Architecture Design Competition for Conceptual Planning of Jiangbei New Area and Urban Design of Riverside District in Taizhou

Architecture Design Competition for Conceptual Planning of Jiangbei New Area and Urban Design of Riverside District in Taizhou

Solicitation Objectives

Taizhou, the birthplace of China’s private economy, is a dynamic and innovative modern coastal city. Jiaojiang River is the mother river of Taizhou, and the “One River, Two Banks” area is an important part of Taizhou Greater Bay Area construction.

Under the basic strategy of “Pushing Forward the High-quality Development of Taizhou under the Guidance of Modern Bay Area”, Jiangbei New Area faces new opportunities and needs to re-plan the development blueprint under the new development pattern. Through scientific research and judgment, based on regional characteristics and potential, to cope with the change of development environment, clear development ideas, gather multi-forces and guide the development of Jiangbei New Area with high-level planning and design.

This time, we will solicit innovative and practical high-quality planning and design schemes both at home and abroad. By first-class planning and design, exploring new potential, activating new elements, gathering new driving forces, and creatively responding to the requirements of “High-quality Development”, Jiangbei New Area will be built into “Place of Ancient-Modern Fusion Experience” and “Place of Good Life”.

Solicitation Requirements

(1) Scheme formulating stage

  • Conceptual planning of Jiangbei New Area: To define the development orientation and strategy of Jiangbei New Area, explore the urban-rural relationship and implementation path, sort out key blocks and optimize the spatial pattern, form the overall feature of space, and arrange the development sequence in an overall way;

  • The overall urban design of riverside district: Based on conceptual planning, to refine positioning and business type, anchor the framework of spatial structure, innovate spatial organization and physical feature, deal with important nodes and interface, establish implementation framework and so on. Under the systematic framework of the overall urban design of the riverside area, to focus on the design of the core area to guide its further development, construction, and operation.

(2) Follow-up scheme deepening stage

1. The applicant institute responsible for the deepening and integration work shall optimize and develop the scheme according to the opinions of the jury committee and the organizer, absorb the advantages of other schemes, and form a deliverable that is consistent with reality, advanced in concept, and complete in content.

Scope of Planning and Design

Scope of conceptual planning of Jiangbei New Area: About 91.4 square kilometers, including 62.2 square kilometers of Zhangan street administrative area and 29.2 square kilometers of Qiansuo street administrative area.

Scope of overall urban design of riverside district: about 24 square kilometres, including mountains, farmland and waters. East to Jiaojiang Second Bridge, south to Jiaojiang River Bank, west to Hangzhou Shaotai Railway, north to Jiaobei Expressway.

Scope of urban design of the core area: about 6.8 square kilometers, east to Huajing River tributary, south to Jiaojiang River Bank, west to Baijiapu, north to Jiaobei Expressway.

Application Requirements

  • This activity opens the application to domestic and foreign institutes that are legally registered and have the similar design experience to this project. The domestic applicant institutes must have one of Grade-A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation or Grade-A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign applicant institutes must have one of the relevant qualifications of urban and rural planning or architecture design issued by the competent authority of the country, region, or relevant industry organizations. This project accepts an application by the consortium, but the consortium shall not have more than three members, and the members of the consortium are not allowed to apply separately on their own or form another consortium. If a foreign applicant institute consorts with a domestic applicant institute, qualification requirements for the domestic institute are the same as above. Applications by individuals or individual groups will not be accepted.
  • The professionals involved in this project must be the currently registered staff of the applicant institute; the chief designer must have experience in directing several similar projects and must participate in the whole process of the competition activity. The project team shall be fully equipped with all professional types of work. The professional team of the foreign applicant institute should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese to ensure an accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements.
  • The applicant institute shall provide complete prequalification materials in accordance with the requirements of the Prequalification Document.
  • In addition to the above terms, when the competition organizer raises reasonable requests, the applicant institute shall continue to provide supplementary certification documents that meet the corresponding requirements.

Fees and Payment

After the applicant institutes submit valid application documents in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitation Document, the jury committee will review and determine the ranking of schemes, and the first two schemes will be the winning schemes. For the scheme formulating stage, the organizer will pay the winning applicant institutes a bonus of RMB 2.3 million (including tax); pay the third applicant institute a compensation fee of RMB 1.5 million (including tax); pay the fourth applicant institute a compensation fee of RMB 1.2 million (including tax).

However, the applicant institute who fail to submit application documents within the prescribed time, or whose application documents are not acceptable according to the requirements of the Solicitation Document, or whose qualifications have been revoked, will not be paid the design compensation fee.

After comprehensive consideration, the organizer will select one institute from the winning applicant institutes to carry out a follow-up scheme deepening stage of work. and will sign another design contract. The specific matters will be negotiated according to the arrangement of the follow-up work. The contract amount in the follow-up deepening stage will be controlled within RMB 4.7 million (including tax).


It is planned to determine the shortlisted applicant institutes in early May 2020, and organize the site survey and hold the project release e conference in mid-to-late May 2020. The chief designer and other team members of the applicant institutes are required to attend the conference. The design period of the scheme formulating stage is about three and a half months.

