Case Study: Chabad of Lakeview Captures beauty with 3D Renderings

Case Study: Chabad of Lakeview Captures beauty with 3D Renderings

3D rendering, regardless of what type of project you’re working on, is unavoidable being used in making the design real and attractive, is the key to unlocking your design’s true potential. There are many possibilities in architecture by using the powerful computer-driven 3d rendering technique. There are many merits rooted deeply in 3D renderings, like turning architectural plans into virtual images, easily making changes in the 3d model, and providing top-class 3d rendering to stun potential clients. This is quite a long list. What benefits you can get from 3d rendering is more than ever you can imagine. Modern designers armed with beautiful rendering that can help them to break the boundaries of limitation in design.

In the world of design, no matter it’s the new proposed building or a home renovation, it’s important to represent the design before actually building it. Not only does the 3d rendering enable you to control and adjust the design but also convince the clients that you are capable of making their property becomes more beautiful. In early summer this year, AIMIR has made a few renderings for Chabad of Lakeview, as it’s undergoing a renovation. Now, let see how the future Chabad of Lakeview will be and learn how AIMIR created this photorealistic 3D visualization step by step.

Project Details:

Project name: Chabad of Lakeview

Production: August, 2020

Project location: Chicago, United States

Chabad of Lakeview is a vibrant Jewish center located in the heart of Chicago’s beautiful Lakeview neighborhood. Chabad of Lakeview is dedicated to providing every Jew regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life. This is a place where offers Friday night dinners and services, adult education offerings, kids learning experience, and participate in holiday celebrations. As the Chabad of Lakeview has served the community for many years, there are some of the places that need to renovated and refurbished.

The Main Design Concept

Front Façade, Shul (Jewish Sanctuary), Social Hall, Preschool Classroom, Aerial View, there are totally 5 views for this project. As the Shul and aerial view is in the design process, we are working on the other renderings simultaneously to save time. Our client sent the detailed information with references and monitored the whole creating process from start to finish. Thanks to the well-prepared information, we can have a clear picture of the design and working on the 3D renderings smoothly and swimmingly.

The Working Process

1# Create 3D model draft for angle and model checking

2# Add texture and entourage to the rendering, filling the scenes

3# Material or texture changing, adding 3D objects to increase realness

The Result

After several rounds back and forth, the renderings are finally ready. The owners were very impressed by the renderings that were effectively portrayed in the CG visuals.

It’s been a sheer pleasure working with such talented designer and truly satisfied with the results as well as the positive feedback. There’s no doubt that without his highly cooperative spirit and professionalism, we can’t have this successful cooperation.

3D architectural visualization is the stepping stone to create visually appealing images for architectural design. The exceptional interior rendering brings your design to a new height, broaden your horizon with many creativities. However, making a beautiful rendering requires a special blend of talent and education. Luckily, AIMIR is a professional CG company for you. If you need 3D rendering service, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to air your design.

Pros and Cons: How AIMIR Outclass the In-House CG Team?

Pros and Cons: How AIMIR Outclass the In-House CG Team?

A year and a half ago, AIMIR published a blog discussing both merits and disadvantages between freelancers and 3D rendering company. Since the subjects are changed from what’s themed then, this article would be analyzing the Pros and Cons between the in-house team and outsourced CG companies. Hopefully, you can conclude with the best choice for your own company.

AIMIR itself has established a public image as a professional CG company and service supplier and has successfully served a great number of clients who also internally own their in-house visualizers and technical team. Years of experience working with them has rendered us aware of something much deeper. Basically, we’ve come to the conclusion that general situations that drive people to outsource projects can be listed as: the small scale of the in-house team, lack of available professionals, limitations in streamlining the working process, and poor project management. The worse part could be the ever-changing recruited visualizers, who may differ tremendously incompetence and therefore, trigger quality fluctuation.

Judging from the above, AIMIR as a professional 3D rendering company, becomes a better alternative and the merits are self-evident. To break it down:

First and foremost, CG companies have developed their own managing system which narrates a clear division of work between team members, who are also closely linked by active communication. Apart from such a working environment, AIMIR has also benefited from its well-tuned working process and methodology that underpin a fine production for every project. To guarantee smooth production, there is at least one project manager, one 3D artist, and one modelist who would be involved in every assigned project.

