Recently AIMIR was commissioned to make a 40 seconds animation for Patchwork Hotel, which located at 4638 Caldwell Mill Rd. Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a real long-term cooperation client who works with AIMIR together for many years and recognizes AIMIR a good reputation in their partnership. They hope our 3D animations can present their design in full splendor. “Absolutely, we are pleased to make every effort for your projects.” That’s our attitude and we also responded Patchwork Hotel with an incomparable work.

At the first beginning of the animation, the camera is hanging on the air and looking at the hotel, offering an aerial view for the audience to look around the surroundings and the general layout of the hotel. It is a three-story hotel, which is surrounded by high-rise residence, fitness center and shopping mall. People living in the hotel will feel fairly convenient.

The designers prevent the façade from monotonic by using such materials as chimney stone and warehouse window wall, which makes the viewers feel a sense of tranquil and comfortable. You will also notice its slate roof. And then the cam nosedives, and goes through the glass door of the hotel and looks into the hotel hall, whose decorations and furniture are delicate and fashionable.

When the cam leaves the hall behind and steps into the outdoor leisure area, a slender swimming pool, which is surrounded by many coffee tables and sun lounges, shows up in front of the viewers. The SPA facility is set beside it. The lodgers can enjoy the delicious dishes, swim in a navy blue pool under the warm sun, take a sunbath on a deck chair, and go to enjoy the spa. This outdoor leisure area also gives the sunshine a chance to get inside the hotel.

When the twilight time is coming, the cam soars up and this time has a close aerial look at the hotel. Suddenly, the sun is taken place by the moon and the day is taken place by the night. When the lights go out at night, all kinds of vehicles come and go all the time on the street and the hotel resembles an ever-evolving organism in the dark.

AIMIR not only meets all the demands that put forward by our client but also make the animation more attractive and eye-contracted by using the natural change of the tone when the day is changing into the night. What’s more, we show the change of light perfectly. All of this helps our client to show the charm of the hotel.


More and more architects and real-estate developers would like to use the animations to take the place of the renderings so that they can win the battle with those competitors who still use only renderings to promote their buildings easily. Do you want to know about the benefits of 3D architectural visualization animations?

  1.  Improved Understanding. With realistic 3D visualizations, graphic, and animation, you can create a comprehensive simulation of the building or product in a manner as it would appear in real-time.
  2. Enhance Curb Appeal. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, where spectacular realistic 3D visualizations and animation enhance the project’s style and curb appeal when displayed in high-resolution hoardings and billboards for advertisement.
  3. Cost-saving. Improves Operational Efficiency. 3D visualizations enable you to identify the flaws and loopholes in design well in advance of the construction process. This way, it saves you a lot of money which may be wasted in fixing the faults again after construction.
  4. Easy to use. With 3D animation, it becomes easier to predict the futuristic real project with an accurate realistic visual of the construction. Easy to play and present on any devices, like a projector in a conference room, TV channel, website, internet, mobile phone etc…
  5. Get Government Approval Easily. Several buildings and developments are often rejected by local government due to the ‘uncertainty’ factor in the appearance. However, with realistic, full-proof, and accurate 3D animation and visualization, you can gain more confidence and take out the uncertainty off the project to win government approval more easily.

Do you want to know more about AIMIR architectural visualization services? Please contact us without hesitation.

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