Tips for Reducing Cost in 3D Rendering

Tips for Reducing Cost in 3D Rendering

Amazing, Photorealistic, Wonderful… there are many more positive words that can be used to describe 3D rendering. Computer-generated 3D images ensoul and characterize the yet to exist building with an incredible level of details and lighting. 3D rendering technology is empowering the design industry for the past decade. There is no reason to refuse the magic of 3D rendering as it not only takes the industry by storm but also a good advertisement for your professional profile.

It’s reported that the 3D rendering market estimates to grow over 20% in the future. More and more dynamic growth for the real estate market triggers the rising demand for designing and engineering and the growing popularity of advanced 3D rendering. When choosing a 3D rendering services supplier, what clients most care about is the price, according to years of AIMIR’s analysis. We understand that all the clients want what exactly they are paying for. In order to clarify this matter, we write an article about AIMIR’s pricing to give you a basic idea of the pricing. AIMIR’s Pricing Insight: The Factors that are Important for Rendering. However, there are still some factors affecting the cost when making the rendering. Read up to learn about the details of how to reduce costs in the rendering process.

#1. Number of Images and Views

The first step in quoting the price is to understand the basic information about the project, to identify the project type, and what view will proceed with. The rendering price varies depending on the space, complexity, angle, and requirement. Generally speaking, the price differentiates between a small villa from a large master plan. The viewpoint from the human eye to aerial view create different workload and hence has a different price. Ordering a few CGI views and select the best camera angle for your design can help to save money. However, less doesn’t mean worse, using more energy to focus on a few is the best way to improve efficiency.

#2. Avoid Repetitious Corrections

It’s not only harmful to the rendering production by constantly changing and re-working but also will increase the extra fees caused by the extra workload that input in corrections. Adjustment is an integral part of the rendering process. To achieve the perfect rendering result takes time to modify step by step. There is an acceptable amount of corrections by AIMIR in each stage, but if there are many repetitious and ever-changing comments exceeding the limit, which means we have to undo what has been done and start the rendering all over again, it will lead to an extra fee due to the repeat changes.

#3. Custom-Made FF&E

FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) plays an important role in fulfilling the realistic effect and create a sense of comfort and coziness. No matter what kind of interior style you’re striving for, it’s achievable to generate the expected interior environment by applying the interior décor. If you need the FF&E to be 100% the same as the specified to make your interior unique, it requires CG experts to duplicate and model that piece of work, which will increase the rendering price.

However, there is a solution to saving money. There are many ready-to-use models available in our database. By using the similar models from our library can avoid the additional fee for custom-made FF&E while features stunning final outcome as well.

#4. Visual Quality

There are many more powerful 3D rendering software in the market to make design alive. Each of them has its own merits and disadvantages in create scenes, mood, texture, and different levels of realness, which vary the price. The frequent two for making the interior rendering is CR and VR. It goes without saying that the CR is the high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer with incredible capabilities creating a high level of realism. If you’re looking for supreme interior quality, CR is the best choice for you.

But rest assured that no matter what visual quality you’re expected from AIMIR, we will never let you down. What you can get from us is never short of impressive.

#5. Type of Visuals

AIMIR has done many projects in different formats, including 3D rendering, 3D animation and VR. There’s no doubt that the first one is more competitive than the latter since they require a lot of time and skills to create digital details. The animation shows every angle and aspects of the room clearly while VR provides viewers a higher sense of presence and extraordinary immersion experience. They are considered as the mainstream in the design industry. Upon different requests, there are many options to breathe life into the design.

In general, the price is fixable and adjustable as it depends on many different factors from clients. But importantly, to balance the price and quality is the wise choice for making a rendering. AIMIR is always here to air your design at a competitive price as well as delivering high-quality rendering. If you’re interested in our 3D architectural visualization, why not ask for a quote?

AIMIR’s Pricing Insight: The Factors that are Important for Rendering

AIMIR’s Pricing Insight: The Factors that are Important for Rendering

Indisputably, architectural visualization is the best asset for designers that help them to expand most opportunities. Although it’s seen as the most helpful tool by the professional, there is a major obstacle that lies ahead in the way to actually use it. It occurs to many people that 3d architectural visualization as helpful as it’s, but it’s not a cheap service. Doubt, distrust, and uncertainty arise when a given price sounds unreasonable. Countless opportunities perish when the clients thought of a company way too demanding, or fail to be a cost-effective choice as service suppliers, which applies to the most situations around the globe. Even when they get approved, there’s one party will lose. The way we at AIMIR look at it, it’s a story of two unmatched notches glued by depressing compromises.

