Architecture Design Competition for Guangming lake Blueway, Shenzhen, China

Engineering task & construction content: According to the rough estimate of investment, The Blueway of Guangming River has a total length of 58.6 kilometers, a construction area of 1326 hectares, and a rough estimate of the construction project is CNY 1,179,648,200.

In the core area, it is mainly to build the relevant service facilities for the slow-moving roads around the lake, the service station, and the tourist center, as well as the transformation and improvement of the current hydraulic facilities and the dam face and landscape under the dam. Because of the requirement of the water source protection, the slow-moving roads and the relevant supporting facilities are located in the expansion area, which is an important part of the project. It needs the investment of the city government and to be built in synchronization with the projects in the core area.

Work Content

Content of bid invitation: may include but is not limited to: 1. Conceptual schematic design; 2. Scheme design requires the approval of the relevant authorities; 3. Preliminary design requires the approval of the relevant authorities; 4. Construction drawing design, (including the detailed design of professional subcontract) requires reviews of the relevant departments; 5. Compilation of as-built drawing requires reviews of the relevant departments; 6. Bill of quantities, the technical part of the bidding document, and bidding drawings required for construction and equipment bid; 7. Send a design team to the construction site to provide technical services for the engineering construction, and fulfill their duties and obligations for the project quality and safety in accordance with the national rules and regulations; 8. The design extended services: including but not limited to participating in joint trail operation, regular project visits, and award declaration and cooperation; 9. Assist in the approval and application for construction, provide complete application materials, and assist in the project review, approval, audit, and filing with relevant competent departments and units; 10. Collect and purchase third-party materials related to the design of the project; 11. Undertake the review meeting of the design results at each stage, and bear the expenses incurred. 

Registration Requirements

Qualification requirements:

1、Qualification requirements for the bidder:

The bidder shall have:

(1) Professional Class A and above qualification for landscape architecture engineering design.

(2) Professional Class A and above qualification for water conservancy industry (urban flood control or channel improvement).

(3) Professional Class A and above qualification for construction industry (construction engineering).

2、The consortium bid is accepted for this project and overseas design institutions are allowed to participate in the bidding. The consortium shall consist of no more than three (3) organizations. The leading unit of consortium shall have the Professional Class A and above qualification for water conservancy industries( urban flood control or river regulation)engineering design.

3、Qualification requirements for project leader: Have the title of senior engineer and above. As for the consortium’s bid, the project leader shall be appointed by the leading unit of the consortium.


Limited price of this contract construction CNY 41,758,000.


Design service time: From the date of signing the contract to the completion of final acceptance, and audit of settlement and returns.


1、Conceptual scheme design:

(1)The Designer shall propose 3 conceptual schemes of international level to the tenderer for review within 60 days upon bid winning. See Attachment IV for the projects of Mill River Park and Greenway/Madrid Riverside Landscape/Chicago Riverwalk/Connection of Both Banks of Huangpu River in Shanghai for reference. The 3 schemes must be provided by 3 different teams (overseas designers allowed to join), and the Designer, if being a consortium, shall be deemed as a team.

(2)If all the schemes fail to satisfy the tenderer, the tenderer shall not pay for the schemes and be entitled to deducting 50% of the engineering design fee as liquidated damages and organize an international competition for conceptual schemes.

2、The Tenderer shall have the right to reject the submission of the bid applicant if the bidder is in the period of rejecting the bid due to his/her bad behavior recorded by the Shenzhen Water Authority prior to the bid closing (subject to the search results at

The registration deadline is 2020.04.13.18:00. If you’re interested in this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR for more following details and submit the relevant documents timely to avoid any delay.

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Architecture Design competition in China: Space Scene International Design


Located in the mid-east region of Henan Province, Kaifeng is the emerging sub-center city of Henan Province, city of core development zone of Central Henan Urban Agglomeration and the core city of Zhengzhou metropolitan area. With a long history and abundant tourism resources, Kaifeng, the ancient capital of eight dynasties, is also the gathering place of intangible cultural heritage. With the planning advantage of integrated development of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, the tourism economy and tertiary industry in Kaifeng enjoy further development. 

