International Competition for Urban Design of Hangzhou Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base is now under preparation and will be launched recently. The project is now open for pre-registration and design teams from all over the world are welcome to pre-register.


1.Project Overview

The Hangzhou Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base is located in the core block of Qianjiang Century City in Hangzhou, adjacent to the Asian Games Village of the 19th Asian Games in 2022 in the north and Hangzhou International Expo Center (the main venue of G20 summit 2016) in the south. In the future, the base will gather leading enterprises at home and abroad, headquarters of international organizations and headquarters of “unicorn” enterprises in future industries. Through the comprehensive construction of underground depth, above ground height, industry density and development intensity, the base will create an innovative place for the global headquarters and a vibrant future city in the bay area.

Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base anchors the two key positions of “Innovative Global Headquarters” and “The vibrant Future City of the Bay Area”, with the principles of “world vision, the international standard, Chinese characteristics and high position”. It is to build a world-class bay area which will become the most worth looking forward future leading demonstration area and an industrial cooperation zone with the highest developing level in Yangtze river delta, as well as the most promising future energy zone in Hangzhou.

Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base Site

2.Work Scope

The work scope covers the overall conceptual urban design of Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base and detailed urban design of the core startup area, on the basis of the conceptual planning structure of the Future Headquarters Base.

Design Areas

Detailed Urban Design Area (Core Startup Area): about 24.3 hectares, which is the TOD area of Fengbei Metro Station surrounded by Feihong Road, Ningyi Road, Minxiang Road and Ning’er Road.

Conceptual Urban Design Area (Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base): about 179.8 hectares, surrounded by Minxiang Road on the south, Fengbei Road on the north, Qiantang River Dyke on the west and on the east adjacent to the planned landscape belt along Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway, which is part of the Qianjiang Century City Green Ring (slow traffic system).

Research Area: covers the Future Headquarters Base and the Extended Area across the Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway to the east. Extended relationship with surrounding built areas and larger urban context shall be considered as well.

Conceptual Planning Structure

The overall layout shows the structure of “one axis, one belt and one core”, which will create a three-dimensional vertical development of the future sky city.

“One Axis”, the sky city development axis, connects the riverfront and the city from northwest to southeast, demonstrating the beauty of complex symbiosis of urban ecological vitality, super headquarters economy and international community life.

“One Belt”, the future cloud business corridor, combines the quality of the city infrastructure and excellent ecological environment, creating a super business belt.

“One Core”, future super headquarters core, is formed by two super skyscrapers around the comprehensive transportation hub, with functional headquarters of the world’s top 500 enterprises and headquarters of private leading enterprises as the core of introduction, gathering leading industries and creating the business center of the future.


3.Site Photos

Current Condition of Riverfront of Qiantang River

Current Condition of the Planned Central Water Axis

Current Condition of Core Startup Area

Current Condition of Extended Area


4.Competition Rules

The first stage is a global open call. The design team submits the application along with a draft concept. The organizer shall set up a professional review committee and select 5 shortlisted teams to enter the second stage of the design competition.

The second stage is the design competition. The shortlisted teams each submit one complete design proposal. The organizer shall set up a scheme review committee composed of well-known juries to determine the winning team as well as second and third prizes.


5.Competition Prizes

The First Prize Design Team (Consortium) will serve as the technical consulting team of “Urban Design of Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base”, which’s responsible for the subsequent integration of the overall conceptual urban design of Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base and the refined urban design scheme of the core startup area. The technical consulting team shall assign the project leader and main designers to participate in the follow-up technical coordination meeting organized by the organizer.

The shortlisted teams who submit qualified design documents shall be awarded competition compensation, in accordance with the international competition standards. Prizes and follow-up service fees are subject to the final approval of relevant supervising authorities.


6.Application Requirements

1.There is no qualification requirement, domestic and foreign companies or organizations with relevant legal business certificates can apply.

2.Consortium is allowed, with no more than 3 members (including the leading member). Design teams are encouraged to integrate teams with different experience in urban planning, architectural design, landscape design and industrial planning. Each party of the consortium shall not participate in the competition in its own name alone or form a different consortium.

3.No individual or combination of individuals will be accepted.

4.Applicants (consortium) with the following project experience will be given priority:

(1) design experience of headquarters base;

(2) experience in the urban design of core/central city districts;

(3) urban design experience of urban waterfront.


7.Special Notes

Pre-registration is for information only, NOT an official application. All information shall be subjected to the official open call released later. The organizer has the final right to interpret the rules of this international competition. The interpreted language shall be Chinese.

The announcement is published on AIMIR’s website now. If you want to more following details regarding this competition, please feel free to contact AIMIR. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to touch base with us if you need architectural visualization.

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