3D Interior Renderings for a Luxury Apartment in Guangzhou: Case Study

3D Interior Renderings for a Luxury Apartment in Guangzhou: Case Study

Tianyu Peninsula is a luxury apartment in Guangzhou, China. Located along the riverbank of Zhu Jiang, or Pearl River, Tianyu Peninsula has spectacular views of the river and the beautiful garden along it.

Jeremie from MKD Design Studio is assigned to design one of these luxury apartments. As our valuable client, he turned to us and asked for 3D images to showcase his vision. This place promised to be a true pleasure to live in with its elegant and comfortable interior design, and he needed these images for the upcoming interior construction project.

Now, let’s see how AIMIR’s 3D renderings were created and then helped win his clients’ heart!


The Scope of Work


Jeremie wanted 10 interior views to demonstrate his design of this luxury apartment “Residence K”.

  • Five living room renderings: to showcase the living room with different camera angles. This is a living room with a stunning river view. So the renderings need to show off its harmony with the spectacular neighborhood.

  • Three bedroom renderings: showing the unique-designed rounded wardrobe, the open bathroom, and the bed.

  • One study rendering: to show the study area where the owner can work while enjoying the river view.

  • One kitchen and dining room rendering: demonstrating the kitchen, dining table and wine storage area.

Since the task was clear, let’s see how they were accomplished.


The References


For interior 3D renders, the references are crucial. He wanted to reveal the comfort and elegance of this apartment while demonstrating its function and spaces.

  • The floorplan which shows the general layout of the apartment and proportion of spaces, especially the furniture and fittings’ layout. Jeremie had prepared both the 2D and 3D floorplan.

  • The furniture listing template lists all the details of furniture, including sizes, locations, suppliers, reference images, and their corresponding code on the floorplan. This way, our 3D artists could get a better understanding of where to locate these furniture.

Furniture listing template.

Floorplan furniture mark.

  • Texture and material board expresses the detailed finishes of each part. The design includes a variety of rich materials including peddle stones, leather, concrete and wood. Each room is unique with some interesting color and material combinations. To illustrate this clear, Jeremie shared an elevation.

  • Site photos took from the window of each room are ready to fit in each view.

The amazing river view from living room.

In addition, he shared his preferred mood and color: cozy with boutique colors, warm lighting and soft finishes, to create a welcoming and comfy space for homecomers.


The Workflow


We started with the model. Because Jeremie had complete the SketchUp model, the first thing we did was to convert the model into the Corona Renderer and fine-tune it.

The next step was to proceed with filling the scenes with proper furniture and décor. With the help of Jeremie’s furniture list, we quickly get the accurate pieces at the precise locations.

After setting the lighting, we shared the model drafts to Jeremie.

A bedroom view from the bathroom in model stage.

When the model was confirmed, we moved forward to the finishes. After studying the elevations with textures, the scenes were rendered using Corona Renderer with the right finishes. After that, we sent the drafts to Jeremie and got his comments. This is one of the camera angles:

In Jeremie’s opinion, we had to:

  • Keep the tile texture same with the kitchen;
  • Add more plants in the left corner and behind the shower room column;
  • Change the shower room wall texture to pebble stone;
  • Change the bathtub material to a more brushed texture.

Like this, Jeremie commented on all ten images. After all these comments were corrected, our 3D artists proceeded to the post-production stage. We rendered the final images in 4K and delivered to Jeremie within the promised timeframe.


Final Results


The final images are as below. We played our rule as 3D visualizer to bring this design to life with the infusion of color in each room.

C (4)
C (1)
C (6)
C (3)
C (2)
C (5)
C (7)
C (8)
C (9)
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It was a smooth and pleasant experience working with Jeremie. He is always so patient and well-organized throughout the process. As a consequence, our 3D renderings unveil the full potential of this luxury apartment, and play a vital role during construction. We believe this apartment will a big surprise for its future dwellers.

Looking for CGI images or animations for your project? Contact us for professional architectural visualization services now and we will take your project to next level with high-end photorealistic 3D renderings!

3D Visualization Created Gorgeous Renderings for Furano ZEKKEI Hotel

3D Visualization Created Gorgeous Renderings for Furano ZEKKEI Hotel

As clear as a bell that 3D visualization is not a new idea among architects, designers, and real estate developers because of its intellectual effort and ultimate marketing tool. 3D rendering can present and interpret the unfinished project as clear as possible, making for top-notch marketing materials. 3D visualization is commonly regarded as a powerful tool in advertising, which can easily take the lead to display the design superiority to potential buyers. Today, we are rather happy to share with you a high-end resort hotel project in Japan. AIMIR has made marketing renderings for the Fenix Furano hotel project in 2018, you can refer to this blog to explore its harmonious-design. Recently, the construction has completed and we’d like to invite you to re-enjoy this beautiful hotel project with us.

Fenix Furano hotel features 33 full-service units, ranging from hotel-style suites to 3-bedroom apartments and penthouses, offering a coveted ski-in ski-out address and immediate access to village amenities. It is renowned for its rural landscape and snow-covered majestic mountains offering supreme and comfortable holiday experience.

3D Exterior Rendering

Located at almost the edge between city and mountain, the Fenix Furano hotel homes to the second largest ski resort. In order to highlight this special landscape advantage, our client used the snowy scene to echo with the surrounding. The distance snow mountain, frosted trees and the flying owl, those finest details applied in the rendering intensifying the overall environments, creating an associative perception of happy and joyful winter vocation.

Real Construction Exterior Photos

Now let’s see the images that took after finishing the construction. The hotel construction captured as much as possible of the rendering shown.

As it shown that the façade is making full use of the wood, that is the common construction material in Japan, with irregular wood arrangement in the balcony that display a unique of design style. It’s pity that we can’t see the winter view as we shown in the 3D rendering. But why not find out the beautiful snowy view by spending a vocation there? To witness and embrace the beauty in our own eyes.

3D Interior Rendering

As for the interior, the lobby is a sanctuary of style and relaxation as our client said. To continue the cozy style, grey concrete wall, dark wall painting, and maple wood ceiling throughout the interior. The chosen ensemble of quality furniture, and modern artwork on the wall create a sleek modern vibe. It’s simple yet elegant. Other than that, the stone-like warm lighting enhance the soft feeling inside the lobby, resonating with the theme of being liveness and inviting.

Real Construction Interior Photos

After seeing the interior rendering, you must be eager to know how’s the completion will be. Although the interior hasn’t fully completed as our client sent us the images, but you still can picture the final result will integrate with natural rhythm and inviting environment.

Today, there’s a great number of ways to present an architecture design. Unquestionably, 3D rendering is a remarkable way of making design flourish and conveys both functional and aesthetics at the same time. We are no longer restrained to the limitation of 2D drawing and hand drawing. Besides, viewing the project from different perspectives and different weather conditions is possible and easy to achieve. The photorealistic 3d rendering becomes a virtually indispensable tool for marketing and promotion.

It’s really exciting to know that the project is finally complete and ready to use. This is one of the amazing hotel projects that we’ve done. We are looking forward to sharing more and more gorgeous architecture with you.

AIMIR is well-positioned to adapt to specific requirements, providing flexible options for various project sizes, and deliver high-end 3D renderings to meet different needs. If you’re interested in photorealistic 3D rendering, warmly welcome you to contact us.

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