Project name: Maozhou River Main Stream Greenway (Songgang Section) (Feasibility Study and Design Integration)

Project location:The Songgang Section of  Maozhou River Main Stream Greenway (Bao’an Avenue-Shajing River), with a total length of 6.1km.

Deadline for pre-qualification application: 17:00 on Feb 26th, 2024


Project Information


– Project overview

Maozhou River, located in the northwest of Shenzhen City, belongs to the Pearl River Estuary system. It is the largest river in Shenzhen, boundary river of Shenzhen and Dongguan the waterfront portal in the west of Shenzhen. Originated in the upper reaches of Shiyan Reservoir – Yangtai Mountain, the whole river spans 41.61km, in which the main stream runs 31.29km and the watershed area is 388.23k㎡, of which the area of Shenzhen accounts for 310.85.k㎡ , the average ratio of the main stream river bed decreased by 0.88 ‰, and the average runoff depth reaches 860mm for many years. The construction project of Maozhou River Greenway is divided into Guangming section and Baoan section, respectively 6.7km for Guangming section (Shiyan Reservoir flood overflow mouth – Zhoujia Avenue) and 11.7km for Baoan section (Tangshagong – Maozhouhe estuary) 11.7km, with a total length of about 18.4km.


Location map of Maozhou River

The planning positioning and structure of Maozhou River: take Maozhou River as the main line of green way, combine ecological elements, cultural elements and industrial elements, perfect service and manufacturing functions, promote the vitality of the area, create “green and intelligent green way”, and construct the spatial structure of “one main, nine branches and two themes”.

Resting upon Maozhou River, “one main” green way sets up the main line of green way, which connects Riverlands Resort, Yanluo Industrial Zone, Wetland Park, Guangming North Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park, Guangming Central Zone, Guangming South High-tech Zone and other functional clusters. The “nine branches” green way sets up the branch greenway on the basis of Maozhou River tributaries, including Shajing River, drainage River, Xinqiao River, Lutian River, Ejing River, Shiyan River, Loucun River, Xinpitou River and Daxun River. The “two themes” include the upstream eco-vitality themed green way and the downstream green intelligent themed green way.


– Tender Content

The tender content includes but is not limited to:

  1. Preparation for the feasibility study report;
  2. Completion of scheme design (including estimate preparation), preliminary design (including budget estimate, which must be prepared by the agency with its operating scope covering engineering cost consultation, and affixed with the official seal of the registered cost engineer. The design agency not having relevant qualifications must entrust specialized consultation firms with relevant qualifications to complete it), the BIM design stage, the construction stage, technical services, and the construction drawings design (including the subcontracted development design of various specialties);
  3. Cooperate with the owner to complete various applications for approval and construction, and provide technical documents and materials;
  4. Cooperate with the owner to carry out tender of various specialties such as site visit, soil and water conservation, and construction, and prepare site visit design brief;
  5. Cooperate with and guide on-site construction and submit design modification documents;
  6. Prepare as-built drawings of the Project;
  7. Participate and assist the agency in project acceptance, project completion acceptance and quality assurance acceptance;
  8. Cooperate with the owner for the preparation and review of project budget, preparation and review of project settlement, final accounting review of completion, and provide relevant documents;
  9. Other design-related work and services, and must bear the responsibility for repeated modifications of the work that have not been reviewed and approved by the owner or government authorities. Please refer to the content of the Design Brief and contract.

Note: The contractor must not refuse to perform work that may be omitted to complete the entire Project. The bidder reserves the right to adjust the contracting scope and the contractor must not put forward objections.