Secondly, well-established CG companies have stood the test of various projects. This has prepared them with valuable insight into understanding the true needs of the client and resolving issues that emerge during the production. Below is a diagram showcasing AIMIR’s quality control system that’s strictly followed, which greatly secure the quality before sending over the final renderings.

Thirdly, general services and production are of high efficiency. 3D rendering company will provide adaptive solutions such as by doubling manpower or adjusting the schedule flexibly when dealing with urgent projects as well as other issues. To keep the project running 24/7 to make sure 100% on-time delivery. Here is an article that serves as strong evidence to support the efficient workflow inside AIMIR. How AIMIR secures 100% on-time delivery?

Fourthly, outsourcing becomes a must sometimes. Almost 95% of the in-house teams of architectural or design company can’t finish the job when their clients ask for a video walkthrough presentation.  Forest Island Animation, one of AIMIR’s individually accomplished projects, successfully wins over our clients’ hearts.

Fifthly, in-house team may be overpaying redundant personnel considering the unsteady project influx. In this case, outsourcing is an effective way to save such cost.

It seems however, CG companies have completely outshone the in-house team. Is there any way that the latter could turn the tide? Well in some aspects, in-house team do boost obvious advantages, if we consider them from the client standpoint:

  • No time difference; Simultaneous synchronization
  • Internal real-time/face-to-face communication
  • No extra charge for capricious modification
  • Lower cost in paying personnel when the project influx is steady and saturated

What’s covered above is a general analysis of the Pros and Cons between outsourcing and insourcing. Overall speaking, merits and downsides are interconvertible in a specific context. The core mindset is: Weigh the benefits and cost and Choose wisely.

AMIR wish that all clients can witness the smooth progress of their projects, and be captured by the beauty of 3D architectural visualization. If you are looking for a professional CG company, please feel free to contact us a line anytime.

3D RENDERING: How AIMIR Gives A New Life to the H+C Office Building

3D RENDERING: How AIMIR Gives A New Life to the H+C Office Building

3D architectural visualization offers plenty of opportunities and feasibility to people on a global scale. Since it first started in the 70s and develop in a few decades, now this fastest-changing 3D technology is virtually everywhere around us before we could ever notice. It enables us to preview the latest iphone12 before we actually have it in hand, we can enjoy the lifelike 3D movie of Justice League and not to mention that it’s possible for us to view the future building prior to full construction. So many advantages can be brought by 3D architectural visualization, no matter for entertainment or for work. Today, we will walk you through how 3D architectural visualization help to breathe life into the H+C office building that we were privileged to work on.

Compare with the physical model, the 3D model, a presentation in three-dimensional, is both time-saving and cost-effective. When one trying to convey a beautiful and practical design into realistic which requires a lot of effort and creativity, in the world of CG, it can be handled easily. There is a variety of data that can be imported into the computer to produce a model with color, texture, and terrain, etc… Besides, you could either transform parts from reality to 3D model or choose the item from the library making the design as detail as possible. Based on that premise, professional CG artists create 3D renderings that reach that level of precision and eye-catching. H+C project is one of the examples that firmly support the point that 3D architectural visualization a good helper to design.

Now come with us to see how AIMIR make this project come alive.

Project Information

Project Name: H+C Office Building

Production Time: February, 2020

Project Site: Hollywood Blvd & Cahuenga Blvd

VIEWS 1 – at 150ft above street level

VIEWS 2 – street level view of site

The Rendering Process

In the beginning, we asked to render two images on semi-aerial view and street view, after we sent the first round of the post-work draft, there were only three major changes. Other than that, our clients were very happy with the renderings.

The main design concepts of H+C Office Building

  1. Curtain wall system
  2. Soffit schemes
  3. Opacity pattern

The Rendering views:

The Post-work

First design stage – The edged corner on the top floors

Second design stage – Client changed the corner to be round and less edged on the top floors

Third design stage – Extra 3 floors added in the top floors to make it appear more grandeur and to rotate the semi-aerial view so that there are more surface can be seen in the rendering

The H+C office building was in the designing stage when it using our rendering service, after sending the final images. Our clients were surprisingly impressed by the final effect and asked for additional renderings to separately show different scenes of the building. There were three new views for the project and a small revision on the billboard of the previous two images.

The Result

After the work on lighting, material, entourage, and decor was done, these photorealistic renderings have successfully outlined the pictures of this future project and gave a realistic and clear vision of how it will be when finishing in the upcoming days.