Tourism in Kaifeng mainly features scenic spot sightseeing and simple amusement. Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden and Dragon Pavilion currently boast the highest tourism concentration ratio. The development of tourism commerce in Kaifeng is still in its infancy and tourism commerce still features a dual structure of featured retail, catering and supporting facilities.

Shuanglong Lane

Shuanglong Lane historical and cultural blocks are important projects of Kaifeng Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Investment Group”). As the key state-owned enterprise of Kaifeng, Investment Group owns the core cultural and tourism resources of Kaifeng, the ancient city of Song capital and is dedicated to building cultural and life experience area of Song capital with “comprehensive protection, holistic tourism, consistent scenery of the whole city and whole industry chain”. Amber Retreats and AIM International Design Competition, entrusted by Investment Group, pool wisdom to bring more possibilities to Shuanglong Lane with one court at its core.

Competition Challenge

Currently, there are a number of urban improvement projects to repair ancient towns in the name of repairing traditional blocks. However, few of them succeed. This space scene design competition focuses on No. 24 court of Shuanglong Lane and collects various solutions for one court from global designers; starting from one point, the strong cultural IP of Shuanglong Lane is created to lead industrial upgrade and transformation of Shuanglong Lane; it’s an innovative design talents introduction, a collision with new scenes and an intensive and focus spread.

Quadrangle courtyard is the basic unit of the buildings within the core protection area, which restores the courtyard pattern and style of buildings with traditional features. The new quadrangle courtyard is built based on the original courtyard texture, which optimizes the space environment of the block. It combines the traditional architectural elements such as quadrangle courtyard, sloping roofs, grey tiles and blue bricks, lattice doors and windows. The controlled height of buildings in the block is 2 stories, and the cornice height is less than 7 m. The buildings around the quadrangle courtyard, which are not newly-built ones in the quadrangle courtyard, are 3 m away from the boundary. The existing buildings to be preserved shall be reconstructed and consolidated in combination with the design and use functions. The facades, roof forms and colors of such buildings shall be renovated to achieve harmony with the traditional style of the block.

Through competitions with Shuanglong Lane No. 24 court as typical cases, we hope to motivate teams to review the modern application of Song culture from the perspectives of art, drama, design, communication, consumer psychology after getting rid of restriction of traditional blocks renovation based on Song culture of Kaifeng, locality and historical inheritance of Shuanglong Lane. Meanwhile, they are motivated to explore the interaction between innovative types of business and space with techniques such as time-space folding and boundary blur to inspire new behavior mode and consumption scenes.

In the space of No. 24 court, participants can conduct business type designs including but not limited to homestay, catering, bars, cafes, book bars, little theatres, art galleries, museums, intangible cultural heritage workshops, flower shops, cultural and creative stores, integration space and any other types of business believed to show up in the space in light of historic culture and business performance of Kaifeng and Shuanglong Lane.

In the space design, space innovation triggered by collocation, integration and alternation of innovation business types is encouraged. However, feasibility and practicability are required with adequate consideration of cost. The application of new technologies of AI, 5G and VR is encouraged. For constructions, project plot ratio and max headroom requirements must be followed with considerations given to the coordination of the space and business type of the entire Shuanglong Lane and innovative usage of underground space. We hope that Shuanglong Lane No. 24 Court competition can explore a new way for the improvement of ancient blocks in China and lay a brand new standard for the overall renovation of Shuanglong Lane.