Application Requirements


  • The bidder must be a registered independent legal person, partnership enterprise or other organization.
  • The bidder must have all following qualifications:
  1. Grade A qualifications and above for the special design in landscape architecture engineering;
  2. Grade A qualification and above for the design in water conservancy industry;
  3. Grade B qualification and above for construction industry design (construction engineering);
  4. Grade A qualification or above in engineering design municipal industry (road engineering);
  5. The Qualification Certificate of Engineering Consultation Agency issued by the National Development and Reform Commission within the validity period (with the qualification grade of Grade A or above qualification, the specialties of “landscape architecture engineering, or water conservancy engineering, or construction, or municipal public engineering”, and the service scope including preparation of project feasibility study report); Or the Certificate of Credit Grade of Engineering Consultation Agency issued by China National Association of Engineering Consultant (with the credit grade of Grade A or above, the specialties of “landscape architecture, water conservancy and hydropower, or construction, or municipal public engineering”), or the agencies that have been registered on the National Online Review, Approval and Supervision Platform for Investment Projects (with the specialties of “landscape architecture engineering, or water conservancy engineering, or construction, or municipal public engineering “, and the service scope including project consultation), with screenshots of the registration of online review, approval and supervision platform provided.
  • Consortium bidding is allowed in the Project. The following requirements shall be met for consortium bidding:
  1. The leading agency must have Glass A and above qualifications for the special design in landscape architecture engineering.
  2. Members of the consortium must not exceed 5 (including the leading agency).
  3. Members of the consortium must not apply again on its own or with other design agencies as another consortium.
  4. Each party of the consortium should submit a Consortium Agreement, clarifying the leading agency, the division of labor and the proportion of design costs amid all parties at each design stage.
  • Design institutions in China must have a business license, and must be an independent corporate legal person or other organization. Overseas design institutions must be legally registered design organizations in their locations. The parent company, wholly owned subsidiary and its holding company with two and more legal representatives as the same person must not apply separately.
  • The application of individuals or individual groups is not accepted.


Tendering Rules

Stage I: Pre-Qualification

The pre-qualification jury reviews the bidders who have passed the qualification conformity examination (including but not limited to the bidders’ qualification and achievements, the chief designer team and achievements, the similar achievement highlight summary of the chief designer team, and the content of the conceptual proposal), and conducts round-by-round eliminations on the bidders via open ballot to finally decide five formal bidders (without ranking) and two alternative agencies (ranked).

Stage II: Scheme bidding

The tenderee should set up a bid evaluation committee in accordance with the law to review the bidding scheme and adopt the way of round-by-round elimination by registered ballot and select and recommend three winning candidates (no ranking) to enter the bid awarding stage.

Stage III: Bid awarding

The tenderee will set up a Bid Awarding Committee in accordance with the rules and regulations (nine members randomly drawn from the database of the Baoan District Construction Shortlist and the Bid Awarding Member Database, five from the overall database and four from branch database) , and one of the three winning candidates recommended by the scheme Bid Review Committee shall be confirmed.


Tender Schedule



Tender estimate


The tender estimate of the Project is tentatively set at RMB 16,397,800 (fixed quotation), including:

  1. Feasibility study fee: RMB 669,100 [calculate with reference to the Notice of the State Planning Commission for Printing and Issuing Interim Provisions on Fees for Preliminary Work of Construction Projects (JJG [1999] No. 1283): The industry adjustment coefficient is 0.8, and the adjustment coefficient for the engineering complexity of the Project is 1.2, with a downward fluctuation of 15%]
  2. Design fee: RMB 13,536,100 [with reference to the relevant provisions of the Notice of the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Construction on the Printing and Issuing <Administrative Provisions on Fees of Engineering Survey> (JJG [2002] No. 10): The specialty adjustment coefficient is calculated at 1.1, the adjustment coefficient of engineering complexity at 1.15, and the additional adjustment coefficient at 1.0, with a downward fluctuation of 20%]
  3. BIM technical service fee: RMB 2,192,600 [with reference to the requirements of the Guangdong Province Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology Application Fee Pricing Reference Basis and Songgang Street Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology Application Fee Floating Rate: The rate is tentatively calculated at 0.571%, with a downward fluctuation of 20%].


Compensation For Bid Failure


The Project sets up compensation for bid failure, with a total cost of RMB 1 million (including payment of taxes) (about US$138,900) to be paid by the Tenderee.

The compensation standards for bid failure are:

  • Each agency that has entered the Bid Selection Stage, but failed to win the bid will get compensation of RMB 300,000 (about US$41,700) (two agencies in total);
  • Each agency that has entered the Scheme Bidding Stage, but failed to enter the Bid Selection Stage will get compensation of RMB 200,000 (about US$27,800) (two agencies in total);
  • The Tenderee will not pay compensation for the bid scheme that has entered the bid review stage but is judged by the bid review jury of violating the veto clauses of the tender documents and is treated as rejected bid, or the bid scheme that has been deemed by the bid review jury of failure to achieve the depth and requirements of the tender documents.




  • The pre-qualification application documents need to be submitted (by express delivery) to the business hall window of Shenzhen Trading Group Co., Ltd. Bao’an Branch, Service Hall, No. 40 Hubin East Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, before 17:00 on February 26, 2024.
  • The paper documents received at the designated location shall prevail, and application documents submitted beyond the deadline shall not be accepted.



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