Exterior Rendering for a Private Property in Los Angeles: Case Study

Exterior Rendering for a Private Property in Los Angeles: Case Study

Exterior rendering can smartly and honestly showcase the design of a structure. In real estate industry, 3D exterior renderings help advertise by creating powerful atmosphere and photorealistic details of the design. Real estate agencies can use 3D visuals for presentation purposes, pinpointing all the subtle details and making the design more attractive to the potential buyers.

Avi, from a real estate company in the USA, was looking for a 3D rendering for one of their properties in Los Angeles. This is a private property and the construction was nearly finished, except the outdoor garden section. They hoped to have a persuasive 3D exterior rendering to market this property in advance.


Brief for 3D Exterior Rendering


A good briefing is half the success of a visualization project. To help us understand the project and start immediately, Avi shared the following information and files:

  • The current site photos. They help us get a general idea of the vision of this project which is important. The left bottom corner of the first image is the part under construction and Avi wanted to show. And the final rendering should have the same material and design as the current property. Thus, we could use them as a material reference.


  • The sketch of the house, the unbuilt part in particular. Although it is a conceptual sketch, the stairs and garden are clear enough.


  • The CAD plans. Our 3D artists would build the 3D model based on the information in the plans.


  • Some images as the references of the mood of the final image.



Exterior Rendering Process


As the first stage of the whole process, we built the 3D model after studying the CAD plans and the site photos. It was a process which turned 2D into 3D. Here, the important thing was to strictly follow the photo of the house as the structure, materials, and colors. Moreover, we added a view which demonstrated the part which our client really wanted to show – the outdoor stairs and garden. This was to confirm the structure of this unbuilt part.


As one of the best features of 3D rendering services, it allows architectural designing while creating 3D visuals. In this project, the 3D model created from CAD plans was not complete, and needed further adjustment. As a result, we’ve received Avi’s comments on the 3D model, namely:

  • The wall along the front and the two entrance gates will be black rod iron, consistent with the balcony and patio rod iron.
  • The fence block wall on the west and north should be lower a bit higher than the second planer wall.
  • Make a window next to the contrast color door on the first floor, and a window on the opposite side of the door.

We modified the 3D model as instructed and sent it to Avi. After Avi’s team confirmed back the model, we’ve moved into next stage: applying materials, textures, and lighting. Because we’ve got the site photo and mood reference images, we decided to directly create the final image. This meant our 3D specialists completed the materials, lighting, and post-production all at once.

Based on the reference images, we finished the final draft. To illustrate this private property, our final visual communicates how the structure interact with the nature which nestled in the vibrant greenery. Avi was very satisfied with the result. The final image is here:


It was a sheer pleasure working with Avi’s team on this amazing project. We’re so happy that they’re satisfied with our work and service. For real estate rendering services, they’ve prepared almost all necessary information and files in the briefing. And during the process, their comments on drafts were prompt and clear. This in turn speeded up the working process.


We all in a visual world. Instead of assigning budgets on traditional marketing for your real estate projects, why not try architectural visualization services and sell your property in advance with the help of powerful visuals? Contact our professional 3D rendering studio now to bring your real estate business to the next level!

NEWS: AIMIR is now an Official Partner with Corona Renderer

NEWS: AIMIR is now an Official Partner with Corona Renderer

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