Qianhai New District, located in West side of west Shekou Peninsula, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, east to Pearl River, sits on the intersection of Pearl River Delta, abut against Hong Kong, Macau, covers an area of 14.92km2.

This project’s orientation is International Mansion, the first high-end talent mansion in Qianhai District, also a high-quality community for rental only in Guiwan. This project serves the purposes of attracting talent and to boost the swift development of Qianhai District.


1. Location:

The project is located at the intersection of Menghai Avenue and Qianwan 2nd Road. On the west side of the site is Menghai Avenue (main road, red line width 60 meters, two-way six lanes); north side of the site is Guiwan 2nd Road (secondary road, red line width 35 meters, two-way four lanes), east side of the land 04- 05-05 public green space, the south side of the site is the innovative 15th Street (branch road, two-way two lanes). There is an innovative 4th street passing through the project site (branch road, two-way two lanes). Among them, Menghai Avenue and Guiwan Second Road are the current roads, and Innovation 15 Street and Innovation 4 Street are planned roads.

2. Dimensions

This project own 96,000㎡ above ground, 54,000㎡ underground. Apartment-office building (Commercial Apartment) take up 90,000㎡, commercial building 6,000㎡. Underground commercial building 6,000 ㎡. Height limit for the building is 180m, main functions include apartment, business, parking lot.

3. Application Requirement

1. The international open application method is adopted, no qualification requirement, firms with relevant experience can sign up (union sign up unaccepted).

2. The designer who participates in this bidding shall be the registered person of the bidder, and the chief designer shall directly participate in the whole process of bidding. In order to ensure the project designer’s accurate understanding of the Chinese background and related requirements, there should at least be one person who knows Chinese in the project designer.

3. Bidder should fill out the paperwork for review.


First Place: Contract Rights and 2million CNY
Second Place: 1.8million CNY
Third Place: 1.5million CNY
Fourth/Fifth Place: 1million CNY

Note: Chinese Yuan are used throughout this bidding; usage fee above include tax. The bidder who receives the program usage fee should provide the payment information and sign the agreement. After the bidding announcement (and without objection), the payment procedure will be started. The program usage fee is paid by the tenderer.

Note: All expenses (including travel and accommodation expenses) for bidders participating in this bid are borne by themselves. If the program review committee believes that the outcome document submitted by the bidder has not reached the requirements of the bidding, the tenderee will not pay the program usage fee.

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