Pre-announcement of the Architecture Design for the Full Design Services of the New Shenzhen Cultural Center

Pre-announcement of the Architecture Design for the Full Design Services of the New Shenzhen Cultural Center

The whole Process Design of the Shenzhen New Cultural Center (Originally Known As Shenzhen New Mass Art Center) is now open for pre-qualification applications. Design teams are welcomed to participate in this competition.

Construction Background

With the background of “building a global and regional cultural center city” and “building a pilot demonstration area for socialism with Chinese characteristics”, Shenzhen has raised its development strategy for public cultural services to a new height and issued a series of policy documents, including Shenzhen Cultural Innovation Development 2020 (Implementation Plan), striving to build public cultural service facilities that are compatible with modern, international, and innovative cities and international technological and industrial innovation centers.

The existing Shenzhen Cultural Center was built back in 1980. Its facilities have seriously aged in that time and cannot meet the requirements for developing current public cultural services. To meet the increasingly diverse citizen needs for public cultural services, the municipal government plans to build a new municipal cultural center to further improve the city’s public cultural service level and enhance the quality of the city’s public cultural service.

Project Positioning

Whole Process Design of the Shenzhen New Cultural Center(originally known as Shenzhen New Mass Art Center)project is advertised as the “Bay Area Center and Domestic Benchmark” and integrates education, communication, training, performances, exhibition, as well as cultural and creative functions. It is a comprehensive cultural landmark that covers all groups and all art styles with a nature for public welfare cultural services. In the future, the Shenzhen New Cultural Center will be built into an innovative civic culture and art training base, a civic experience and cultural and art exhibition center, a multi-category cultural and art exchange camp, an inter-city cultural exchange and gathering spot in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, a digital network platform for the city’s cultural museum alliance, and a mass cultural and core art & creativity park.

Project Introduction

The project is located on Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, also within the key development area of the Shenzhen North Railway Station. It is located at the northwest corner of where Minzhi Avenue and Minkang Road intersect, adjacent to the Yousong River in the west, the Second Children’s Hospital in the east (under construction), and a municipal park in the southeast. The northeast corner of the project is close to an exit of the Minzhi Subway Station on Metro Line 5. In the future, the planned Metro Line 22 and current Metro Line 5 will intersect at the Minzhi Metro Station.

Construction for the project primarily includes a performance art area, exchange exhibition area, counseling and training area, library and reading area, business entrepreneurship area, business support facilities, and public service support facilities. The project covers an area of 31,367.04 square meters, with a total construction area of about 83,000 square meters.

Building line requirements for the project site: Meeting the requirements of the Shenzhen Urban Planning Standards and Regulations, the setback line of level 1 is >6m, of level 2 is > 9m. The ground building on the north shall be 20m away from the plot boundary line in the statutory plan, and the ground building on the south shall be 30m away. In addition, the north side should consider the connection between the underground space and the Metro Line 5 station, as well as track safety.

Work Content

The Whole Process Design (scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, as-built drawing preparation and construction coordination), including but not limited to the following professional contents:

Planning, master plan, architecture, structure, electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, interior design, building information and communication technology, fire protection, landscape, green building, gas, elevators, steel structure, curtain wall, road (including road junction), civil air defense, foundation pit, foundation treatment, water usage and saving, kitchen, BIM design, sponge city design, lighting design, signage system, pipeline access from outside the scope of construction land , industrial design, cost file (budget estimate making) for tendering, stage design, special acoustic decoration, acoustic design, exhibition design, design of bus original and terminal stations , etc.,

The final work content shall be subject to the bidding documents and the design contract.

Registration Requirements

1 Bidding applicants must have Grade A or above qualifications in the domestic design and construction industry (civil engineering)

2 This project accepts consortium bidding, and the bidding partners in the consortium must meet the following requirements:

(1)No more than 2 members in the consortium (including the head unit).

(2)The leading unit in the consortium must have Grade A or above qualifications in the domestic designand construction industry (civil engineering).

