Celebrating 16 Years of Visualizing the Future – AIMIR’s 16th Anniversary

Celebrating 16 Years of Visualizing the Future – AIMIR’s 16th Anniversary

AIMIR is pleased to be celebrating our 16th anniversary in July, a credit to our talented, dedicated team and the continued support of our clients and partners. Thank you for inspiring us to do better over the years. Our excellence is because you made it happen. While the years have brought varied events, AIMIR continues to focus on our mission while learning and adapting along the way.

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16 years have passed in a moment. In the 16 years, we’ve witnessed countless peers jumping out of this industry, while AIMIR is still here to do our bit with the world’s architectural visualization. We embrace this lifelong career with growth mindset and long-termism. We are proud that AIMIR now has developed a solid team of 50 from the beginning team of 5 back in 2006. Until June 2021, AIMIR has delivered 7,653 projects for 531 clients to 25 countries around the globe. Sixteen years in the field has blessed AIMIR with unique insights as to how to maximize the values created for our clients. As a specialist, we have developed a unique and professional working system, with Pricing, Delivery, Service, Workflow, and Quality Control systems, persisting in guarding our clients and partners throughout our service.

We always care about our employees. In AIMIR, we have cultured a supportive, encouraging and enduring friendship among team players. Over the past 16 years, our hardworking family have given AIMIR the most precious youth, taking AIMIR from an unnamed grass to a world-reliable professional, becoming a key player in the architectural visualization industry in the world.

We look forward to another wonderful year – a time to build and strengthen forged relationships even further; a time to keep learning and developing further in architectural visualization world; a time to accelerate our route to be China’s most reliable CGI brand trusted by architects and designers around the globe; a time to share our value to the world – be dedicated, be flexible, and keep growing.

We thank you for being part of our journey and welcome the continued partnership over the years to come.

How Does Residential Interior Rendering Translate your Residential Design Idea

How Does Residential Interior Rendering Translate your Residential Design Idea

Interior designers translate each client’s objective into a physical space, from the great picture down to the finest details. And interior rendering service is an effective instrument. It helps designers convey their concepts and win project presentation. The interior CGI visualizes the digital numbers and physical furniture together into a picture. It’s easy to read. So, it’s an essential tool when designers have a meeting with their client.

Interior designers assist clients to choose the furniture they like. They advise which color and fabric are the best for the room. They palace the sculpture into the right place. And other details and aspects clients care about. Then 3D artists should visualize the plan.

A great rendering storyteller should enhance these three points. 3D residential interior rendering should show custom furniture clearly, show each space’s objective and the residential vibe. Let’s see how 3D residential interior rendering translate these three points to visualization.


3D Residential Interior Rendering Shows the Customized Furniture Clearly


A great interior rendering will reflect how different people live. Clients require unique furniture, sculptures, fabric, and customized color when they concept their own home. Designers select furniture from stores and even created furniture based on clients’ specific requirements. In addition to visualize the custom furniture and fitting, the solid modeling technical ability is very important. AIMIR’s 3D artists model the customized items based on SketchUp file, CAD file, or even design drafts or sketches. It can save client’s and designer’s time because they are involved in the production process. All details can be seen crystal clearly. Also, we could provide different color versions for deciding which one is best.

3D rendering using different floor plans.

Some details of AIMIR’s custom furniture and sculptures.


Residential interior design is not only furniture customization but speaks to a consumer’s needs and emotions. Designers are not only required to provide furniture customization, but also to meet client’s function requirement. And how to translate the function requirement?


With Residential Interior Rendering, the Clients Will See How Space Is Used


Creating a residence is about creating a sense of place by responding and relating to its unique context. The residence is customized for the family’s daily lifestyle, moods, and interests. Interior designers create the room based on clients’ different objective. After design, 3D artists find the best version to visualize the scene and every place.

So, which camera angle is the best to tell the relationship between the living room and hallway? How to show the space and make it look wonderful and cozy? How to highlight the prominent of design feature? AIMIR’s 3D artists ask themselves frequently and try to find a talent solution. Check the below rendering to see how we show the space of a living room.

