“How can you guarantee the quality of your works?” probably is one of the most frequently asked questions when our project managers are exploring the possibility of working with architects and designers. The quality of the 3D rendering works should be the top concern for anyone who uses this service. Quality is all about what the client gets out and is willing to pay for. In the architectural visualization industry, there is one more concern that the quality should not only be “good” but also be “consistent”. This is because the majority of the Architectural Visualization projects request more than one images.

As a professional architectural visualization studio started from 2006, AIMIR deeply understands that our clients’ satisfaction differentiates our brand from our competitors, lower the bar to collaboration, and gives our clients a sense of confidence in our services.

So, what is AIMIR’s Quality Control system? How does it guarantee our services and works? Today we’d like to share our comprehensive quality control system which help guarantee our services and protect our clients.


AIMIR’s Services


First things first, you need to get an idea of what we provide before knowing how to guarantee you during and after the process.

AIMIR is a professional Architectural Visualization studio founded in 2006. We are a team of highly creative individuals delivering realistic visualization solutions for architect, designers, real estate agents, developers and constructors. Despite the wide range of ArchViz, we typically offer:

  • 3D Rendering Services;
  • 3D Animation Services;
  • Virtual Reality Services;
  • 360 Virtual House Tours;
  • Interior Rendering Services;
  • Exterior Rendering Services;
  • 2D/3D Floor Plans;
  • 3D Modeling Services;
  • 3D Product Rendering Services.

With so many visualization services, we’ve built a strict and conscientious quality control system. In this way, we’ve delivered over 8,500 projects to the world and reached over 98% client satisfaction from 2006.


AIMIR’s Quality Control System


In 2006, we created the quality control system to guarantee our services and works. The system was gradually improved and completed a couple of years after. We’re confident to say this QC system has been tested and is able to cope with various situations. Of course, we will keep refining and improving it when we confront with more situations in the future.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll introduce the QC system from these aspects:

  • Quality control during production;
  • After delivery services;
  • Free-trial system;
  • Regular internal reviews.

Let’s start from the first one and see what we do to guarantee the quality during production.


#1. Quality Control During Production


As we all know, there is no standard quality measuring tool to assess a 3D visualization work. Or, let’s put it another way, most 3D teams have their own unique styles. However, there are still some key factors determining a “good” visual. The general judging rules of details, composition and creativity are just a start. There are more to learn in our blog Eight Ways to Spot a Good Rendering.

At AIMIR , no matter big or small scale, each project has a project team when the project starts. In the team, there is a project manager who is in charge of the overall project progress; a team of 3D artists who take care of your project production; and a production director who will supervises and manages all facets of the production process.


QC during production network.

The above image shows clearly how the project manager, 3D artists, and production director collaborate with each other and respond to the client during production. As you can see, when a client comments on the work, it won’t go to 3D artists directly. What happens is that our project manager sorts out the comments – normally there won’t just be one – and send them to the 3D team.

To guarantee the comments are seen and revised, 3D artists have internal check before sending back the visuals. And the production director is there from the beginning to end to supervise the production and give advice when necessary.


#2. After Delivery Services


Final delivery of the project is not the end. We never disappear and reject to reply emails after a project is completed. Actually, we understand the nature of architectural design industry that the design may need to change. At the same time, we love to maintain a long-term partnership with our clients rather than one-time collaboration.

With this in mind, we’ve developed our after delivery services, namely:

  • Summary of the project;

After the final delivery of each project, the project manager summarize the process of the project from both the good and bad sides. In general, the project manager goes through the whole project process and comes up with what we did to help this project and what we need to improve next time.

  • Survey of the experience;

Meanwhile, our clients may take the chance to fill a Client Satisfaction Survey. It is a survey that they can rate our service and provide any possible feedbacks. In the survey, we collect different aspects of feedbacks, such as the communication, attitude, integrity of the works, delivery performance, and many other factors.

AIMIRers deeply believe the quality feedbacks can enable a company to continuously improve service quality and client satisfaction by encouraging clients to complain. If a client experiences a service failure and does not say anything, we have no knowledge of the problem at all. And not only does a company have an unhappy client, it also have no idea that a problem exists. This is why we encourage our clients to voice.

By summarizing the project progress, we learn what improvement needs to be done. And by taking the survey, our clients have the window to voice the happy and unhappy experiences. This in turn help us to realize the undiscovered issues.


#3. Free-Trial System


As one of the oldest tricks in the marketing textbook, offering a free-trial still holds a good chance to influence the clients, in particular, in the 3D visualization industry. Unlike the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), 3D rendering services has its unique and unreplicable final works that differentiate one project from another. Therefore, it is not easy to just browse the portfolio or reference works and make the final decision.

We fully understand this, and that’s why we introduce a free-trial system. This is for some new clients who haven’t worked with us before, and are hesitating whether we’re able to create the idea CGI works for their project. If our clients are satisfied with our services during the trial period, they’re ready to pay for the full service and will bring new projects in the future on a regular basis. And that’s exactly what we want to see, because again, we hope to collaborate with long-term partners that trust each other.


#4. Internal Reviews


Review is always the best way to look back over the past for evaluation. In order to achieve the best result and keep our team at the same page, we hold regular reviews.

  • Monthly Review.

Every month, our 3D artists and project managers sit down and go through any possible issues from the past month. In the meeting, most of the topics are about the difficulties during the production of projects. And it is a great opportunity for 3D artists and project managers to open communicate any questions.

  • Emergency Internal Reviews for a Particular Project

This is not a regular thing. We only have this kind of review meetings when irregularity. For example, an emergency happens due to a project, and the problem is over the capacity of a project manager. At the time, the project manager, 3D team, and team leader will sit in a room brainstorming a solution.

Actually, we also have reviews with our clients and partners. It’s usually on a yearly basis. We love our clients and partners to help us improve and keep our architectural visualization works quality.




This is a general introduction of AIMIR’s quality control system. It helps erase the concerns of our future clients and guarantee the quality of our services from 360 degree. At the same time, we are ready to face any future challenges (because time changes and problem arises) and perfect this system to guide our clients a safe, fast, and quality 3D architectural visualization experience.

If you are interested in talking about our quality control or 3D rendering services, please contact us and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours!

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