(3)Members of the consortium may not register individually or as part of another consortium.

(4)The consortium partners must sign a Consortium Agreementand clarify the head unit, division of labor between the two parties in each design stage, and design cost allocation ratio, distribution method, and other aspects.

3 Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.

Procedure of invitation is adopted Open bidding for this project tender(Pre-qualifications). There are Invitation Stage, Pre-qualifications and Scheme Bidding Stage and Calibration stage.

1 Pre-qualifications

The tenderee form a pre-qualification review committee in accordance with the law to review valid pre-qualification application documents the bidding applicant submits. It will cast by open ballot and identify 12 finalists (unordered) and 2 alternatives (ordered).

2 Scheme Bidding Stage

(1)The 12 formal bidders submitsresult documents that meet the requirements for the design assignment, and each bidder is only allowed to submit one bid proposal.

(3)The tenderee forms a bid evaluation committee according to the law to evaluate bidding plans. The committee adopts an open ballot and elect five candidates (unordered) to advance to the Calibration Phase.

3 Calibrationstage

Calibration method: One vote

The tenderee shall establish a bidding committee in accordance with laws and regulations, and one bidder shall be selected from 5 winning candidates recommended by the program review committee.

4 Schedule for Open Call and Pre-qualification:

2020.06.16-07.10 Releasing pre-qualification tender announcement, and accepting pre-qualification applications

2020.06.22 (before 17:00) Query Deadline

2020.06.28 (before 17:00) Clarification, Amendment and Answering Period Deadline

2020.07.10 (before 15:00) Due date of pre-qualification application documents submission

All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule.


The contract price of design fee is tentatively fixed at RMB 30.74 million, including the following 3 parts: engineering design fee RMB 26.24 million, excellent scheme compensation fee RMB 4.1 million and scheme optimization compensation fee RMB 400,000 (if any).

Engineering design fee includes basic design fee, BIM design fee and as-built drawing preparation fee.

Engineering design fee: Engineering Design Fee = Construction Area X Fixed Unit Price, and the upper limit of bidding price of engineering design fee is RMB 315 per square meter (bidder’s quotation is required, bidding quotation shall not exceed the upper limit). The unit price will not be adjusted in settlement. The construction area is temporarily calculated as 83,290 square meters, and the final construction area is subject to the result of total project estimate approved by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission. The project design fee is tentatively priced at RMB 26.24 million.

Please log in and fill out the registration information at If you want to know further details about this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Architecture Design Competition Planning and Design of Chishi Riverside, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality

Architecture Design Competition Planning and Design of Chishi Riverside, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality

Overview of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality

On September 21, 2017, Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province issued ‘Reply to the Adjustment Plan on System of Organization of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone’ (GPC [2017], No.123)which decided that Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Party Work Committee and Management Committee were changed to representative offices of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and to build Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (hereinafter referred to as ‘Shenshan Cooperation Zone’) into an economical function district led by Shenzhen according to the ’10+1′ model (10 districts of Shenzhen and Shenshan Cooperation Zone). And on December 16, 2018, the CPC Work Committee and Management Committee of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality was officially established. Since then, Shenshan Cooperation Zone has embarked on a new construction and development era dominated by Shenzhen.

Located on the eastern coast of a city cluster in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenshan Cooperation Zone is 60km away from Shenzhen and covers an area of 468.3km2 with a registered population of 76,500, of which built-area is 26km2. By 2035, 135km2 of Shenshan Cooperation Zone will be devoted to the construction area, the population size will reach 1.5 million, and public auxiliary facilities will be equipped to meet the needs of 3 million people. As an important strategic node, through which Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area radiates to town clusters of east Guangdong Province, Shenshan Cooperation Zone has undertaken the significant mission of ‘promoting regional coordination, becoming a cooperation demonstration zone, and insisting on innovation’, and is striving to build itself into the eastern gateway of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, a new center of the eastern Guangdong coastal economic belt, an innovation and development zone of Shenzhen, and a new modern, international coastal smart city by adhering to be people-oriented, insisting on ecological priority and green development, and seeking a new and high-level development with international perspectives.

