AIMIR’s Best 10 Architectural Visualization Projects of 2021

AIMIR’s Best 10 Architectural Visualization Projects of 2021

The holiday season is coming to a close, so attention is shifting to year-end review season. 2021 has brought us some incredible projects. You may have had some really good projects to share, but you never know what’s AIMIR is bringing for you.

In 2021, AIMIR continued to provide high-end 3D architectural visualization works for the world. Some of the projects still remain confidential, but some are popular and loved by many architects and designers on our website and social media platforms.

So, here you are, dear audience, 10 architectural visualization projects to kick off the New Year. Don’t miss the bonus project in the end!


#10. Community Development, La Caña, Dominican Republic


Facing the Caribbean Sea, this community is part of Bahia Principe’s new master plan for the locals. It is inspired by famous coastal architecture such as Alys Beach, Mediterranean cities, and traditional-American residential design.

AIMIR created both 3D rendering and animation for this beautiful community, which pictured a unique but familiar setting for new residents along this beach-side development.

Find out more about Community Development in Dominican Republic >

Community Design (1)
Community Design (2)
Community Design (3)
Community Design (4)
Community Design (5)
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#9. Non-commissioned work: KCP Apartment, Japan


At AIMIR, we look at non-commissioned work as opportunities to get our team’s creativity fly high when we take good care of regular projects. KCP Apartment in Japan is a project from 2020. We have created two non-commissioned renderings under the consent of its architect.

If you want to share your 3D model with AIMIR and see your architecture in our inspiration and creativity, please let us know at

KCP Apartment
KCP Apartment (2)
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#8. One Monument Plaza, Troy, New York, USA


This new mixed-use apartment in front of Monument Square on River Street in Troy, New York is on board for construction soon. This is a beautiful complex in the center of Troy, along Huston River, to bring a new landscape to the city.

As a major piece of a presentation to the public, 6 renderings were created by AIMIR to make it appealing and persuasive.

Find out more about One Monument Plaza >

9- 01
9- 02
9- 03
9- 04
9- 05
9- 06
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#7. Summer House, Los Angeles, USA


A private project of a luxury apartment in LA. The brown tones and natural materials bring soothing warmth to this moodily lit interior. The tonal combination creates a look of comfortable, modern, and utmost sophistication. It’s all about consistency and harmony.

The Summer House is a challenging project for AIMIR, because the client asked for custom furniture, as well as a very strict sense of the atmosphere. On top of these, it hadan urgent deadline of 14 days.

Find out more about Summer House >

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#6. Naladhu Island Ocean House, Maldives


A beautiful private island in Maldives with only 20 private vacation houses. The resort was undergoing a total redesign & reopened in November 2021. These 3D renderings are used on their website, pamphlets, and social media for marketing.

Realistic exterior and interior views are created for this resort, all based on the site photos.

Find out more about Naladhu Island Ocean House >

210424-Maldives (1)
210424-Maldives (2)
210424-Maldives (3)
210424-Maldives (4)
210424-Maldives (5)
210424-Maldives (7)
210424-Maldives (8)
210424-Maldives (9)
210424-Maldives (10)
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#5. Sphere on Sunset, Los Angeles, USA


A giant glass sphere floating on the street in Los Angeles. AIMIR’s 3D renderings helped won the Innovation & Technology in the Built Environment prize in Los Angeles Business Council aka LABC’s 51st Annual Architectural Awards

This public space provides a platform for people to occupy and interact with. The whole sphere is a LCD screen, creating potential for advertisement.

Find out more about Sphere on Sunset >

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#4. Vineyard Hills RV Resort, Texas, USA


A luxury RV resort in Fredericksburg, Texas. This area developed over many years in a unique German Hill Country style based on stone building material. The purpose for this project is to show the design protects and enhances the experience of unique Hill Country character.

This RV resort is under renovation now and will be open to the public in late 2022. AIMIR has created 3D renderings and a 40-second animation to demonstrate the resort.

Find out more about Vineyard Hills RV Resort >

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#3. Wilshire Courtyard, Los Angeles, USA


Wilshire Courtyard project is a redevelopment of an existing office complex in Los Angeles and transforming the underutilized site into a new mix-used destination on LA’s highly desirable Miracle Mile.

AIMIR created three story-telling 3D renderings to help the architects get approval of Los Angeles’ City Council.

