Pre-announcement of Tender for Schematic Design of Three Towns in Unit 10 of Qianhai

Pre-announcement of Tender for Schematic Design of Three Towns in Unit 10 of Qianhai

To implement the general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instruction that Qianhai should “rely on Hong Kong, serve the mainland and face the world”, and to deepen the reform and opening up of Shenzhen-Hong Kong modern service industry cooperation zone in Qianhai, our company will carry out the tender for schematic design of the Three Towns in Unit 10 of Qianhai.

This is the pre-announcement of the design tender, and we sincerely invite excellent domestic and foreign design teams and agencies to participate, hoping to collect an excellent design schemes. Hong Kong people, Hong Kong capital, Hong Kong taste, Hong Kong space, Hong Kong services, and Hong Kong arrangements will be realized to effectively strengthen the correlation with Hong Kong, expand the space for Hong Kong’s service industry, strive to play a role in Hong Kong’s structural optimization, and lay a solid foundation for Qianhai to build the core engine of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the golden decade.


LocationQianhai is located in the west of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, adjacent to Hong Kong. It is planned as a future Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao in-depth cooperation demonstration zone and a new urban center.

This tender includes three development and construction lands: 10-01-02, 10-01-04, and 10-01-06, as well as a public green space: 10-01-05. They are located in block 01, Unit 10, Qianwan District, Qianhai Free Trade Zone, on the west side of Tinghai Avenue and Qianwan third road.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong modern service industry cooperation zone in Qianhai undertakes the important historical mission of supporting Hong Kong to integrate into the overall development of the country. Three Towns in Unit 10 of Qianhai is one of the important space carriers planned by Qianhai to support the deep cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in modern service industry. It focuses on providing development space for SZ-HK professional service industry, digital economy industry, headquarters economy industry and headquarters economy projects, so as to broaden the development direction.

Among them, Qianhai SZ-HK Professional Service Town plans to introduce the advantageous resources and advanced experience of Hong Kong’s professional service industry to build SZ-HK professional service industry and talent gathering area, SZ-HK professional service integration development pilot area, SZ-HK professional service opening demonstration area and HK-style specialty service experience area.

Qianhai SZ-HK Digital Economic Town aims to build SZ-HK digital economic cooperation zone, digital innovation demonstration zone, digital enabling model zone and digital industry engine zone, realize SZ-HK cooperation, CO creation & CO governance and CO construction & CO sharing, and form two chains of digital economy industry chain and digital innovation ecological chain.

Qianhai SZ-HK Headquarters Economic Town plans to play a leading and exemplary role of headquarters economy and achieve the agglomeration effect of high-end modern service industry. Its goal is to introduce Qianhai headquarters enterprises, headquarters of Hong Kong funded enterprises, regional headquarters of multinational companies, headquarters of listed companies and headquarters of leading enterprises in the industry, and create a high-quality development demonstration zone for SZ-HK headquarters enterprises.

Note: Qianhai SZ-HK Headquarters Economic Town, Qianhai SZ-HK Digital Economic Town and Qianhai SZ-HK Professional Service Town (“3 Towns” for short), the specific industry type is tentative, and may be adjusted according to the industrial demand in the future.

Upper level planning

According to the guidance and implementation of “The Planning Of Qianhai New Urban Center”, 3 Towns are planned to be M0 (new industrial land).

Overall planning indicators (provisional)

Registration Requirements

  1. No design qualification requirement, design institutions (other organizations with independent legal personality or independent capacity to bear civil liability) with relevant design experience at home or abroad can apply to participate.
  2. Registration in the form of a design consortium is acceptable. Each consortium shall have no more than two members.
  3. Registration of individual and individuals groups is not accepted.


Tender Arrangement

Schedule: The design tender announcements will be issued in mid-March 2021 (provisional). If you want to more following details regarding this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.



International Competition for Urban Design and Architectural Concept Design of Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums

International Competition for Urban Design and Architectural Concept Design of Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums

The project of Antuo Hill Museums is positioned as a non-profit public cultural facility and a world-class museum ecological community and aims to promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry. The project shall be planned with the goal of building “new park, new exhibition and new landmark” for Shenzhen and with a forward-looking and international perspective. It is to become the spiritual palace of future city.

Taking the opportunity of the ecological restoration of Antuo Hill and construction of the park, Antuo Nature Art Hill (ANAH) and the Antuo Hill Museums shall be planned as a whole, jointly building a cultural cluster of museums and parks that integrate people, art and nature, improving the quality of urban environment and vitality of urban life, thus become a unique cultural place.

The design focus of this project is how to transform the geographical advantages of Antuo Hill into its cultural attraction and revitalize this area through positioning, functional programming and operational strategies.