3D rendering price varies with the scales and amounts, but pricing remains just the same when we get down to the essence. Here in this article, systematic pricing of AIMIR CG will be showcased to the knowledge of those who seek transparent cooperation as well as a reliable relationship with a CG supplier.


AIMIR has always been discreet on pricing and developed a system which is transparent and fair in principle, no fraud or hidden charges included. A set price range will always be presented at the moment receiving the project information. But remember, the price for a specific project is subject to the workloads that’s calculated from its level of difficulty. Sheer comparison between different prices won’t work for AIMIR, sheer attempt to increase influx of projects with low prices either.


If the clients accept the rough price that we offered at the beginning, a comprehensive evaluation of the following aspects will then be carried out to make a proper and official proposal:

  1. View angle: to understand the design scope of work, we have to confirm the view first. The scope presented is part of our consideration of the workload.
  2. Completeness of design: design of high completeness means more complete and clear information of the project is available, which needless back and forth in the entire 3D production process. Things are likely to go untoward when the project is still conceptual or in the early or middle design stage, as it may need corrections on models and details. The latter counts way more amount of work instead of the former.
  3. Project information: Going over all the information is the major step taken to review the workloads. They usually include CAD files, sketches and models. Remember, if only sketches are what you have, or if you require photo composition for the context, the workload will be heavier than modeling from CAD drawings. The more complete and detailed information you can provide, the less workload it is.
  4. Design: irregular architecture has more workloads than the regular ones, the same as complex to single buildings, high-rise to low or middle-level buildings. This also applies when comparing typical European designs with modern simple style, as well as public buildings with residential.
  5. Customization: to fulfill requests of customization for furniture or finishes like carves pattern, modeling surrounding context according to the Google Map, bespoke entourage and 3D characters(animation), high accuracy of plant species, and positions in landscape design, those are the key factors that would increase the workload.
  6. Quality Criteria: similar to customization. Different levels of requests on details, scenes and general moods differ from one another.
  7. Purpose/direction/application: normally, marketing rendering requires higher quality, which takes longer production time than those for presentation or reporting.

Each proposal has been carefully evaluated and exclusively for your project based on different individual requirements and the information you provided. Prior to production or in the middle of the production, we will inform clients in advance of any possible extra fee.

Payment Terms

  1. New Client is requested to pay a 50% deposit in advance, and then the balance before the final delivery.
  2. For regular clients with a tight schedule, production can be initiated shortly and full payment could be made within one week or soon after the delivery. In this way, the project can be better arranged, whether it’s for the design or timeline.
  3. For Regular clients with a set great number of projects assigned to AIMIR, production starts immediately, and the full payment could be made on a monthly basis, which can free them from unnecessary piles of transfer fee and time.
  4. If the clients could not give feedback in a timely manner or put the projects on hold after we finished the rendering drafts, and if the project stagnates (from the beginning to where it stops) over 2 months, the full payment must be arranged before any further progress.


AIMIR embraces a discount system as below:

  1. 10%~40% discount for clients who can provide models that can meet our standard without further convert it into the rendering software we used.
  2. 5% discount for projects with more than 5 images required.
  3. 8% for an animation project that exceeds 3 minutes.
  4. For projects that request a change of designs based on the finished image that AIMIR made, the new image with the new design will have a 20%~40% discount, given that the view and mood remain the same. (20% discount for irregular or excessively complicated design).
  5. The new image that requests only a change of mood basing on the finished image AIMIR made will have a 20%~40% discount. (20% discount for special moods such as snow and rain).

Extra Fee for changes

AIMIR has listed all the information in these two articles and elaborate the potential possibilities that will lead to extra fee for your reference.

This link covers special situations when the clients are charged with extra fee.

This link covers a general interpretation of the cost for changes and corrections.

A photorealistic 3D rendering consists of many elements. It’s exactly the time and effort put into the creation that makes your design lifelike. Given the workload and creativity involved in the rendering process, the price inside AIMIR is relatively fair and considerable. We here at AIMIR constantly deliver high-end 3D rendering service to various sizes at a crystal clear price. If you have any projects, freely contact us to discuss more opportunities.

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