What Client Said

Dear Aimir team,

Thank you for your follow up, the presentation went well and everyone was satisfied with the renderings.

I have to admit that we were impressed with the quality, speed and professional work done by AIMIR even though we were expecting it.

As for the survey, it is my pleasure to participate and I will.

Thank you again and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Feedback from the clients’ satisfaction survey

AIMIR CREATIVE DIGITAL is a professional and relay-able company that you can depend on, especially if you need quick and quality rendering works.

It’s still really exciting to receive such kind of good response even though we have collaborated with each other for many years. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing project. No matter what size of the project, new clients or returning clients, AIMIR always put our clients and projects at the first place and devote ourselves to adapt to various requirements, providing creative solutions and deliver photo-realistic 3D renderings to meet our clients’ needs.

The story of the H+C office building project ends but there are many new opportunities waiting for us to explore. We are looking forward to seeing more and more gorgeous architecture design. If you’re interested in our architectural visualization service, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to tell a unique story of yours.

AIMIR’s Pricing Insight: The Factors that are Important for Rendering

AIMIR’s Pricing Insight: The Factors that are Important for Rendering

Indisputably, architectural visualization is the best asset for designers that help them to expand most opportunities. Although it’s seen as the most helpful tool by the professional, there is a major obstacle that lies ahead in the way to actually use it. It occurs to many people that 3d architectural visualization as helpful as it’s, but it’s not a cheap service. Doubt, distrust, and uncertainty arise when a given price sounds unreasonable. Countless opportunities perish when the clients thought of a company way too demanding, or fail to be a cost-effective choice as service suppliers, which applies to the most situations around the globe. Even when they get approved, there’s one party will lose. The way we at AIMIR look at it, it’s a story of two unmatched notches glued by depressing compromises.

3D rendering price varies with the scales and amounts, but pricing remains just the same when we get down to the essence. Here in this article, systematic pricing of AIMIR CG will be showcased to the knowledge of those who seek transparent cooperation as well as a reliable relationship with a CG supplier.


AIMIR has always been discreet on pricing and developed a system which is transparent and fair in principle, no fraud or hidden charges included. A set price range will always be presented at the moment receiving the project information. But remember, the price for a specific project is subject to the workloads that’s calculated from its level of difficulty. Sheer comparison between different prices won’t work for AIMIR, sheer attempt to increase influx of projects with low prices either.


If the clients accept the rough price that we offered at the beginning, a comprehensive evaluation of the following aspects will then be carried out to make a proper and official proposal:

  1. View angle: to understand the design scope of work, we have to confirm the view first. The scope presented is part of our consideration of the workload.
  2. Completeness of design: design of high completeness means more complete and clear information of the project is available, which needless back and forth in the entire 3D production process. Things are likely to go untoward when the project is still conceptual or in the early or middle design stage, as it may need corrections on models and details. The latter counts way more amount of work instead of the former.
  3. Project information: Going over all the information is the major step taken to review the workloads. They usually include CAD files, sketches and models. Remember, if only sketches are what you have, or if you require photo composition for the context, the workload will be heavier than modeling from CAD drawings. The more complete and detailed information you can provide, the less workload it is.
  4. Design: irregular architecture has more workloads than the regular ones, the same as complex to single buildings, high-rise to low or middle-level buildings. This also applies when comparing typical European designs with modern simple style, as well as public buildings with residential.
  5. Customization: to fulfill requests of customization for furniture or finishes like carves pattern, modeling surrounding context according to the Google Map, bespoke entourage and 3D characters(animation), high accuracy of plant species, and positions in landscape design, those are the key factors that would increase the workload.
  6. Quality Criteria: similar to customization. Different levels of requests on details, scenes and general moods differ from one another.
  7. Purpose/direction/application: normally, marketing rendering requires higher quality, which takes longer production time than those for presentation or reporting.

Each proposal has been carefully evaluated and exclusively for your project based on different individual requirements and the information you provided. Prior to production or in the middle of the production, we will inform clients in advance of any possible extra fee.

Payment Terms

  1. New Client is requested to pay a 50% deposit in advance, and then the balance before the final delivery.
  2. For regular clients with a tight schedule, production can be initiated shortly and full payment could be made within one week or soon after the delivery. In this way, the project can be better arranged, whether it’s for the design or timeline.
  3. For Regular clients with a set great number of projects assigned to AIMIR, production starts immediately, and the full payment could be made on a monthly basis, which can free them from unnecessary piles of transfer fee and time.
  4. If the clients could not give feedback in a timely manner or put the projects on hold after we finished the rendering drafts, and if the project stagnates (from the beginning to where it stops) over 2 months, the full payment must be arranged before any further progress.


