The year 2020 is a year that we are all sure will be remembered forever. We had to learn to deal with unexpected restrictions. Habits that had become cherished and human closeness were suddenly no longer a matter of course. The great news is we have never stopped our clock and continued delivering 3D renderings to the world.

AIMIR has selected the top 10 compelling 3D renderings of 2020. Let’s check them out!

No. 10

Project: Heqi International Financial Square

Location: China

Time: October 2020

Architect: G* Design

This financial square will be the new landmark for the business center of Guangzhou which connects the busy civic areas to the neighboring cultural center. This inspiring building has great sustainability with a deliberately chosen orientation, with a 50 degree shifting to the east-south axis. It is believed in traditional Chinese culture to have a positive effect on the energy balance.

No. 9

Project: Eggerberg Villa

Location: Switzerland

Time: March 2020

Architect: A* Studio

Providing mounting views, this Villa is located in a nice small town in Switzerland. With sunny rooms and an amazing view of the mountains and sunrises, this place surely is a great place to escape.

No. 8

Project: Canada Villa

Location: Canada

Time: March 2020

Architect: S* Architecture

This living space is infused with a natural tone to enhance its modern design. Check the natural textures: wood, marble, black metal, tactile fabrics, which echo with coziness and relaxation. Who doesn’t want to relax on a sofa in such a room?

No. 7

Project: Jinan Stadium

Location: China

Time: April 2020

Architect: C* M* Design

This is a design for the new Jinan Stadium. What makes it different isn’t the 40,000-seat concrete bowl on the inside, but a separate structure that surrounds the concrete and gives more than just character to the venue. Aerial view is always the best choice for stadiums.

No. 6

Project: UK Kindergarten

Location: UK

Time: November 2020

Architect: S* Architecture & Interior

At this kindergarten in the UK, kids make the most of a magical environment designed just for them. Its see-through windows-walls and animal sculptures foster a warm and playful environment. Ambient architectures are simplified and marginalized per the client’s request, to spotlight the kindergarten at a glance.

No. 5

Project: Jetty Fish

Location: Qatar

Time: February 2020

Architect: W*

An art gallery built along the beautiful shoreline becomes the new recreation place. It provides a seamless connection with the river to improve the resiliency of the waterfront and integrate with multiple lines and curves, forming a smooth and breath-taking structure.

No. 4

Project: H+C Office Building

Location: US

Time: February 2020

Architect: S* B*

High above stands the billboard of Audrey Hepburn, which recalls the golden times in Hollywood movies. The major presentation belongs to the office building beside the vintage annex. It has a streamlined framework of French windows, allowing adequate sunlight into the rooms. The mid-platform offers a cozy outdoor lounge for taking their minds off the daily grind when break time hits, perhaps rolling some afternoon tea.

No. 3

Project: Scottish Rite Tower

Location: US

Time: January 2020

Architect: N* M* Architects

This building is a shining beacon of glass and steel, allowing ample sunshine inside. Based on the building’s function, AIMIR chose to highlight its structure with a clear mood and a dusk mood to provide different experiences for the viewer, with an aerial view and an eye-level view.

No. 2

Project: Matthews Avenue Apartment

Location: Australia

Time: May 2020

Architect: N* Architects

The modern electric fireplace and built-in TV in this room make it possible to create an elegant space with art and a wide range of home furnishings. The build-in garden next to the living room is fully sun lighted, providing this home a hint of green.

No. 1

Project: Open (Xin Ou Peng)

Location: China

Time: January 2020

Architect: C* S* Architectural Design & Research Institute

This is an interesting project. Since the client had no clue about the mood at all, AIMIR’s 3D artists recommended a couple of moods based on their experience. The client was so satisfied with these moods and accepted the final image without a second thought. Check this beautiful modern sculpture in two different moods.

That wraps up our Top 10 renderings of 2020! Thank you for coming with us for this trip. For more high-quality 3D renderings, please check our SNS and website.

At last, it’s a rough year for essentially everyone, but it’s also been a year of hope and inspiration – here is to 2021.


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