Recent years, we AIMIR have constantly cooperated with one of the country’s largest furniture manufacturers to make their products brochures. With rich experience and high production level, our service is well received by clients. The convenience and flexibility of 3D furniture renderings open up a new tide for them.

And this is not a special case. Have you ever been attracted by the furniture design when reading IKEA’s catalogs? And wanting that showroom to be your dream home? But, actually, more and more furniture manufacturers choose to use 3D rendering rather than photography of real furniture to present their design. Like IKEA, they make their products in digital 3D form. Then they put them in an appropriate context, which we can see on the pages of the magazines.

Although some people think it can’t beat a real feel of a showroom, the photorealistic 3D renderings really outweigh its advantages in cost and versatility.

To get customers in close observation of the furniture, different kinds of services are necessary to make a showroom, for example, skilled workers, specialized equipment and high-end materials. All of these add up to a large amount of cost. But sometimes the end product is not satisfactory – the material, the stitching way, camera angles, and even lighting may influence the overall perception, which is one of the designers’ headaches. It means all their work will have been wasted.

Compared with physical pieces, 3D renderings allow for correction. We can change the color or pattern of a piece at a relatively small cost. Besides, it is easy to choose an ideal environment for the furniture. There’s no need transporting or assembling fragile, expensive furniture. There is no need paying photographers or interior designers to take photos which are fixed. The vast 3D material library provides freedom of choice and convenience to alter. With a couple mouse clicks, a rustic walnut dining table will be set for dinner in a quaint family lakehouse, while a Neo-Baroque velvet sofa will be put in an exposed brick loft in Soho. Most importantly, we can view it from any angle, which can’t be realized in a showroom setting. It would be fair to say the quality of the idea is the only constraint of the presentation.

Today, photorealistic 3D renderings won many furniture manufacturers’ heart with its versatility and low cost. All things are possible with the help of 3D renderings. So why not try this new fashion in your presentation now? Start your new journey at AIMIR!

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