another design firm to carry out the work according to the subsequent priority order, and sign a further design development work service contract. The further design development work fee is RMB 1,000,000 (tax included).


7. Schedule

Notes: The above date and time is based on Beijing time. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

Architecture Design Competition of Urban Design of Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area

Architecture Design Competition of Urban Design of Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area

1.Project Background

Located in the south of Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area is next to Meiguan Innovation Industrial Corridor and Banxuegang High-Tech Zone to the east, connects Xili University Town to the west and links with the area of Meilin Caitian and Futian CBD via Tanglang Hill to the south. The Area is the high-speed railway gateway of Shenzhen, an important part of the urban core area of Shenzhen in the future and an important node for promoting Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and enhancing the central axis of the region of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan. The Area is both a high-speed railway hub and a central area and comprises one of Shenzhen’s largest high-speed railway hubs at present and in the future. In addition to the Metro Lines 4\5\6 that have been completed or are under construction, Lines 22\27 and Shenzhen–Huizhou Intercity Railway will also be introduced to the Area in the future, furthermore, the high-speed railway passengers from south and north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong will further increase in the future, therefore, Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area will become a hub new town that promotes the internal and external connection of the city and links with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In this international consultation, planning and design agencies shall, based on the important mission of Shenzhen’s building a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the vision of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, plan and design Shenzhen North Railway Station Hub Area with a high starting point and build it into the pilot area for Shenzhen to connect the Bay Area and integrate with the region and an urban gateway to manifest urban civilization and charm in the future.

2. Scope of International Consultation

The international consultation includes two levels, i.e., urban design scope and detailed design scope.

The urban design scope covers 2.76km2 with limits to Meiguan Expressway in the east, west park of North Railway Station in the west, Minfeng Road – Nanyuan Road – Minkang Road in the south, and Baisong 1st Road – Mintang Road in the north.

The detailed design scope includes at least the East Square of North Railway Station (including the section of the Intercity Station), Station Park in East Square, and the adjacent construction land on the north and south sides of the Station Park, totaling 29ha. Design agencies may supplement the above detailed design scope in combination with their understanding of the Area.

3.Work Content

The international consultation includes urban design scope and detailed design scope:

1.Urban Design Level:

(1)Urban Design Level

(2)Population subdivision and functional modality research

(3)Urban spatial form innovation

(4)Public spaces and public places

(5)Traffic organization and slow traffic connection

(6)Phase and implementation guidance

2.Detailed Design Level:

(1)Coordination and deepening of the space design

(2)Three-dimensional system integration and transportation design

(3)Public space and environment design

4. Registration Requirements

1.Invited units

 After the invited candidates submit the invitation application documents as required, the hosts shall set up a professional jury to conduct comprehensive reviews on the invited candidates in accordance with their industry reputation, achievements, awards, and team members to be involved. 3 invited units of the consultation will be selected according to the number of votes through the independent voting of the professional jury.

2.Open application

(1)There are no qualification restrictions for the application of the international consultation, and it is open to all the design institutions with relevant design experience at home and abroad. We encourage design institutions of different specialized fields (including but not limited to urban design, architectural design, transportation, etc.)to form joint groups。 All parties in the joint group may not participate in the international consultation in their own name or as members of other joint groups.

(2) Design institutions (joint groups) with following project experience will be prioritized:

  •  ŸWith rich experience in the urban design of comprehensive transport hub areas;
  •  ŸWith the research and design experience of key urban areas.
  • ŸWith rich experience in traffic planning and design in hub areas;

(3) Application by any individual will not be accepted by the consultation. The project team shall consist of professional personnel from multiple specialties, including urban planning, urban design, architecture design, traffic planning, etc.

(4) All the designers participating in the international consultation shall be the registered personnel of the design institutions (joint groups). The project responsible person of the international consultation must have presided over several similar projects. The project responsible person must directly participate in the whole consultation and design process from the on-site survey to the deliverables report, and carry out consultation Q&A and report deliverables as the direct reporter.

(5) According to the requirements of the bidding documents, openly applied design institutions (joint groups) shall provide prequalification materials. Prequalification materials include application materials and concept proposals. For details of the preparation requirements, please refer to Section 5 of the Consultation Rules.

Consultation Schedule (Tentative):

☆ All times are subject to Beijing time. The hosts reserve the right to adjust the agenda. In case of an agenda adjustment, the hosts will notify design institutions (joint groups) by e-mail.

5. Prizes

The bonus for this consultation all is paid in RMB, and any taxes and dues generated by the bonus shall be paid by design institutions themselves (joint groups).

The hosts shall determine the ranking of the top 3 winning design institutions (joint groups), design institutions (joint groups) that meet the design requirements will get the following awards based on their rankings:

(1)The first prize winner (1) will be given 5,300,000.00 yuan;

(2)The second prize winner (1) will be given 2,000,000.00 yuan respectively;

(3)The third prize winner (1) will be given 1,500,000.00 yuan respectively;

(4)The other 3 shortlisted design institutions (joint groups) will be rewarded with RMB 1,100,000.00.

If design institutions participate in the competition in the name of joint design groups, the hosts will only contact and settle with the leading party of the joint group. If foreign design institutions fail to use their accounts to collect RMB, they may authorize independent legal persons in China to receive the money.

If the jury considers that the deliverables submitted by design institutions (joint groups) do not meet the depth and requirements of this consultation on design, the hosts will not pay the design bonus.

This international consultation has been officially launched and welcome architectural companies from all over the world to attend. If you want to obtain the follow-up information, please pay attention to our website or contact AIMIR.

In addition, if you’re looking for a reliable 3d rendering company, please feel free to drop us a line.

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