Any applicant who intends to participate in this solicitation activity shall register first. If you want to know further details about this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.  What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Architecture Design Competition for Concept Design of International Convention Island in Chengdu Tianfu Olympic Sports Park

1.Project background

Tianfu Olympic Sports Park, located in Tianfu international new metropolis, is a strategic support for the development of new metropolis and a major project in Chengdu’s “three cities and three metropolises” strategy to build an internationally famous sports city as well as an important carrier of the World Games in 2025, shouldering the essential historical mission of “raising the flag” and “leading”.

As one of the three core development areas of Chengdu Tianfu Olympic Sports Park, International Convention Island integrates high-end tourism, entertainment, catering, shopping, performing arts, business apartments, international convention & exhibition and distinctive cultural experience. It performs important functions such as undertaking the international and domestic high-end conference, stimulating the city business vitality, demonstrating the cultural charm of the mountains and rivers and highlighting the quality of a park city. It will be among the first major projects to be launched. The purpose of this international solicitation is to collect creative and practical designs. We intend to build a complex of high standards and high quality with the most advanced concepts and first-class international standards as well as the leading science and technology.

2. Project overview

Project location and scale

International Convention Island is located in the core area of Tianfu Olympic Sports Park, south of Jiangxi River, Chengdu high-tech zone (Chengdu Tianfu International Aerotropolis), Sichuan, China, and is close to Chengdu Sports College and Three Fork Lake, covering an area of about 1 200 000 m2.

Solicitation content

The solicitation includes a planning scheme, conceptual planning scheme design, conceptual building scheme design, and follow-up consulting service.

The planning scheme should include project objectives and positioning, industrial planning, project packaging, development evaluation and financial analysis, etc.

The conceptual planning scheme design should include function & scale, form control, image shaping, traffic system, green landscape, design guidelines and scene design, etc.

The conceptual building scheme design should include general layout, open space and the external form of the building, internal space, landscape system and landscape nodes, green & intelligence and so on.

3. Qualifications and requirements for applicants

3.1 Domestic design institutions: An independent applicant shall have a valid Class-A qualification in the compilation of urban and rural planning issued by the national competent administrative department and have a construction industry (construction engineering) class-A design qualification or an engineering design comprehensive class-A qualification. Design institutions in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall have a legal business and design permits in their localities.

3.2 Foreign design institutions: An independent applicant shall have a legal business and design license of the country or region where it is located.

3.3 Individuals and combinations of individuals are not accepted for the program.

3.4 Design agencies that meet the requirements can participate independently or combine to participate.

3.5 There shall not be more than three members of a consortium, and all parties of the consortium shall not participate in the solicitation in any other form again. If a domestic design institution forms a consortium with a domestic or foreign design institution, at least one member shall meet the requirements under article 3.1 of this paragraph.

4. Solicitation flow

4.1 The solicitation consists of four stages: “public registration and prequalification”, “planning and conceptual planning scheme”, “conceptual building scheme” and “follow-up consulting service”.

4.2 The sponsor will prequalify the registered institutions, and select 5 design institutions to enter the stage of planning and conceptual planning scheme for design solicitation and issue solicitation documents and technical assignment.

4.3 The five design agencies that have been shortlisted for planning and conceptual planning scheme should submit their outcomes in accordance with the specifications of the technical assignment. The three winning schemes will be selected by the Evaluation Committee and enter the stage of conceptual building scheme for design solicitation.

4.4 The three design agencies that have been shortlisted for the conceptual building scheme should submit their outcomes in accordance with the specifications of the technical assignment. After the evaluation committee has reviewed and submitted the evaluation opinions, the competent administrative department shall determine the selected scheme.

4.5 The finally-selected design institution shall modify and improve the selected conceptual scheme design based on the requirements of the sponsor,and shall be responsible for accomplishing project consultation and submit the conceptual designs to the Planning Bureau for review and approval(The design achievements submitted for review and approval shall meet the requirements of contents and depth in the scheme stage-design document in Regulations on the Preparation Depth of Construction Engineering Design Documents).

5. Fees

5.1 Each of the three shortlisted design institutions entering the stage of the planning and conceptual planning scheme will receive a design compensation for RMB 1.2 million yuan (including tax) after submitting design outcomes that meet the requirements of solicitation documents.

5.2 Each of the three shortlisted design institutions entering the stage of conceptual building scheme will receive a design award of RMB 1 million yuan (including tax) after submitting design outcomes that meet the requirements of solicitation documents.

5.3 The sponsor will sign a consulting service contract with the finally-selected design institution, and the consulting fee will be RMB 14 million yuan in total (including tax).

6. Schedule

6.1 The registration time of this solicitation is from 9:00 on December 26, 2019, to 17:00 on February 5, 2020 (Beijing time) 

6.2 The deadline for submitting prequalification documents is 17:00 on February 10, 2020 (Beijing time).

6.3 The time of the prequalification review is 10:00 am on February 17, 2020 (Beijing time).

If you want to follow up on this competition and submitting prequalification documents, please feel free to contact AIMIR who is happy to help you. You’re more than welcome to share this information with your friends and colleague.

In addition, if 3d architectural visualization can be of help for visualizing your design, AIMIR would be a thrill to work with you.

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