Collection categories

  1. Accommodation Homestay
  2. Experienced-cultural and innovative brand stores
  3. Custom handicraft hall parent-child space
  4. Art performance little theatre
  5. Cultural and creative warehouse for used things bookstore-catering
  6. Space-museum


First prize: RMB50000

Second prize: RMB 30000

Third prize: RMB 20000


Works submission requirements

Submitted contents include:
1. 4 Pictures of Design scheme of A1 size (841MM x 594MM) with unlimited horizontal and perpendicular layout and composition. Mapping documents are submitted in JPG format with resolution not lower than 300dpi. Scheme contents include but not limited to:
1) Site plan
2) Architectural plan, elevation, profile
3) Rendering and analysis chart
4) Design philosophy diagram
5) Economic and technical indexes
6) Other image data that can fully express design concepts
2. Works information sheet (information sheet template is provided in download materials)
3. Participants need to submit creation drafts, work photos and other materials during the creation process (image in JPG format with resolution not lower than 150dpi)

Optional submission contents:

1. Business plan about content creativity: the project (homestay or other business types) brand content operation idea PPT involves brand positioning, target population, project population, marketing, development strategy and execution plan of the brand in Shuanglong Lane.
2. Video (2-4 minutes): to better present works concept, short videos can be submitted, including an introduction to team members, description of design concepts of works with display boards. The format is unlimited. Videos can be made in MPEG, MP4, AVI formats.

Review Standard

1. The locality of design: 30 scores (highlight the integration degree of design and resources of Shuanglong Lane in Kaifeng, including digging and utilization of local materials, extraction of local elements, implantation of local culture and activities, etc.)
2. Design integrity: 30 scores (including concept plan, whether design can be integrated with surrounding integrated ambiance, consistency and coherence of the design of Shuanglong Lane)
3. The leading function of design: 20 scores (including innovation of design and influence of future development)
4. Product richness: 20 scores (including business type layout, supporting business types, facilities implantation, local derivative consumption of products, etc.)

For the more following information, please feel free to contact AIMIR. The application of new technologies such as AI, 5G and VR is encouraged. If you need architectural visualization for this competition, warmly welcome you to drop us a line.

Architecture Design Competition: Maigaoqiao Street Bridge Design Competition

Competition theme

With the theme of “let’s BRIDGE”, this covered bridge competition is part of the renovation plan of Nanjing Maogaoqiao Street, launching creative design competitions for designers both at home and abroad. This competition aims at boosting public participation, creating a group of street furniture with cultural characteristics in a way of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and further improving the function of the river landscape belt. Therefore, ecological remediation and urban renovation can be promoted to enhance the citizen’s sense of gain.

Design  content and requirements

“The bridge gathers the earth as the landscape around the stream.” —Martin Heidegger

As part of the plan for the renovation of  Maigaoqiao Street, a landscape bridge (site 1) is planned to be built near the river in the park to stitch the relationship between Shijingshan Park Yanhe Road landscape belt and the surrounding neighborhood, to show the overall charm of the civic park as well. In addition, two covered bridges (sites 2 and 3) are set up to meet the needs of citizens’ rest and community services (specific locations can be viewed in the following picture). In the end, it is hoped that the three bridges together with the north-south landscape river channels and landscape belts form a unique “Long Garden”, and each bridge is part of the “Long Garden”. Participants can choose any one of the bridges to design, and the design area should be controlled between 50-100㎡, meanwhile, it can provide rest and convenience facilities.

Design works with smart coordination, utilization and structure will be preferred.

Smart Coordination- to coordinate the surroundings and to leverage the overall environment.

Smart Utilization- to put forward special usage scenarios and thinking models.

Smart Structure- to consider reasonable constructing method with the combination of topography.

Competition Process

1. Design Upload

From November 19, 2019, to March 31, 2020 (deadline for design uploading).

2. On-site Survey and Q & A Exchange

In early December 2019, the organizing committee has organized on-site surveys and Q & A exchange.

3. Expert Evaluation

An expert panel will be held to assess the shortlisted design works and the exact time is to be informed until further notice.

4. Online Voting

The competition organizing committee will release the shortlisted designs, meanwhile, open a public voting channel to initiate online voting and the exact time is to be informed until further notice.

5. Award Ceremony

The competition organizing committee will determine winners and honor them.(Exact time is to be informed until further notice).

6. Design Display

During the period of 2020 Nanjing Creative Design Week, the organizing committee of the competition will hold a themed display to present winning design works.

Contest Registration


Participants can be individuals, teams or institutions. Works that have already been implemented,  been participated in other competitions, or been published are not allowed to participate.

