The Shenzhen Meilinguan Area Urban Design International Consultationis about to be launched. Pre-registration of intent is now open to the world’s excellent design institutions, and the official announcement will be released soon. The International Consultation aims at gathering global wisdom and advanced ideas, so as to collect creative and excellent design schemes for the future development of Shenzhen Meilinguan Area.


Project Overview


On August 26, 1980, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established. In June 1982, the Special Zone Management Line was set up. By 2008, there were 16 highway crossing checkpoints along the land of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Management Line, of which Meilinguan Checkpoint was completed and put into use in 1995. Since New Year’s Day in 2008, all “second-line” checkpoints in Shenzhen had stopped handling border passes on site. On July 1, 2010, with the approval of the State Council, the scope of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was extended to the whole city, marking the development of Shenzhen into the “Big Special Zone” era. After the demolition of the Merlin Inspection Building in 2015, traffic improvement was carried out, road alignment and traffic organization in the checkpoint area were optimized, pedestrian bridges across the east and west were newly built, and environmental landscapes were improved.

Meilinguan Area is an important area of internal and external integration of the original Special Zone. It is also an important strategic node connecting Futian District and Longhua District. This Area has been incorporated into the core area of Shenzhen City by the city-level land space planning, and the current functions of the Area have been difficult to adapt to the new development needs.

In order to fully realize the strategic value of Meilinguan Area and implement the high-standard construction requirements of the city government, the Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources of Shenzhen Municipality, together with the People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen, launched the Shenzhen Meilinguan Area Urban Design International Consultation, guiding the high-level planning and high-standard construction of the Area with an international perspective, forward-looking thinking and innovative design.


Scope of Consultation


The scope of this international consultation includes three levels, namely the scope of planning research, the scope of urban design and the scope of conceptual architectural design of the hub core area.

The scope of planning research extends to Yinhu Mountain in the east, Yulong Road in the west, Da’naoke Mountain – Yinhu Mountain in the south and Minle Road in the north, with a total area of 3.78km2 and consider the overall relationship with surrounding areas, such as Minle Village, Huanan International Logistics Center and Shenzhen North Railway Station.

The scope of urban design covers the core area of Meilinguan Area, extending to the boundary of Xinghedandi and Fengze Villa in the east, Niuzui Reservoir in the west, Nanping Expressway in the south and Longhua Boulevard – New District Boulevard – Jinlong Road in the north, covering an area of 1.10km2.

The conceptual architectural design scope of the hub core area shall be delineated by the participating institutions according to their respective urban design plans, and the requirements shall be no less than 20 hectares and include an interchange hub with four rail lines.


Schematic Diagram of Scope of International Consultation


Work Description


The international consultation includes three parts: planning research, urban design and conceptual design (detailed design) of the building in the hub core area.


Registration Requirements


  • This international consultation adopts the method of global public registration without qualification requirements.
  • Any team familiar with China’s national conditions and similar design experience will be given priority about the following aspects:
  1. Have rich experience in urban and architectural design projects in large urban hub areas;
  2. Have research ability and experience of solving complex urban traffic problems;
  • Have the experience in environmental creation and public space design.
  • The consortium is allowed to participate in the competition and the number of members of the consortium shall not exceed thre
  • If a consortium participates in the competition, its members shall not form a consortium with other participating units alone or in other names to participate in the application. Each member of the consortium shall sign the Consortium Agreement with legal effect and clarify the lead unit and the division of work of all parties.
  • Individuals and individual combinations are not accepted in registration.




The international consultation is divided into three working stages: “registration and prequalification”, “scheme design” and “achievement review”.

Registration and prequalification stage: The sponsor shall establish a pre-qualification committee according to law, comprehensively consider the company’s creditworthiness, relevant performance of the company, team strength, etc., and select 6 shortlisted units in pre-qualification stage (without ranking) and 2 candidate units (with ranking) to enter the scheme design stage.

Scheme design stage: the six shortlisted institutions complete the scheme design according to the requirements of the international consultation assignment and submit the complete achievements of urban design scheme to the sponsor.

Achievement review stage: the sponsor will conduct scheme review through expert review and other methods, select one winning scheme, two preferred schemes, and the other three shortlisted excellent schemes, and award corresponding amount of bonus respectively.




The official announcement of this international consultation will be released soon. Interested teams are welcome to pre-register.




Sponsor: Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources of Shenzhen Municipality, People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen

Organizer: Longhua Administration of Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Contact Information:

Ms. Li:+86-13632658134 (Business and Procedure Issues Contact)
Mr. Yang:+86-15999607859 (Project and Technical Issues Contact)
(UTC+8 9:00-12:00,14:00-18:00, Monday to Friday)




The pre-registration form does not serve as a formal registration submission or a basis for formal registration. All the contents involved in the pre-announcement of the International Consultation will be subject to the official announcement.


The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to know more following details regarding to this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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