A year and a half ago, AIMIR published a blog discussing both merits and disadvantages between freelancers and 3D rendering company. Since the subjects are changed from what’s themed then, this article would be analyzing the Pros and Cons between the in-house team and outsourced CG companies. Hopefully, you can conclude with the best choice for your own company.

AIMIR itself has established a public image as a professional CG company and service supplier and has successfully served a great number of clients who also internally own their in-house visualizers and technical team. Years of experience working with them has rendered us aware of something much deeper. Basically, we’ve come to the conclusion that general situations that drive people to outsource projects can be listed as: the small scale of the in-house team, lack of available professionals, limitations in streamlining the working process, and poor project management. The worse part could be the ever-changing recruited visualizers, who may differ tremendously incompetence and therefore, trigger quality fluctuation.

Judging from the above, AIMIR as a professional 3D rendering company, becomes a better alternative and the merits are self-evident. To break it down:

First and foremost, CG companies have developed their own managing system which narrates a clear division of work between team members, who are also closely linked by active communication. Apart from such a working environment, AIMIR has also benefited from its well-tuned working process and methodology that underpin a fine production for every project. To guarantee smooth production, there is at least one project manager, one 3D artist, and one modelist who would be involved in every assigned project.

Secondly, well-established CG companies have stood the test of various projects. This has prepared them with valuable insight into understanding the true needs of the client and resolving issues that emerge during the production. Below is a diagram showcasing AIMIR’s quality control system that’s strictly followed, which greatly secure the quality before sending over the final renderings.

Thirdly, general services and production are of high efficiency. 3D rendering company will provide adaptive solutions such as by doubling manpower or adjusting the schedule flexibly when dealing with urgent projects as well as other issues. To keep the project running 24/7 to make sure 100% on-time delivery. Here is an article that serves as strong evidence to support the efficient workflow inside AIMIR. How AIMIR secures 100% on-time delivery?

Fourthly, outsourcing becomes a must sometimes. Almost 95% of the in-house teams of architectural or design company can’t finish the job when their clients ask for a video walkthrough presentation.  Forest Island Animation, one of AIMIR’s individually accomplished projects, successfully wins over our clients’ hearts.

Fifthly, in-house team may be overpaying redundant personnel considering the unsteady project influx. In this case, outsourcing is an effective way to save such cost.

It seems however, CG companies have completely outshone the in-house team. Is there any way that the latter could turn the tide? Well in some aspects, in-house team do boost obvious advantages, if we consider them from the client standpoint:

  • No time difference; Simultaneous synchronization
  • Internal real-time/face-to-face communication
  • No extra charge for capricious modification
  • Lower cost in paying personnel when the project influx is steady and saturated

What’s covered above is a general analysis of the Pros and Cons between outsourcing and insourcing. Overall speaking, merits and downsides are interconvertible in a specific context. The core mindset is: Weigh the benefits and cost and Choose wisely.

AMIR wish that all clients can witness the smooth progress of their projects, and be captured by the beauty of 3D architectural visualization. If you are looking for a professional CG company, please feel free to contact us a line anytime.

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