We are living in an era of visual content where information appears in every corner of our lives. 3D animation turned out to be a visually engaging tool for presentation or marketing purposes in all industries. As the 3D visualization technology continues to improve, there is a growing demand of architectural animation among architects, real estate developers and marketers who are keen to truly realistic animations that are able to showcase the various facets of the buildings, views and connected spaces in seconds. Grabbing people’s attention and inspiring anticipation in the viewers as they watch is not an easy thing, but here in AIMIR, we achieved a movie-like animation for the Montevallo Cottages.

At the very beginning, AIMIR was commissioned to make a 45-second animation for this Montevallo Cottages, an apartment complex with a clubhouse and groups of residential units with parks scattered throughout which locates in Montevallo, Alabama, United States. But going deep on the production, we found that this project has a larger scale (see site plan below) that we have to show more context/design/buildings, and targeted 45 secs is still so quite fast speed that made the final animation dazzling. Considering a better effect and making the viewers feel more comfortable while watching our animation, we finally came to a conclusion with our client that the speed of the animation to a certain duration should be slowed down which made it more impressive.

In this case, we’ve summed up two options below giving you alternative ways to tackle the same issue we may encounter in our future projects.

  • Extend the animation length properly according to the actual project/situation
  • Trying not to show everything and cutting some places that are not so important in the animation, instead, paying more attention to the design that should be highlighted

Now, it’s the right time to take a close look at the video.


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