Requirements for Design Works

(1) Graphic content

① A brief design description (not more than 300 words).

② General plan, showing the position of the bridge and the connection with the neighboring environment.

③ A complete set of drawings that can clearly express the designer’s intent (plan, elevation, section, perspective renderings and detail, etc.).

④ No information reflecting the identity of the designer should appear on the drawing.

(2) Graphic layout requirements

The final submitted design is an electronic version with a format of PDF or JPG whose size is 841mm (W) * 1189mm (H), and the image accuracy is not less than 300dpi. The page number is limited to one with a vertical layout.


1 first prize, 80,000 yuan / piece;

2 second prizes, 40,000 yuan / piece;

5 third prizes, 20,000 yuan / piece;

6 awards of popularity, 10,000 yuan / piece.

Note: all the awards mentioned above are before taxation. 

Other Awards:

1) The winning designers and design works will be announced and awarded.

2) Winning companies and independent designers will be awarded a certificate of honor.

3) The winning design works will be selected and then constructed on the spot.

4) The outstanding winning design works will be exhibited in the “Nanjing Urban Space Youth Art Season” section of Nanjing Creative Design Week in 2020.

5) The organizing committee of the competition will hold special forums, inviting winners and guests to share their experience.

6) The organizing committee of the competition will post exclusive interviews with outstanding winners on its WeChat official account.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact AIMIR  or visit our website. 3D rendering service, advanced technologies provide better customer service and real-time images, which can help design companies attract customers more efficiently and conveniently. If you’re interested in working together, please feel free to drop us a line.

Architecture Design Competition on the Urban Design of Huanggang Port Area

Architecture Design Competition on the Urban Design of Huanggang Port Area

Project overview:

The Huanggang Port Area, facing the Hong Kong Park across the river, belongs to a rare, complete and interconnected existing resource in the Shenzhen Park of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone. This international competition is hosted by Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and organized by Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone Development Co., Ltd., under the guidance of Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Futian District People’s Government, and Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality. This project is designed to solicit forward-looking, flexible, innovative and implementable urban design concepts and detailed design schemes, and build Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation demonstration zone and pilot area of the national comprehensive science center to drive the high-quality development of Shenzhen, based on Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation mainly in basic research and original innovation, and with an international vision and world-leading standards. The development background is Shenzhen as a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics and co-development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Project location

Huanggang Port Area at Shenzhen Park of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone is located in the southern border of Futian District, facing Hong Kong across the Shenzhen River, and adjoining Huanggang Port Integrated Hub and Futian Port to the west and Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park (Hong Kong Park of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone) to the east. This area enjoys outstanding advantages in terms of geographical location, rail transit, urban services, and ecological environment. In the future, it will turn into a key area for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, and an important functional area of Futian District, which is of strategic significance for the development of Shenzhen.

Scope of design

The scope of this urban design is divided into scope of study coordination and scope of detailed design. The study coordination scope is Loop Area C, including Futian Port, Huanggang Port, existing passenger inspection area and cargo inspection area, existing port residential area, Chiwei Village, etc., with an area of 1.67 square kilometers; the detailed design scope includes Huanggang Port cargo inspection area, existing port residential area and plots surrounding the port, with an area of about 0.89 square kilometers.

Fig. 1 Design Scope of the International Competition(Study coordination scope 1.67km², detailed design scope 0.89km²)

Work Content

Work content in the competition stage includes but not limited to: Propose the urban design ideas, objective and vision, and overall structure of Huanggang Port area; complete the functional business form layout, transport system design, public space design, the conceptual architectural design of important nodes, etc. In addition to the above work requirements of general urban design of important areas, emphasize the scientific research space design, terminal transport organization design, detailed design of three-dimensional space, public space and landscape design, and conceptual architectural design of the land around the Port. It is also required to put forward phased implementation schemes and space control guidance in combination with the given land release plan, to ensure the scheme enforceable.