Project location

Antuo Hill Museums is located in the Antuo Hill Area, at the junction of Futian District and Nanshan District in Shenzhen, next to the ANAH. The Antuo Hill Area is situated between the double city centers of Shenzhen (Futian-Luohu Center and Qianhai Center), on the south of Tanglangshan Country Park and looking out to Shenzhen Bay to the south. The Area is the transition of the “Mountain-Sea Axis”, the “intersection” of urban axis and the connection point between natural and urban spaces.

Work Content

The design scope of this international competition includes the site inside ANAH (Site A) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area (Site B), located on two sides of North Extension of Qiaocheng East Road (planned). The total site area is tentatively about 10 hectares.

The design team shall provide an overall design proposal of Site A and Site B. The project is planned to be constructed in phases. Site A shall be constructed first and Site B is the long-term phase plan. The feasibility of functional planning, operational planning, design strategy and development sequence for the different phases shall be considered.

1. Urban Design

Design Scope includes the site inside ANAH (Site A) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area (Site B). At the same time, the relationship between the 2 sites and the ANAH, the surrounding areas, OCT-LOFT, Tanglangshan Country Park and the larger urban context shall be considered.

The design content at the urban design stage includes overall operational planning of the Antuo Hill Museums, interpretation of the master plan, design of the connection between the sites and surrounding areas, overall structural and functional layout planning, transportation system design, spatial form design, ecological landscape design, public space planning and underground space design.

2. Architectural Concept Design

Design Scope includes detailed urban design and architectural concept design of both the site inside ANAH (Site A) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area (Site B). The total gross floor area is tentatively set as about 170,000 square meters.

Registration Requirements

  1. Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.
  2. There are no qualification requirements.
  3. Consortium is accepted and there is no limit on number of consortium members. Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member and work distribution.
  4. Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.
  5. Design team composed with professionals in urban planning and design, transportation consulting, architectural and landscape design are encouraged. The design team must have professionals in operational planning.


Special Notes

Pre-registration is NOT official competition application. All information shall be subject to the official announcement released later.


The project adopts “open registration”, which includes 3 phases: Pre-qualification Phase, Urban Design Phase and Architectural Concept Design Phase.

Pre-qualification Phase: the organizer will establish an expert committee to comprehensively evaluate the qualification, performance and composition of design team as well as conceptual proposal and determine 5 qualified candidates (without ranking) to enter Urban Design Phase, and 2 alternatives (with ranking).

Urban Design Phase: the 5 qualified candidates shall submit urban design schemes. The organizer will establish a scheme review committee to evaluate the design schemes and recommend 3 shortlisted candidates (without ranking) to enter Architectural Concept Design Phase.

Architectural Concept Design Phase: the 3 shortlisted candidates shall submit architectural concept design schemes. The organizer will establish a final evaluation committee in accordance with law and determine 1 winner.


The total bonus for the international competition is set at RMB 14.5 million. The specific setting will be released in the official announcement.

The official announcement of this competition will be issued soon. We welcome all design teams to pre-register for participating intention. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR.

Architectural Schematic Design Tendering of AAC Technologies Shenzhen Houhai Headquarters Project

Architectural Schematic Design Tendering of AAC Technologies Shenzhen Houhai Headquarters Project

Project overview

This project is located at southeast side of intersection between Zhongxin Road and Chuangye Road in Houhai CBD, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, with land parcel of T107-0091. The land is in the central core area of Houhai, Nanshan District, with complete transport and supporting facilities around, and this area is gathered with headquarters of many famous companies. The project land area is 4596.65m2, construction land area is 4596.65m2, and building height limit is 100m, with podium height ≤18m.

Work Content

The content of this tender is the planning and architectural design of AAC Technologies Shenzhen Headquarters Project. The scope of design service of the winner includes: overall planning within the project land boundary, architectural schematic design (plans, elevations, sections, node details, etc., which should meet the requirements of specialty design institution and construction application for government approval to ensure its feasibility. The content of architectural design shall reach the extent of design development).

Full open application is adopted for this international tender, and consortium is accepted, with no more than two consortium members. The applicants shall submit application documents and draft concept as per requirements.5 shortlisted bidders will be selected through prequalification to enter scheme design competition stage, and top 2 will be selected through scheme review to enter the bid award stage.The design agency winning the bid will be awarded with the design contract, and the remaining unsuccessful bidders will get the design compensation.

The official tendering announcement is expected to release in early April. The application materials are mainly achievements of the company (consortium), chief design team and achievements of chief designer. The interested design agency can get prepared beforehand.The detailed tendering content and agenda are subject to the official tendering announcement.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR for pre-registration.