Find out more about Wilshire Courtyard >

architectural-visualization-3d-rendering-services-exterior-cgi-wilshire-courtyard (1)
architectural-visualization-3d-rendering-services-exterior-cgi-wilshire-courtyard (2)
architectural-visualization-3d-rendering-services-exterior-cgi-wilshire-courtyard (3)
architectural-visualization-3d-rendering-services-exterior-cgi-wilshire-courtyard (4)
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#2. Second & Peabody Project, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


This stunning project is a reimagined plan for Second & Peabody mixed-use development which consists of three towers, featuring various function such as hotel, commercial, parking, and residential. Three towers form a “KITE” shape to open up the views in the center of the city.

Read on the article and learn how AIMIR complete this 3D rendering & animation project in 10 days, and how the works in turn highlight the presentation!

Find out more about Second & Peabody >

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#1. Riverside Wharf, Miami, USA


Keeping up with the rapid development in Miami, the Riverside Wharf, located on the river near downtown Miami, will be a hospitality-driven entertainment complex and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025.

AIMIR is excited to bring to fruition the dream and vision Miami has had for its waterfront entertainment district by creating this unbuilt Riverside Wharf photorealistic renderings. This project is divided into three phases, which were in May, September and November 2021 respectively.

Find out more about Riverside Wharf >

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*Bonus: Unicorn Island, Chengdu, China


Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Unicorn Island in Chengdu is a mixed-use masterplan for over 70,000 researchers, office users, residents and visitors. It includes a Start-up Center, Future Fortress, Turbine Park, and other spaces.

AIMIR was super thrilled to create the interior for the Start-up Center, a convention & exhibition place in 2018. We added this project to this year’s Top10 review is because ZHA just granted to publish these fantastic renderings not long before in 2021.

181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (5)
181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (6)
181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (2)
181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (4)
181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (1)
181217-扎哈成都独角兽 (3)
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Those wrap up our list of the top 10 best 3D rendering and animation projects for your inspiration and viewing pleasure in 2021. As a professional architectural visualization consultant, we will seek more amazing ways to be a story-teller of your design.

Again, Happy New Year to all of our partners, clients and audience. We wish you a healthy and wealthy 2022!

Going Into Detail of 3D Renderings for World-Class Riverside Wharf Project in Miami: Case Study

Going Into Detail of 3D Renderings for World-Class Riverside Wharf Project in Miami: Case Study

Keeping up with the rapid development in Miami, the Riverside Wharf, located on the river near downtown Miami, will be a hospitality-driven entertainment complex and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025. It will be the home of the Dream Hotel, a 165-room luxury hotel and the first one along the Miami River.

Eleazar, Design Coordinator from C* Architects, talked with us about this exciting project in the middle of 2021. C* Architects is one of AIMIR’s partners, and has been working with us since 2018. They are in charge of this huge project. A series of 3D renderings were needed for reporting to the city. AIMIR is excited to bring to fruition the dream and vision Miami has had for its waterfront entertainment district by creating the photorealistic unbuilt Riverside Wharf renderings.

This project is divided into three phases, which were in May, September and November 2021 respectively. Please follow us to discover the complete story for making of Riverside Wharf, 3D renderings for a world-class mixed-use development in Miami.




As AIMIR’s partner, Eleazar is an expert in briefing. In May 2021, he directly shared a Dropbox link consisting of:

  • Architecture CAD drawings;
  • Landscape CAD drawings;
  • Hand sketch landscape plans of the two rooftops;
  • Architectural elevation drawings.

Ground level planting plan.

Ground level hardscape & lighting plan.


Phase One: Initial Design


Because the schedule was very tight (2 views in 5 days), we started production straightaway. With the materials at hand, we created these two renderings in 5 days, to meet Eleazar’s reporting date.

From model to rendering: 5 days


Phase Two: Modified Plan


The presentation went smoothly. However, the design was changed a months later, right after the previous images were created. AIMIR has a complete system on design change during production. Please read more on here: Four Typical Scenarios Concerning Extra Charge during the Rendering Process.

Previous model vs. Modified model.

On top of the revised model, additional three views were added. That added up to 5 camera angles in total:

Before we could move to rendering stage, Eleazer emailed us saying the model needed modification again to follow the city’s requirement. The project had to be suspended. The final model would be handed to us in a month or so. This left us no choice but to wait.

A huge mixed-use development can be a challenge to any architect, and C* Architects is not the exception. As a professional architectural visualization studio, AIMIR is fully aware of the nature of design. We completely coordinate with any possible situation.