Project Overview

Chishi River is the largest river in Shenshan Cooperation Zone. It runs through Chishi Town, and into the Red Bay by Xiaomo Town. With numerous rivers gathering here, it has a rich biodiversity. Meanwhile, as a flood-prone area, the area along Chishi River suffers from frequent flood disasters. Thus, the future construction of its riverside shall achieve disaster risk reduction and prevention based on the philosophy of resilience and safety, and build itself into an important regional ecological landscape corridor and a continuous exhibition belt with featured urban and rural space, so as to promote the development of ecological civilization in Shenshan Cooperation Zone.

In this context, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality is planning to organize the International Consultation on the Planning and Design of Chishi Riverside and hopes to establish a development framework with international vision and innovative concept, so as to promote its space quality on the basis of ensuring the resilience and safety of the riverfront area.

Work Content

There will be mainly two levels included in this International Consultation:

Overall design level: put forward the overall urban design concept, including the resilience and safety strategy for the areas along the river, ecological landscape strategy, and tourism development strategy, etc.

Detailed design level: select 2-3 key sections to carry out detailed design, including key sections of about 150ha for conceptual landscape design and key sections of 50ha for detailed urban design.

Note: The planning and design scope in the overall design level is about 50km2, in which, the northern ecological suburban section shall extend about 200m outwards from the toe line of the dikes in both sides of the river in combination with the characteristics of each firm’s proposal on the basis of protecting its biodiversity as well as its original natural and ecological environment, while the central urban section shall extend an urban block outwards from the riverfront area in both sides of the river based on the road network determined in the central area’s urban design scheme and combine with the extension of key landscape elements such as important mountains, farmland and tributaries, etc. for parts of its area. The scope of comprehensive consideration can be taken into account when doing the overall design.

Registration Requirements

The International Consultation will be open for registration by design firms or consortiums at home or abroad. Priority will be given to design firms with following similar project experience in last 5 years:

(1)Planning and design experience in international waterfront cities;

(2)Comprehensive research capability and practical design experience of prominent urban areas;

(3)Profound experience in creating public landscape and environment;

(4)Design and control capability on the overall urban space.

Designers involved in the International Consultation should be the current staff of the registered design firm. The chief planner must have experience of directing a number of similar planning and design projects, and must directly participate in the whole process of the International Consultation. The project team should include at least one member who is proficient in the Chinese language to ensure an accurate understanding of the project background and relevant requirements of the International Consultation.

The International Consultation will accept the registration of design firms or consortiums that meet the above requirements. Registration by individuals will not be accepted.


Schedule (Provisional)

Note: All the time and date above are applied in Beijing Time. The Host reserves the right to amend the schedule.


After the comprehensive evaluation result of this International Consultation announced, the 6 shortlisted design firms, who have passed prequalification and whose submittals have been evaluated as qualified, can win corresponding fees according to their ranking. The prizes are provisionally set as follows:

1stprize: RMB Five Million Yuan (¥5,000,000) with bonus and design compensation in total;

2nd prize: RMB Two Million Yuan (¥2,000,000) with bonus and design compensation in total;

3rd prize: RMB One Million Five Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥1,500,000) with bonus and design compensation in total.

For the other three design firms that are not ranked top three, each can receive RMB One Million Yuan (¥1,000,000) as design compensation.

The commercial documents and a concept proposal (within 10 pages in A3 size) shall be submitted by applicants in the official registration stage. Design firms that intend to sign up are welcome to send us the pre-registration form by for pre-registration and related background information. We will notify those design firms in time when the official announcement is released. Whether the registration is successful or not depends on the formal registration.

* The specific content is subject to the subsequent official announcement, and the final right to interpret the working rules of this International Consultation resides in the Host and Organizer.

Please feel free to contact AIMIR for more details about the pre-registration. If you need 3D rendering service to visualize your blueprint for this competition, you’re more than welcome to drop us a line.

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