What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

Competition for Conceptual Design of Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name)

Competition for Conceptual Design of Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name)

The northern area of the eastern section of Jinling Road in Dapeng New District was originally the site selection plot for the cultural and sports center. After several rounds of site selection planning research, the layout of important administrative, cultural, public security, traffic police and other ancillary facilities in the new district is considered as a whole at this stage, and technical rooms such as the public security command center, archives, local chronicles museum, traffic police brigade and corresponding service supporting facilities are constructed.

Shenzhen is the capital of design. Its municipal party committee and municipal government, the party working committee and the administrative committee of the new district have reached an consensus on the high quality of the city. Through this competition, forward-looking and innovative building communities will be selected, so that the three groups of buildings can form an overall style that echoes with, supports and shares with each other on the premise of meeting their respective functional requirements and sign identification, create a new image of the new district, and promote the implementation of the next stage of the project.

The project is located on the northwest side of the intersection of Jinling Road and planned Jinye North Road in Kuichong Central District, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen City. Plots 09-06 and 09-07 of the statutory plans of Area 401-01 [Kuichong Central District] in Longgang (currently the statutory plans are being adjusted and are to be adjusted for public management and service facilities) are about 3.4 kilometers away from Dapeng Bay. Industrial land in the east, Bijia Mountain in the north, Hetang Landscape Park and Dapeng New District Management Committee in the west, Jinling Road connecting Jinye Avenue in the south, with excellent geographical location.

Work Content

The land area of the project is about 77,174 square meters, with a total construction area of 178,329 square meters, including 112,337 square meters above ground and 65,992 square meters below ground (tentatively, the underground area is mainly for equipment rooms, parking and civil air defense, and the designer can adjust the terrain according to the specific plan).

The design needs to integrate the functions and spatial relations of technical houses such as public security command center, archives, local chronicles museum, traffic police brigade and corresponding service supporting facilities. Give full consideration to the cooperation of various professional designs and the sharing of public space resources. Overall consideration should be given to urban design, architectural design and landscape design.

(1)Archives and Local Chronicles Museum:

The total construction area is 96,364 square meters. (The above-ground construction area is about 64,862 square meters, and the underground construction area is about 31,502 square meters)

(2)Public Security Command Center:

The total construction area is 55,519 square meters. (The above-ground construction area is about 32,702 square meters, and the underground construction area is about 22,817 square meters)

(3)Traffic Police Brigade:

The total construction area is 26,446 square meters. (The above-ground construction area is about 14,773 square meters, and the underground construction area is about 11,673 square meters)

(4)Other peripheral functions:

According to the overall conditions of the site, relevant leisure and sports facilities shall be comprehensively arranged.


※ The final design content is subject to the content of the competition document.

Registration Requirements

(1) Joint team be legally registered companies or organizations.

(2) There are no qualification and performance requirements during the competition process.

(3) As the competition project is a collection of several individual projects, it is also required that two or more design agencies should be enrolled as a joint team to participate in the competition. The joint team should have the division of labor and combination of “overall design coordination + different individual architects”, so as to achieve the overall sense of mutual connection of the construction group, and meet the design requirements of different parts (including progress) . Each member of the consortium shall not join another consortium with other design agencies to apply.

(4) The joint team members shall sign the Joint Team Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution, share of rights and interests during the project implementation phase if awarded with design contract.

(5) Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.


(1) Competition method: open application and invitation

(2) Competition Process:

Brief Scheme Submission Stage

The brief Scheme shall give an analysis of existing urban design guidelines and the design brief, and make suggestions for improvement and a draft conceptual design for review.

  • 8 joint teams will be shortlisted and rewarded to enter the conceptual design competition.
  • Among the 8 finalists, 5 are selected through open registration and 3 by invitation.
  • The 3 invited design agencies are required to form a joint team with others, so as to qualify for the conceptual design competition.
  • Joint teams, whether through open registration or by invitation, must submit a brief Scheme for evaluation.

※ If the 3 invited joint teams fail to provide brief Schemes as required by the design brief, they may be disqualified and replaced by alternative joint teams.

Conceptual Design Stage

The shortlisted joint teams shall make architectural conceptual design proposals for review under the established design brief and urban design guidelines. The competition will remain open to the public at this stage, and registration by independent joint teams is still workable. The independent joint teams should be reviewed before competing at this stage. (independent joint teams will not be rewarded with the bonus set up for the first stage).

  • The 8 joint teams shortlisted from the first stage as well as the independent ones  will enter this stage (conceptual design);
  • The 8 joint team shortlisted and the qualified independent joint teams shall only submit one conceptual design deliverable in line with the design brief;
  • The host shall establish a review committee in accordance with the law to review the Schemes. The review committee shall select 3 joint teams (ranked, but not as the final result) through open vote (elimination by round) to enter the third stage -determination and optimization.