Phase Three: Final Plan


In the beginning of November, the final model was received. This time, there was not much hesitation on the model. Thus, our 3D specialists focused on adding the renderings stories. Here, you can see the carefulness, discretion and patience when dealing with details that tell the story of the image.

Some comments.

C* Architects always have ultimate requirement on details. This project is no exception. Since there were loads of information to be shared, we selected a couple of them to present AIMIR’s craftsmanship on making details perfect.


Customized Logos and Signs

Signs was not an issue in the beginning. But after the project was officially named in the third phase, the signs and logos were needed to be at the right place. Various photos and files were provided for an accurate sign modeling and placement.

Materials from Eleazar for signs.

Some final results


The Umbrellas

After the final delivery, Eleazar realized a tiny detail on the umbrellas on the ground floor. Because we used red umbrellas for all outdoor seating. In order to make the scene more vivid, Eleazar came up with the idea of updating part of the umbrellas from red to blue and white stripped.

Our 3D artists immediately built the model for this umbrella and changed them straight away.

Customized model for blue and white stripped umbrellas.

Customized model for blue and white stripped umbrellas.


The Mood for a Particular Area

Since it is a project with hotels, clubs and commercial, the mood for the images would be quite mixed. Thus, consistency of the image is crucial.

A good 3D rendering is that you can zoom in anywhere and find it telling the story of that area.

Let’s enjoy the 3D renderings for this fantastic project in Miami now.

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The Final Delivery


We are glad to hear both the team and client were satisfied with the result and the reporting went completely smoothly. The project is projected to break ground in 2022 and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025.

Miami’s tourism and hospitality industry is evolving with this waterfront destination: the Miami River. AIMIR is so proud to be part of the journey, creating these story-telling 3D renderings. Read more in these articles:

Miami’s River District Is Expanding With a New Complex — Restaurants, Rooftop Day Club, and Luxury Hotel Included | Travel + Leisure (

Wharf Miami along Miami River will be transformed into Riverside Wharf with hotel, nightclub, eateries | Miami Herald

MV Real Estate Holdings And Driftwood Capital Announce Joint Venture On $185M Riverside Wharf Development In Downtown Miami – Florida YIMBY


How is the story of making Riverside Wharf Project? As a unique story teller, photorealistic 3D renderings surely bring your design to life. Talk with us for more information if you’re interested. Or simply contact us for consulting your next exciting project!


5 Benefits of Using 3D Architectural Visualization for your Home Remodeling Project

5 Benefits of Using 3D Architectural Visualization for your Home Remodeling Project

Whether you’re planning to tackle DIY remodeling projects, or you’re an architect or interior designer, you can’t deny the value of home renovation or remodeling. Among things you need to consider, such as how to communicate to a contractor and how to mitigate costs, you’ll need to pay great attention to how to translate your interest ideas into reality. 3D architectural visualization is here to help.

No matter it is an outdated house or old apartment, a place can be a real palace after some work. But the problem is there is always a hard time picturing your idea to the potential buyers. With the aid of 3D architectural visualization, this issue is solve immediately with a fast and cost-effective way.

Still can’t decide whether you should consider this tool? Read on and find 5 benefits of 3D architectural visualization for your home remodeling project.


1. Detailed Elaborate your Vision

Explaining the concept of your home remodeling in words or simple sketch plans can be challenging. In fact, it might be not enough to have a full set of floor plans and sketches. So why not try 3D architectural visualization? Nothing feels more satisfying than seeing your design brought to life.

Architectural visualization uses reliable software to map out every desired space in greater detail. From a tiny floor tile to a unique-designed lamp, 3D architectural visualization can always find a way to showcase the exterior and interior in the most photorealistic manner.

Beside, a well-placed lighting effect, proper people and other necessary stuff can add a more realistic visual result for the property. What’s more, an animation or virtual reality experience can guide the viewers a strong clarity of your vision.


2. Save Time and Money

This is for sure because you can see what your design would look like and don’t have to actually renovate or remodel the property. A home remodeling project may confront with unanticipated cost that exceed your budget. If you use 3D architectural visualization as a tool, you can try various plans until it fits your budget.

On the other hand, if there is any change of mind during construction, 3D architectural visualization is the best tool. You can see the result in visuals instead of change the design on construction site. Let’s take a chair as an example: you or your client may not happy with the material. The cost of making a couple of models with a range of materials is going to stack up the expenses quickly. By having a 3D visualization tool, you can go with any material and get the final effect in a cheap and cheerful price.