What is the most important point when you hold a project presentation with clients? The first impression is a decisive factor in winning the project – the vibe of the image. However, the details of the image are vital. The whole mood of the rendering is the key point. It requires 3D artists to have the excellent technical ability in the areas of modeling, shading, camera set-up, animation, lighting, and rendering of complex scenes. On top of these, a sense of aesthetic is a must. So how do AIMIR’s 3D artists create a talent emotional feeling?


3D Residential Interior Rendering Provides the Emotional Feeling

Interior designers need to come up with solutions in terms of lighting, color, texture, expression, and other details to achieve custom objective. 3D artists should convey the emotional feeling to the photorealistic interior.

Interior design rendering services help to showcase both the practical and aesthetic value of a design concept. Winter snow outside the windows, some really pop against night city views, and sunlight shines in the room. All the above rendering scenes service to create a proper mood for each room. A great residential interior rendering attaches clients wonder. Let them imagine what it is like living here with family and friends. A great rendering assists interior designers to sell their design.

The rendering vibe of each room obviously is different. 3D artists should select right light, overall tone and other details to meet client’s aesthetic orientation. Some clients use living room for friends’ meeting. 3D artists should bring the living room to light and spacious. Some other clients require living room for entertainment. So, artists should create casual space, do they?

So much for now. Those are three aspects of how residential interior rendering help with your design. If you require interior rendering services, please contact AIMIR CG. Our talented artists and professional project manager are here to bring your design to light.

Pre-announcement | Tender for Architectural Design of Shenzhen 28th Senior High School

Pre-announcement | Tender for Architectural Design of Shenzhen 28th Senior High School

Tender for Architectural Design of Shenzhen 28th Senior High School is about to start. The project is now open for pre-registration. Design teams from all over the world are welcome to pre-register. The official tender information will be released in the near future.


Project Overview

Shenzhen 28th Senior High School intends to build a full-time high school that integrates with the natural landscape and adapts to the development trend of future education. Considering the flexibility and efficiency of space, campus planning is supposed to follow the practical needs of high school education. It should establish friendly, open and interactive urban relations, promote the integration between campus culture and community environment, and actively explore the possibility of new campus in the post-epidemic era.


The site is located in Xinqiao Street in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The west of the site is a key urban renewal area called Xinqiao East. There is a pond of Lianfa quarry on the east and Huoshan Country Park on the south of the site. The design should fully respect the local context and make the best use of the advantages of the site to create an ecological campus.


The project is a boarding high school with a total scale of 72 classes and 3600 students. The total investment of the project is tentatively estimated at RMB 1040 million. The project is expected to start construction at the end of 2021 and be put into use in September 2023.


The total land area is 70030.81 square meters, including 69563.01 square meters for construction and 467.8 square meters for restricted construction. The total gross floor area is 130000 square meters (subject to the final approval from the Development and Reform Department).


Site Photos

Tender Scope

The tender scope of this project is all-phase design of all engineering construction within the site, including feasibility study report preparation, scheme design and optimization, design development, construction document, on-site construction cooperation, construction application assistance, as-built drawing preparation, project completion acceptance evaluation, etc.

The design of foundation pit supporting, slope treatment, lake filling and supporting of this project will be separately tendered.


Tender Process

The project adopts the method of “open bidding”, which includes 3 stages: pre-qualification, design competition and final evaluation. Honorarium is set for the bidders that are pre-qualified but fail to win the bid.

In the pre-qualification stage, applicant is required to provide company qualification and conceptual design scheme. The tenderee will organize a qualification committee to evaluate the qualifications of company and project leader. The conceptual design schemes that are qualified in the qualification evaluation of the company and project leader will be selected by close-bid format. 7 qualified bidders will be selected to enter design competition stage.


Design Fee

The tender fee is tentatively set at RMB 24.5413 million, including the feasibility study report preparation fee of RMB 798500 and the tentative basic design fee of RMB 23.7428 million.