Determination and Optimization Stage

The host shall set up a review committee to review the results and select the winner. The winner shall further develop and optimize the design based on the feedback from all sides.


(1)All time is subject to Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the agenda.

(2)Kind reminder: Since the schedule is quite tight for the Pre-qualification of this project, the joint team is suggested to organize the design team beforehand so as to prepare the work at the design competition stage as soon as possible.


(1)Bonus for the Brief Scheme Submission Stage:

8 shortlisted joint teams, with bonus of 500,000 RMB each.

(2) Bonus for the Conceptual design and optimization stage:

  • The joint team of the first place, with bonus of 2.3 million RMB (including the cost of scheme optimization).
  • The joint team of the second and third place, with bonus of 7 million RMB each.

Note: Bonus for this stage do not include bonus for the brief Scheme submission stage.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

International Competition of Overall Conceptual Planning and Landscape Design for Blueways around Xili Reservoir

International Competition of Overall Conceptual Planning and Landscape Design for Blueways around Xili Reservoir

The project intends to create and enhance the riverways, buildings, culture and industry around Xili Reservoir as a whole. It aims to develop the riverways and areas around the reservoir into iconic public spaces, so as to accommodate the public and cultural life of consumers and residents in these areas, and provide spaces for public facilities, landscape environment and urban events and activities, etc. To achieve these goals, this international competition is hereby launched to solicit the best design proposal for the project.


Work Content

(1) Landscape Design Scope

The landscape design covers the water treatment facilities (e.g., early rain storage pool, runoff storage pool, water purification plant, etc.) within and around the riverway management scope of Makan River, Makan River Left Tributary 1, Makan River Left Tributary 2, Dakan River, Baimang River, Lishui River and Yanqing River. The detailed scope is shown in the attached figure. The riverway management scope totals about 1,174,000 m2.

The water treatment facilities, with original functions retained, can be designed and renovated in combination with public open spaces.

(2) Urban Design Scope

The urban design covers the construction scope of the blueways around Xili Reservoir as well as the surrounding river mouth areas, the nearby urban villages, the industrial areas or the open public green spaces.

Taking into account the relationship between the blueways around Xili Reservoir and the city as well as the existing site conditions, the design should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire urban design scope, define the node scope, and conduct detailed design. The proposed node design areas include but are not limited to the following four nodes: Baimang Park and surrounding green space (including Baimang Runoff Storage Pool), Makan Park and surrounding public space, Makan River area water treatment facility and the surrounding green spaces (including Makan Main Stream and Early Rain Storage Pool, Makan Runoff Storage Pool and Makan water purification plant), and planning park site of Dakan Community (including Dakan Early Rain Storage Pool and Dakan Runoff Storage Pool).

(3) Research Scope

The research extends to the urban areas, mountains, waters, etc. around Xili Reservoir, focusing on studies of water system, ecology and greenway system in the area. Besides, corresponding expanded designs are required.


Registration Requirements

(1) The Competition sets no threshold in terms of qualification certificates. All local and international design teams (independent legal entities or other organizations that can independently bear civil liability) with relevant design experience are eligible for the registration.

(2) Registration by consortium is allowed and there is not limit on number of its members. A consortium agreement should be submitted to specify the leading party and the work division. No consortium member is allowed to participate in the Competition again independently, or via consortium with other design team(s).

(3) Both local and international design teams must be legally registered for business operation and hold valid business licenses. Two or more legal entities, parent companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies with the same legal representative are not allowed to register for the Competition concurrently.

(4) Individuals and individual groups are not eligible for registration.


The Competition consists of three stages, i.e. registration and prequalification, conceptual design competition and design detailing. The Competition is open to global design teams who submit Registration Documents and draft conceptual proposals as per the Work Rules and Design Brief (Technical) of the Competition. The Prequalification Committee set up by the Host will shortlist six finalists and two substitutes through voting. Should a finalist quit the Competition, the substitute will take its place by ranking and participate in the subsequent conceptual design competition.

If the number of valid design teams is less than 8, the host will reorganize the registration and prequalification of the project.

Timetable (Tentative)


The first-place winner will receive RMB 5,700,000 yuan, including a design cost of RMB 2,300,000 yuan and design detailing fee of RMB 3,400,000 yuan. The design detailing must integrate and develop design submissions of the Competition into official design proposal as per the expert’s evaluation comments and the Host’s requirements, which does not include design development and construction drawing design. The design detailing submissions shall be detailed up to the schematic level and pass the review and evaluation of the Expert Evaluation Committee set up by the Host.

The second-/third-place winner will each be paid a stipend of RMB 900,000 yuan.

Design teams ranking the fourth, fifth and sixth places will each receive a stipend of RMB 700,000 yuan.

*The above design costs, stipends and design detailing fee are tax inclusive.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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