The port cargo inspection area reaches the extent of detailed urban design to guide the unified planning and development of the park, while the surrounding plot of the Huanggang Port reaches the extent of conceptual architectural design, directly guiding the architectural design and linking with the design scheme of Huanggang Port, giving optimization suggestions.

The stage of further scheme development will be led by the first prize winner. The other excellent design schemes and expert suggestions should be put into consideration, have coordination with each special topic of Implementation Plan for Overall Planning of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, and form the optimization results of Urban Design of Huanggang Port Area at Shenzhen Park of Shenzhen – Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone. Such results shall meet the requirements of urban design content for important areas.

Registration Requirements

(1) Regardless of the qualifications, any design agency (independent legal person) with relevant design experience at home and abroad can apply for this project. A consortium is also allowed, but its member cannot exceed 3, and each member of the consortium can no longer participate in this competition in its own name or in the name of another consortium formed with other design agencies. The application of individuals and individual groups is not accepted.

(2) A design agency  with the following experience will be given priority:

① Experience in designing international science parks;

② Experience in the urban design of key urban areas;

③ Experience in the urban design of port areas.

 (3) The designers participating in this international competition shall be registered in the design agency.

(4) The design agency with the intention of participation is required to fill in Attachment 1: Pre-registration Form and send it to


This international competition proceeds in three stages: Stage I – Prequalification, Stage II – Urban Design Scheme Competition, and Stage III – Further Development of Scheme. Among them, the prequalification will adopt the method of “directional invitation + open proposal solicitation” to directly shortlist 5 invited agencies for the next round. Meanwhile, shortlist 10 best candidates via prequalification review for the next round. A total of 15 agencies will enter the scheme competition stage.

Competition agenda:


5 million yuan for the first prize (1 unit);

3 million yuan for the second prize (2 units);

2 million for the third prize (3 units);

1.2 million for the fourth prize (9 units).

The design agency winning the first prize in this international competition will continue to participate in the subsequent development and consulting work. The fee for the subsequent work is 2 million yuan.

If you’re interested in this international competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR for specific information.

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Architecture Design Competition for The Global Smart Chips Innovation Center

The global chips innovation center is located at the intersection of Meilin road and Fukang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. It divided into several functional areas, such as construction area, office area, commercial area, property service area, and public transport. It covers a total land area of about 12 square kilometers.

Work content

The workload is including the overall planning and design, architectural design detailing and landscape design detailing within the scope of the site property line, construction design.

Registration Requirements

There are no restrictions on the qualification of applicants. Any design agency at home and abroad can sign up for this competition.

Applicants shall have legal business qualifications in the country or region in which they are located. Application by individuals or teams of individuals is not acceptable. Consortium applicants are acceptable, but each consortium shall have no more than three members. No member of a consortium is allowed to register twice in the form of either individual firm or another consortium formed with another firm.

The designers participating in this competition shall be registered personnel of the current company. The chief designer shall be a person who has held several projects of the same type, shall be directly involved in the whole bidding process, and make scheme presentation as per review requirements. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the regional background of China and the related requirements, there should be at least one project designers fluent in Chinese;

The applicants shall submit the application information as required by the design documents.


Two means of participation are available

Public registration (The competition will be announced online to call for open registration; after prequalification, three design firms or consortia will be determined to proceed to the next stage)

The competition will comprise three stages:

(1)Registration and prequalification

(2)Design and evaluation



The total cost of the contract for service from conceptual design detailing to schematic design detailing is no more than RMB 6 million Yuan (tax inclusive). The specific work tentatively includes planning and design, architectural design detailing and landscape design detailing within the scope of the site property line, construction design. (please refer to design contract), excluding design development, construction drawing design, construction administration, equipment, structure, curtain wall, lighting, interior finish, and environmental protection design. The Organizer will negotiate with the bid winner on the design price in accordance with relevant national charging standards, and sign the architecture design contract at the final price

To obtain the follow-up information and registration form please feel welcome to contact AIMIR. All the competition we republished is totally free. In addition, if you need 3d rendering service to visualize your design, please drop us a line freely. Aimir as always feels happy to help you. 

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