AIMIR embraces a discount system as below:

  1. 10%~40% discount for clients who can provide models that can meet our standard without further convert it into the rendering software we used.
  2. 5% discount for projects with more than 5 images required.
  3. 8% for an animation project that exceeds 3 minutes.
  4. For projects that request a change of designs based on the finished image that AIMIR made, the new image with the new design will have a 20%~40% discount, given that the view and mood remain the same. (20% discount for irregular or excessively complicated design).
  5. The new image that requests only a change of mood basing on the finished image AIMIR made will have a 20%~40% discount. (20% discount for special moods such as snow and rain).

Extra Fee for changes

AIMIR has listed all the information in these two articles and elaborate the potential possibilities that will lead to extra fee for your reference.

This link covers special situations when the clients are charged with extra fee.

This link covers a general interpretation of the cost for changes and corrections.

A photorealistic 3D rendering consists of many elements. It’s exactly the time and effort put into the creation that makes your design lifelike. Given the workload and creativity involved in the rendering process, the price inside AIMIR is relatively fair and considerable. We here at AIMIR constantly deliver high-end 3D rendering service to various sizes at a crystal clear price. If you have any projects, freely contact us to discuss more opportunities.

3D Lumion Animation: A Photorealistic animation of Children Hospice

3D Lumion Animation: A Photorealistic animation of Children Hospice

How to make an architecture project presentation impressive? What can we do to attract potential clients when pitching an architecture project? It’s not easy to convince your owner when there are only rough sketches and schematic drawings. Luckily, modern technology brings more possibilities. As for architecture, 3D architectural visualization is a mainstay that actively alters the way we design and present. Want to know how? Keep reading.

In the field of the CG industry, there are many 3D rendering software available for different requirements. Some are for new beginners, and some are for advanced users. But regardless of what stage you’re in, it’s easy to find software that can bring your design alive.  Today, Lumion is a fast and helpful 3D rendering software attracting professionals and architecture firms from all over the world. It’s a user-friendly tool that allows you to render in the most realistic ways without restrictions. Its beautiful and photoreal effect contributes a lot to convincing clients and makes the cooperation move forward in a positive way.

There are countless advantages to Lumion. I think it is more persuasive if you can see the real product made by Lumion. Here is a 3D Lumion animation of the Children Hospice project that AIMIR team made in 2019, which is for terminally ill children and their families.

When our clients first reach to us, he doesn’t have a clear view of using which software. After sorting out the files, which is saved Lumion pro9.5, we suggest he using the Lumion animation for its convenience but also photorealistic quality. Once clients approve the project, we quickly agreed on the feel that this 3D animation should be bright, cozy, colorful, and joyful, giving a feeling of happiness, and the cameras should move at a slow pace.

The whole project is located in a quiet place, surrounded by lush landscape. Access to the interior, the starry sky element is installed in the ceiling throughout each of the spaces, entrance, separate lounge, and dining areas, which echo the transitional nature of life, serving as a reminder of the magic of the twinkling heavens. The colorful wall coverings and paintings are widely used inside, building a joyful and fun environment for children. When we step inside the patient room, it’s continuing the colorful decoration, which is spacious and comfortable. There are many beautiful flowers planting in the garden and the large sliding window allows ample sunshine to get into the room. It’s nice and pain-relief when you have encompassed so many lovely things, which is like a paradise for the sickness.

Please enjoy the key frames bellow:

When we putting so much effort into the animation, background music is also an important part, which will immerse the audiences in the stunning frames. However, at first, the client did not want any sounds because it will be part of a bigger marketing video and there might be a narrator’s voice. After the discussion, the client finally determined to add background music. Here is the final animation of this project, please enjoy it.

Creating a compelling and informative 3D animation is no longer a big problem for architects with the help of the advent of CGI software. It has become much easier and the effect is growing. We can create realistic lumion animation of property, showing exterior and interior with any atmosphere and in any setting or background. AIMIR has created many photorealistic 3D animations, if you want to tell your story in an immersive and convincing way, please feel free to contact us.

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