Project Overview

The Project is located in the 4th Unit of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Services Industry Cooperation Zone. Its site comprising Plot 04-03-01 (land for education facilities) and Plot 04-03-02 (land for green space) is defined by Guiwan 2nd Road on the south and 11th Road on the east, covering a land area of 37,141.26m2 that contains 3,353.58m2 green space in the north. The gross floor area of the Project is about 95,000m2.

Project Positioning

The project intends to create an ecological, green, smart and intelligent school on par with first-class schools in China to reflect the latest learning philosophy and state-of-art construction techniques.

Work Content

Bidding Scope

A general design contractor will be employed to provide engineering design and specialized design for the main buildings within the Project site, covering SD (including cost estimation), DD (including budgetary estimation), CD design, and construction administration until the complete acceptance of the Project.

Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements

Bid Procedures and Registration

1) The bidding is open for registration. The bidders should be companies registered in the People’s Republic of China or other countries, with Class A or higher qualification certificate for the specialized design in the building industry (construction engineering), or with Class A qualification certificate for comprehensive engineering design (at least one member must hold the required certificate in case the bidder is a consortium) issued by the competent administrative department.

2) Registration in the form of a design consortium is acceptable, but each consortium should have no more than two members.

3) All design personnel proposed for this bidding shall be on the payroll of the bidder, and the chief architect must direct the whole design process in person. At least one member of the design team should be proficient in Chinese to ensure an accurate understanding of the local context and requirements in China.

4) Applicants temporarily disqualified from bidding due to collusive bid, or under investigation by the competent authority due to suspected collusive bid, will be rejected from the bidding.

5) Bidders shall submit prequalification documents as per the requirements of Bidding Documents.


Bidding Plan

I. Prequalification

The International Bidding Announcement will be released in Feb. 2020. Registration materials shall include a conceptual proposal and documentary evidence of the credits and portfolios of the design team. The conceptual proposal shall include but not limited to:  

1.A master plan or bird’s eye view that can express the urban context, and the relation between the buildings in the Project;

2.Vertical analysis of the site;

3.Traffic analysis, including the bus terminal; 

4.Ideas about the learning spaces;

5.A brief description of the working mode and method for the Project;

II. Conceptual Design Bidding

The design period is about 60 natural days.

III. Conceptual Design Refinement by Top Three Bidders

Whether design optimization is needed is to be determined in view of the actual situation.


Bidding Control Price and Honorarium (Tentative)

The bidding control price is RMB36,000,000. The honorarium will be RMB1,200,000 for the 2nd, RMB1,000,000 for the 3rd, RMB800,000 for the 4th, and RMB600,000 for the 5th place winners. The first-place winner will be awarded the contract.


As required by Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service System for subsequent procedure management, the applicant (or the leading member of the consortium) must go through online enterprise information registration in advance and apply for CA Digital Certificate timely.

Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Center

To obtain CA Digital Certificate online, please refer to

Please feel free to contact AIMIR for more details regarding this pre-announcement. In addition, if you need 3D rendering service to highlight your design feature, please ask for a quote.

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