Honorarium is set as below:


Application Requirements

  1. Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.
  2. Qualification requirements: Applicants must be class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering). Consortium is permitted. One consortium shall include no more than 2 members. Leading member must be class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering). The consortium member is not required to have any qualifications, but can only carry out the creative scheme design.
  3. Qualification requirements of project leader: Project leader is required to be Grade One registered architect in China. For consortium, project leader must be staff from the leading member.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you need more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

Open Tendering for Architectural Scheme and Design Development of Meiguan Innovative Industry Plot Project

Open Tendering for Architectural Scheme and Design Development of Meiguan Innovative Industry Plot Project

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project location: Fucheng Sub-district and Guanlan Sub-district of Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Meiguan Innovative Industry Corridor, Plot 01 (plot 05-01 of statutory plan), Plot 02 (plot 05-02 of statutory plan) and Plot 03 (plot 05-05 of statutory plan) of Fucheng Guanlan reserved industrial land project.
  3. Tendering scope and content

The content of this tendering is the necessary complete design and management work during the design, construction application and tendering at the scheme and design development stage of Plot 01 (plot 05-01 of statutory plan), Plot 02 (plot 05-02 of statutory plan) and Plot 03 (plot 05-05 of statutory plan) of Fucheng Guanlan industrial land development overall interest coordination project of Meiguan Innovative Industry Corridor, including but not limited to architectural scheme and design development, landscape scheme and design development, fine decoration scheme and design development of indoor public area based on the planning conditions, and such consulting services as construction drawing design cooperation and construction cooperation for this project.

  1. Project Introduction Meeting

The Tenderee plans to hold the project tendering introduction meeting at 14:00-16:00 dated June 18, 2021. The interested design agencies at home and abroad are welcome to apply for attendance. During the meeting, the Tenderee will introduce the project information, design requirements, agenda, etc. The combination of online + offline will be adopted for this introduction meeting, and you can also view via living streaming platform. During the pandemic, agencies from other places are encouraged to attend online, while the local agencies can participate offline against green code of Yue Kang Ma (Guangdong Health Code) (each agency can send one representative). Application of individuals or group of individuals is not accepted.

  1. Venue: Terrace meeting room at 4/F, China Merchants Bank Branch Building, 2016 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen City (west side of Exit 31 of Futian Metro Station)
  2. Agenda

III. Project Details

  1. Project location: Fucheng Sub-district and Guanlan Sub-district of Longhua District, Shenzhen City
  2. Brief introduction to the project

As the first land development overall interest coordination project of Longhua District, Meiguan Innovative Industry Plot Project (Plots 01, 02 and 03) has a total land area of about 102,400m2. The project is located at the core zone at the northeast segment of Jiulongshan Intelligent Technology City, one of the 18 municipal-level key areas of Shenzhen, being an important engine to push forward the development of Jiulongshan Intelligent Technology City. The project plans to fully integrate the diverse programs of residence, office, industry and retail, construct the community public supporting services at high standard, build the diverse urban comprehensive service cluster, develop the smart residential community, shape the regional landmark, create the benchmark project for city industry integration, and become the role model for land development overall interest coordination projects of Shenzhen City.

The project is divided into three adjacent plots. The planned construction land for Plot 01 is commercial + class 2 residence, with land coverage of about 32,700m2, the planned GFA included into FAR calculation is 243,800m2, including 117,000m2 residential buildings, 122,700m2 commercial and office buildings, and 4,100m2 public supporting area. The planned construction land for Plot 02 is class 2 residence, with land coverage of about 36,200m2, the planned GFA included into FAR calculation is 211,400m2, including 197,800m2 residential buildings, 1,500m2 commercial area, and 12,100m2 public supporting area. The planned construction land for Plot 03 is general industry, with land coverage of about 33,500m2, the planned GFA included into FAR calculation is 205,000m2, including 143,500m2 plant buildings, 61,100m2 dormitory area, and 440m2 public supporting area. (The project planning indicators are subject to the final approval from the government authorities)

IVShenzhen Talents Housing Group

Shenzhen Talents Housing Group started its official operation on October 9, 2016, with registered capital of RMB100 billion. As the platform for the municipal party committee and government to ensure the talents housing and working in peace and happiness, it is specialized in public housing investment construction and lease operation management. Since its establishment, the Group always sticks to its mission of constructing more buildings quickly and properly with good management, having completed the task of public housing preparation and construction beyond the target for many consecutive years.

