The construction site of this project is located at 03-05 Block (No. T201-0119) in QianHai, Guiwan area, Shenzhen, at the portal of the northeastern part of the QianHai Guiwan area. The project site is adjacent to ChuangxinBa Street in the west, vast open space in the east, and in the north and south, the roads are still under planning. The land is for commercial use, and the main building is for both office and commerce.

Design Range

The area of contestants’ architectural blueprints, integrated urban planning of the neighborhood and other plans need cooperation is but not confined in the sector enveloped by the red line in Guiwan area.

Competition Process

There are three stages of this competition:

1st. Qualification Inspection;

2nd. Competitive Bidding;

3rd. Bid Winning.

Calendar (To be determined)

24th Apr: Bulletin on the bidding, pre-qualification documents are released;

24th Apr- 8th May: Sign up, hand in pre-qualification documents;

9th May: Qualification evaluation;

10th May: Evaluation result, bidding documents published;

16th May 14:00: Introduction, Q&A, of the project. Hand in signed/stamped the original Bidding Confirmation Letter;

3rd Jun: Mid-term report;

10th May- 1st Jul: Contestants undertake the design documents;

1st Jul: Contestants submit bidding documents

2nd Jul: Design evaluation;

8th Jul: Contestant win the bidding.


The winning bidder will sign the design contract for the project and receive a bonus of 170K which will be deducted from the contract. The second winning candidate will receive a bonus of 133.5k. The third, fourth and fifth bidders will receive the award of 103.9k, 89K, 74K respectively. (Note: the award in this article is in US Dollars.)

Note: For more information about this or other contests, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’ll be more than happy to inform you of all kinds of design events and help you address the challenges of taking part in these competitions and contests for free.

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