3D Exterior and Interior Rendering Service under Atypical Environment: Case Study of Renders in Deserts, Forests, Seaside and More

3D Exterior and Interior Rendering Service under Atypical Environment: Case Study of Renders in Deserts, Forests, Seaside and More

The 3D exterior and interior architectural visualization projects should be an idea tool to reveal the building in any conditions. It means you may find the architecture in the snowy region or surrounded by tropical landscapes. Today, we’ve summarized various architecture such as houses, hotels, offices, shopping malls under different geographical conditions.


Geographical Conditions


A large part of architecture visualization projects are depicting buildings under regular geo conditions. For example, a country house in the urban area, or a shopping mall in a busy CBD. These surroundings create a safe and friendly environment for the viewers. With the help of these photorealistic renderings, real estate agents, architects, interior designers and other professionals find it easier and quicker to demonstrate their design ideas and sell more.

But these “normal” renderings are not the only choices for 3D rendering industry. Actually, in some particular cases, the “irregular” geography may picture a more impressive scene. Of course, it depends on many factors to choose atypical environment for 3D rendering.

Okay, let’s enjoy some of AIMIR’s architectural renders with irregular geographical conditions.


#1. Deserts

To be honest, not everyone likes a lifeless bare desert. But on the other hand, it is not difficult to image how the architecture is highlighted against such background. Limited by the location, architecture in arid areas does not limit the inspiration of the architects and designers. On the contrary, many professionals are exploring the potential of desert architecture. And in the hands of architectural 3D rendering specialists, the desert architecture is represented beautifully in the deserts.

Desert has a special landscape that nowhere else you can find. In the world of CGI, 3D artists emphasized on the plants, sky, and sands, to unit human and nature.


Alila Villas in La Ribera, Mexico. Image by AIMIR.

Not only hotels and vacation houses look fabulous in deserts, other architecture types are a good player with desert as well. For example, residential houses may look highlighted in the barren area.


Desert Palisades in California, USA. Image by AIMIR.


#2. Forests


Forests is not an irregular element in architectural design. Actually, some houses in the countryside enjoy a green terrain and is set in between tree trunks. 3D renderings of such designs tend to emphasize on the livable environment, however, architecture in forests ask more for the beautiful settings around. As you see, the magical effects of 3D render of architecture in the woods does not only lie in the peaceful and calming atmosphere, there are also unduplicated visual experience waiting for the viewers.


Vacation house in Huizhou, China. Image by AIMIR.

Unlike deserts or other environment, forests are a friendly element that brings calmness and tranquility. Thus, it’s difficult to find large shopping malls or entertainment parks in the woods. Residential houses, villas, apartments, and vacation houses are more easily to find themselves in forests. In 3D rendering, the 100% life-like trees and vegetation are the key elements determining a good rendering.


Radwyn Apartment in Pennsylvania, USA. Rendered by AIMIR.


#3. Seaside


Oceanfront architecture is not rare to find both in real life and 3D architectural rendering. Designing a house, hotel, office tower, shopping malls, museum or any kind of architecture overlooking the sea is a challenging job, because many factors need to be considered carefully. For example, the material against sea wind, or the glass windows for viewing. At the same time, an architecture siting near the sea is one of the best theme to visualize. Actually, there is no bad 3D render, just unqualified 3D artists.


710 Edge in Miami, USA. Rendered by AIMIR.

When creating 3D renders for oceanfront buildings, the unique architectural design and a meticulously landscaped exterior as well as the human activities near the sea define the visual image. Usually, AIMIR’s 3D artists focus on the overall mood as well as the details to present a perfect seaside architecture visual image.


Naladhu Ocean House in Maldives. Rendered by AIMIR.


#4. Others


Not limited to the above geographical conditions, architectural visualization also includes various projects such as the snow mountain, under the sea and even the moon or Mars. These atypical environment nourishes the architectural design, and in turn enrich the depth of the 3D image.


Barkers Island Redevelopment in Wisconsin, USA. Rendered by AIMIR.


Above are some of the examples of 3D rendering projects under irregular geographical conditions. No matter what type of architecture you’re working on, 3D rendering services are able to provide you a perfect solution within an incredible short time. Want to nail your client with your design? Using 3D architectural visualization services to impress your audience with the most efficient and awe-inspiring way by contacting AIMIR today!

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