As of now, there are 60 public housing projects already started and under construction, with GFA of about 9 million square meters; there are about 131,000 public apartments prepared and constructed accumulatively, supplying about 46,000 apartments, serving over 4000 various enterprises accumulatively, benefiting 100,000 talents and their families, and fully playing its leading role in public housing preparation and construction.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you need more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

Making of Summer House in Los Angeles, California:Beautiful Photorealistic Renderings for Home

Making of Summer House in Los Angeles, California:Beautiful Photorealistic Renderings for Home

Photorealistic renderings are essential to interior designers and architects. Because rendering is the best way for them to showcase the expected result of their work in advance. As the most powerful tool, designers can use them to win clients’ approval for their ideas. Today, AIMIR is proud to share the Summer House Project. It has helped our wonderful client X Studio to gain their client’s heart.

X Studio is an amazing studio who delivers wonderful interior designs to the world for private projects. AIMIR has been working with X Studio for a long time, we has created 3D renderings and animations for a wide range of projects. The Summer House is a challenging project for AIMIR, because the client asked for many custom furniture, and a very strict sense of the atmosphere. On top of these, it had an urgent deadline. Please follow us to enjoy this warm and welcoming home.


The Summer House in Los Angeles, California

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We’ve got an email about the starting of this project in April. Robert, the interior designer from X Studio, asked if we could make the deadline of 14 days. Therefore, we immediately had an internal meeting about it. Like in every collaboration with X Studio, they sent all documents and files. Because they are crystal clear about AIMIR’s working process. Also, we had a Zoom meeting. They have conveyed their ideas of this design during the meeting. The project got started.


Detailed References

The satisfying result relies on detailed references provided by X Studio. Thanks to our long-term cooperation, Robert knows the importance of reference for this interior project. Our 3D artists strictly followed the texture references received, recreating every object from the references in 3Dx Max with 100% accuracy.

For this special and unique home, the designer hoped to have many custom elements. These elements and furniture were designed specifically for this home only. In order to meet this request, our CG specialists created all 3D models from scratch for this scene.


Setting View Angles

In order to show different areas of this home in the renderings, AIMIR’s 3D artists adjusted the angles of the camera to find the best presentation of the space. We’ve suggested several camera angles. Luckily, Robert took them all.

In the bedroom, Robert wanted to focus on the texture, which can showcase the coziness and comfort of this space. Our 3D artists found the sofa and the bed as the key objects. Robert was excited with suggested angles. He believes these are great translators of his ideas.

For this angle above, the bedside lamp is in the middle of the view, along which the viewer will find a comfortable bed on the right side and a modern walk-in closet on the left side. When the lamp becomes the main lighting of this image, the natural light from the left side makes the whole image more lifelike and photorealistic with the shadow of the lamp on the wall.

Another good example of camera angle selection is this view above. Zooming out and viewing from a corner of the bedroom, this angle gives a general view of the whole space. With the viewpoint set from the corner sofa, it is easy to imagine yourself sitting on it, feeling comfortable in this cozy space.


Final Delivery in High Resolution

With the right camera angles selected, proper texture attached, and required furniture and décor modelled, we’ve come to the last stage – the rendering stage. The rendering process will convert the finished scene into photorealist images. So that designers and architects are able to use them for presentation, marketing, advertising and other activities to be a translator of their ideas and designs.

We delivered the final images after the rendering process, with full HD resolution as the client requested. It only took 14 days to complete this fantastic project.

This is a great example of the standard working procedure of AIMIR’s cooperation with clients. X Studio contributed a lot in this project, as well as AIMIR team. Everything we did – meetings, exchange of files at hand, providing details – is to make the process easier. We are honored to quote Robert’s comment for this project: “It’s always nice working with professional people like you guys. Thank you very much for your suggestions, especially on the view angles and texture matching. Great workflow, quick delivery. Will definitely work with you again.”

Want to get photorealistic renderings for your home or other projects? Use 3D rendering services of AIMIR CG and get top-notch visualization for your exciting project! Contact us now at info@aimircg.com


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