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 1  Introduction

Shenzhen New Marine City is one of the few potential urban areas in Shenzhen that bears the national strategy for incremental development after Qianhai was planned. It is located in the northwest of the Shenzhen Airport New Town. The site starts at the estuary of Maozhou River in the north, and the east part is in proximity to the International Exhibition Center. The south edge is close to the first phase of Bao’an comprehensive port area, and the west end is near Jiaoyi Sha. The planned area of Shenzhen New Marine City is about 7.44 km².

In order to deliver the strategic value, the organizer, Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Municipality Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen) and the co-organizer Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group jointy launch an urban design competition for Shenzhen New Marine City. This open call aims guide the high-quality plannig and high-standard development of the area with international vision, prospective thinking and innovative design.

 2 Work Content

In consideration of the strategic requirements of national, regional and municipal marine developments, the international urban design competition needs to establish a clear developmental vision and positioning based on local characteristics and international perspectives. It should offer a comprehensive solution that is both innovative and operable by considering from the perspectives of overall structural design and functional layout, green and eco-friendly design, open space design, overall spatial form and cityscape design, as well as the comprehensive traffic organization.

Work Scope

 3  Schedule

The international competition includes two phases, namely “request for prequalification and concept” and “request for design proposal”. See the following schedule for details:

Schedule of Shenzhen New Marine City Urban Design Competition

Notes: All the time and dates are shown in Beijing Time. The organizers reserve the right to adjust the schedule.

 4  Qualification Requirements

The competition is open for registration by all international and domestic design firms or consortiums. Priority will be given to the design teams with the following project experiences:

  • International planning and design experiences on waterfront or coastal cities;
  • Comprehensive design and research capability and practical experiences of prominent urban areas;
  • Profound experiences in creating public landscape and environment;
  • Planning and design experiences of leading technological and industrial areas

 5  Prizes

The design proposals submitted by six shortlisted teams will be reviewed and ranked by the Expert Committee after the proposals are deemed as eligible. The winners of the first, second and third place will be paid ¥5,000,000 RMB, ¥2,400,000 RMB, and¥1,600,000 RMB respectively. Each of the rest design firms or consortiums will be paid with¥1,200,000 RMB.

 6  Contact Information


Appendix 1: Part 1 Work Rules

Appendix 2: Part 2 Design Brief

Appendix 3: Documents and Drawings Related to the New Marine City

*No reproduction without permission

Intended participants can download related materials via this link:

or scan the following QR code

(Official website)

Contact person: Ms. Ye +86 (0)755 83248464

Email:[email protected]

 7  Organizers


Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Oceanic Administration of Shenzhen Municipality)


Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Group CO., LTD.

Technical Support:

Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen

Organizing Consultant: 

Shenzhen Center for Design (Shenzhen Public Art Center)

* The final right to construe the Work Rules resides in the organizers, while the interpretation in Chinese shall be final.

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