3. Creating Comprehensive 3D Floor Plans

With traditional way where 2D floor plans are used, it is not possible to get a comprehensive view of the interior space of a property. However, thanks to the advance in technology, 3D floor plans are available for extreme precise amount of space in every room and have the possible layout in advance.

Floor plans focus on layout and size instead of designs, which allows the viewers to start planning how the home will actually work for them. As a result, 3D floor plans are the best tool to show off a property in the best light.


4. Easy to Work with your Client’s Feedback

During a project, it is crucial to be on the same page for various parties. However, you may find it difficult to do so, especially when expressing requests and exchanging ideas.

In order to fully understand each other, no matter you’re a designer, a client, a house owner, or constructor, an easy-to-read realistic 3D architectural visualization will speak for itself. From exterior to interior, the visual will clearly demonstrate every corner of the home.

In this way, parties who are involved in this home remodeling project will have a thorough view of the vision. At the same time, any suggestions or requests will be more easily pointed out on the works.


5. Real-time Design to Get Approvals

3D architectural visualization makes it possible to share your working process with the audience. Real-time process of the design is visible through 3D renderings, animations or virtual reality. So, don’t hesitate to change or modify anything even during the construction.

In case of a project that has the probability to affect the neighborhood in any manner, it is vital to win approvals for the upcoming home remodeling project. Nevertheless, the photorealistic 3D visualization works probably is the best way to win their support.


How to Choose the Right 3D Architectural Visualization Studio?


As you can see the benefits of using 3D architectural visualization services for your home remodeling project, if you’re currently looking for a service provider, there are a couple of points needed to pay attention.

Make sure the check their portfolio first. Go to their website or any social media, see what types of services they’re providing, and the quality of their works. Normally, experienced and reliable companies have a professional portfolio, so consider asking for it.

The next is to get to know their working process, their turnaround time, and possible cost. All these information should be available on their website or upon request. AIMIR has summarized 10 Qualities Best ArchViz Studios Share here.



As you can see, these are the 5 main benefits 3D architectural visualization can bring to your home remodeling project. No matter who you are, 3D architectural visualization services help show your prospects that the properties are really worth buying / living.

Looking for professional 3D architectural visualization services? Consult AIMIR now with your exciting project, and let us stun you with photorealistic visuals in no time!

3D Rendering & Animation for a Community in Dominican Republic: ArchViz for Real Estate Development

3D Rendering & Animation for a Community in Dominican Republic: ArchViz for Real Estate Development

Nathaniel from C* Architecture & Interiors was preparing a community design for Bahia Principe’s new development in La Caña, Dominican Republic. This is a huge master plan for the locals, and the designing area Nathaniel in charge was a small community facing Caribbean Sea.

Designing area as highlighted.

Located in the U.S., C* Architecture & Interiors is a luxury, high-end design firm specializing in custom residential, boutique commercial and estate & land planning. AIMIR has a long partnership with C* Architecture & Interiors. However, this is our first overseas project.

Nathaniel briefly introduced the concept and design of the project. The concept for this development involves the mix of tightly-knit residences situated around multiple courtyard spaces, completely encompassed by a privacy wall, to create a private community.

And the architecture is inspired by famous coastal architecture such as Alys Beach, Mediterranean cities, and traditional-American, residential design, the building architecture of this concept creates a unique but familiar setting for new residents along this beach-side development.

Concept sketches for elevations.


Preparation for 3D Rendering & Animation Production


In order to demonstrate this beautiful community to the public for both marketing and fundraising purposes, five renderings from various angles and a 60-second fly-through are needed. After kick-off meeting, we decided to start production for the renderings and animation at the same time.

5 camera angles marked in the site plan.

As for the 3D animation, Nathaniel specially mentioned they didn’t have any particular camera path in mind. Thus, we thanked him for his trust and decided to create a short animation draft for confirmation first.

Briefing form prepared by AIMIR


3D Rendering


The model we’ve received was a complete one, which was an excellent start. After fine-tuning the model, we’ve confirmed it with Nathaniel as below:

For texture and materials, we’ve received a large number of references, to indicate different part of the building.

One page from the material board.

One of the projects AIMIR created for C* Architecture & Interiors earlier this year was mentioned as mood and quality references for this project.

A 4-story luxury house in Montgomery, Alabama

The five rendering views are marked in the site plan as Street View, Pool View, Courtyard View, Motor Court View, and Aerial View. In the checklist prepared by AIMIR, Nathaniel mentioned the mood for each view. Since everything’s ready. Production start!

Comments received during production.

