As we all know, 3d rendering is a significant technical advancement that present concept design in real-time. In the first place, 3d rendering bridges the gaps between concept and reality, from which we can spots mistakes conveniently and clearly. The key elements of the details can be adjusted flexibly in order to achieve a desirable effect. On the other hand, the unfinished building presented via 3d rendering allows people to preview the final result, therefore, designers are able to update the key elements timely, which would greatly reduce time-wasting and energy to a large extent. Our latest Reizen Residence is reliable evidence.

Reizen Residence, a two-storey house, is a renovation project with new ambition. Let’s see how it looks like with our photorealistic renderings.

Project location:

9424 West Broadview Drive

Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154


Proposed new site plan

Original conceptual design for front yard

It’s very crucial to thoroughly comprehend the design concept and building details, which largely affects the workload. How to implement the texture is based on the details we received from our clients. After effectively communicated, the residence had been renovated as below. It acquires a completely new outlook through updating windows, balcony, garage and landscaping. The tender pinky sky on the front yard gives it a gentle touch and soft feelings. There’s no doubt that compelling 3d rendering helps to create a comfortable mood.

The Final image of the front yard

Moving to the back courtyard, an eye-catching swimming pool has been highlighted. The surrounding blends with the environment as if it’s a real place for us to rest our minds. Go swimming there is the best choice in summer and, of course, sitting in a delicate wooden pavilion to enjoy the cool is another way to release pressure, isn’t it?

The Final image of the back courtyard

Now it’s time to visit the interiors. A rough design concept of the media room and kitchen elevation presented below. Come to see how AIMIR’s visualization magic makes the design come alive.

Original design concept
Basic model stage
Final elevation image
Kitchen model
The Final image of the kitchen
Media room model
The Final image of the media room

3d visualization service smoothly improves the texture and lighting to acquire satisfying end-product. Using 3d rendering service reduces a lot of efforts to generate an engaging image.

Construction site photos
Construction site photos

The house is in construction at present. Many thanks for our client to provide the photos of the construction site and highly approve of our works. Do you expect the final house? If you find our 3d rendering service is a sharp weapon not only to improving design but also for advertising and attracting target customers, please feel welcome to consult AIMIR. We’re ready to visualize your design dreams at all times.

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