Because we’ve work together for over 6 years, the process was incredibly smooth and simple. Just after the model and camera angles were confirmed, and other requirements were clear, our 3D artists directly created rendered and post-produced images for Nathaniel.

Please enjoy the final renderings for this community design:

Community Design (1)
Community Design (2)
Community Design (3)
Community Design (4)
Community Design (5)
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3D Animation


This fly-through is going to be a crucial tool for fundraising and marketing. To start creating an animation, a clear camera path is needed. To be honest, it was not an easy task to make the animation for this community.


Camera Path Revision

In the beginning, Nathaniel provided the camera path in mind. Plus, he addressed they needed 30 to 40 seconds duration. Our 3D animation artists made a draft based on this camera path. However, the result turned to be very disappointing. Due to the long camera path, there were so many things to show, the animation was extreme rush.

Camera path Nathaniel provided.

Therefore, we studies the project again and suggested another camera path. At the same time, we recommended to have a longer animation duration in order to show all aspects they’d like to show.

Both teams was trying to make it happen. As a result, the animation was determined to have 60 seconds. Among this minute, 10 seconds were free of charge. Considering our long partnership, we made this decision to show C* Architecture & Interiors AIMIR’s suggestion was a smarter choice.


A Sudden Design Change

Thus, based on the Revit model that Nathaniel had sent, our 3D animators refined the details of the model for a better demonstration.

Once the model is ready, our 3D artists started to work on the texture and materials. The fly-through will go into a lot of corners that the 3D renderings never go. As a result, we’ve sent through the key frames for review.

Key frames.

What we didn’t expect was that Nathaniel told us the model had to be adjusted. Although we’ve finished refining the model, we still need to wait for the new model. This is not rare in ArchViz process, because modification is sort of the nature of design.

At last, Nathaniel shared the final model with us in 6 days, and the animation was then quickly completed!

This community is an open space and a small component of this huge development. Therefore, our 3D specialists added a few final touches to improve color balance and overall atmosphere. From shining lagoons with crystalline waters and white sand beaches, to venture to every corner of the community and discover its charisma and splendor, please click the linked below to enjoy this 3D fly-through on Vimeo!

Vimeo – 3D Animation for Community Design

We really enjoyed working on this community project. This task was so creative, beautiful and our lovely client – highly professional, such a sheer pleasure to work with, just like countless projects we’ve collaborated in the past 6 years.


3D renderings and animations are the ideal tool to promote architecture and design. No matter you need them for marketing, reporting, presentation, or fundraising, there is nothing like a creative image or animation to show off your exciting idea!

Need high-end visualization works for your project? Please don’t hesitate to contact our architectural visualization studio for the best solutions.

10 Qualities Best ArchViz Studios Share

10 Qualities Best ArchViz Studios Share

Architectural Visualization is now way more popular than ever. It help speed up the approval process, boost marketing efforts, improve the accuracy of the design, predict possible problems, and reduce costs in various ways.

However, it is always a challengeable task to find the right ArchViz studio. One glitch in the collaboration, the whole project could be ruined. It is not only an exhausted experience taking care of it, but also might cause time issues when the due is near the corner.

Today, AIMIR is glad to share 10 qualities some of the best ArchiViz studios share. If you’re on the way looking for your ideal ArchViz studio or 3D artists, this is the right article for you.


1. They are Consultants Than Visualizers


An ArchViz studio has to be a professional visualizer first, which means they need to have the ability to visualize your design. But is this enough?

Our answer is no. It is important for an ArchViz studio to answer the clients’ requests by creating the visual content needed. On the other hand, it is crucial for them to understand their clients’ design from an ArchViz specialist’s perspective and give comprehensive and constructive suggestions when needed.

The challenges are always there. It is the ArchViz studio’s job to find the best solution for the task at hand. Please read this blog for how AIMIR, as an ArchViz consultant, gave suggestions: How did AIMIR Turn a Single Sketch into a 3D Rendering?


2. Keep Learning New Things


Being an ArchiViz specialist, there will always new software and designs that will push ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is why an ArchiViz studio has to be open to learning new things all the time.

CGI industry is a field where new technology and skills keep coming up. You will be fell behind with the industrial trends. A good CGI studio has to spend a lot of time and money updating and learning the latest industry trends, skills and software.

This is not enough. Because the industry keeps changing all the time, a true professional ArchViz studio invest time in exchanging experiences, knowledge and skills with other industry experts.


3. Have Artistic Sense


Given the time and resources, almost anyone can learn to visualize, or model, or render. But creating a 3D visualization work is more than just studying software, learning to model, and mastering post-production. It will be totally a disaster if your 3D visualizer has no artistic sense at all.

There’s a special mental side to creating 3D visualization works that deals with voice, style, color, and story. How to make a scene story-telling, which the viewers will be sold by its design, idea, and content? This is the core to an ArchiViz studio.

There is a typical case study at AIMIR and now we’re happy to share it with you: 3D Rendering Consulting Services: A Mixed-use Project in New Jersey. It specifies the process how AIMIR help an architect fine-tune the building and change the view to make it more appealing.


4. An Impressive Portfolio


Online portfolio is mostly used today, and are like show-and-tell for professionals. Let alone an ArchViz studio who makes a living from images. To stand out in this tough market, it’s important to make the online portfolio as impressive as you can.

When browsing a portfolio of an ArchViz studio, it gives insight into what quality you’re expecting, what styles you may choose from, and the details. Yes, pay great attention to the details of the works, you will truly know if this studio is the one you’re looking for.

You’re more than welcome to browse AIMIR’s portfolio here..


5. Always Technical-Oriented


Visualization is about technical skills. An excellent ArchViz studio has an advanced understanding of all trending software, various skills, and latest industrial information.

Of course, architects and designers today have impressive knowledge of 3D modeling and even rendering software, which in turn, drives a good ArchViz studio swallow new knowledge and skills to survive.

Thus, it is very clear that technical-oriented ArchViz studios are highly exposed to the latest skills and software. And they are the team you should look at.


6. Great Communication Skills


Dealing with an ArchViz studio who is trying to bring your design to life, communication is the thing you must confronted with. It is completely different to communicate your concept and idea to someone involved in the project than designing by yourself. Thus, a successful ArchViz studio must have excellent communication skills.

Unlike what most people think, visualization is not only about design and image. It’s a much wider process that requires the ability to deliver the thoughts and understand each other.

That’s why communication is an essential skill every good ArchViz studio should have.


7. Have Comprehensive Workflow


No doubt, workflow can help streamline tasks, minimizing room for errors, and at last, increasing overall efficiency. However, these all work on the premise that the workflow is feasible and flexible.

Imagine that you’re working with a visualization team now on one of your projects. You want to modify a simple thing in 1 of the 5 renderings, but the result turns to be all 5 views are modified.

That is a typical case of failing to have a complete workflow. A good ArchViz team will not have it. Under clear communication, a healthy and comprehensive workflow will keep repeatable tasks and back-and-forth within a reasonable amount.

AIMIR is proud to have our workflow which wins a lot of “Easy to work with” praise. If you’re interested, please check it here: AIMIR’s Working Process.


8. Have Approaches to Challenges


Visualization is a form of art based on the design and a mix of skills. In most of the projects, deadline is a key issue that keeps pushing the limits of the ArchViz team.

That’s exactly in turn keeps pushing the team confront with various challenges and tasks. Not only the deadline, but also other challenges are out there when visualizing architectural projects.

If the 3D visualizing team you’re currently working with apparently are not able to handle a reasonable deadline or a simple modification, they might not be an ideal team to work with for your project.


9. Patience


Visualization takes patience. From modeling, setting light, to placing a tree, adding people, patience is the key to a successful work.

Most projects start from modeling, where sketches, site photos or CAD plans are used. In these cases, the modeling process takes great patience. Of course, more complex designs needs more patience, especially there are limited materials provided.

Everything could happen during an approval or construction process. ArchViz studios should be aware of this, and be well-prepared to meet any possible change of plan or design. The visualization works are changeable upon them. This is exactly one of the advantages of 3D Architectural Visualization.


10. Teamwork


Most of the visualization works cannot be completed by oneself. Visualization needs great time and patience and attention to details to make a satisfying work. So, you’re not working with someone. You are working with a team.

It usually takes years to master all of the visualization skills such as modeling, texturing, setting lights, and post-producing. In a good ArchViz team, they complement each other’s skills leading to a better work and a successful project.

This is why communication is crucial. Internal communication is a way to demonstrate the working habit of the team, which will in turn be presented on the final works.


Above are some of the qualities that successful ArchViz studios share. When you’re on the look for a visualizer for your project, please think about these traits and then make your decision.

AIMIR has been visualizing architects’ and designers’ unbuilt buildings since 2006. If you’d like to talk to us about your upcoming project or share your opinion on this blog, please feel free to contact us.

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