As we live in the era of digital, the use of 3D visualization has become commonplace and more recognized as an integral part of the architecture. Much has been written in our blogs about its benefits. Briefly speaking, it is the process of visualizing the objects before it turns to reality. It is a great marketing tool that helps communicate the concepts and create stunning portfolios. Since 3D visualization is a more advanced and popular service, many architects and designers choose various ways of purchasing these visuals for their projects. Some of the companies outsource architectural visualization services, others employ in-house 3D architectural artists or even do it by themselves. But which is the better one?

This is not black or white. The answer depends on the company’s needs and requirements. Since the answers are changed from what’s themed then, this article would be analyzing the benefit of outsourcing. Hopefully, you can conclude with the best choice for your own company.

1. Reduce the Expenditures
Though intuitive, money is money. The cost is always the first priority to be considered. A first-class team of 3D architectural professionals must include 3D modelers, and animation and post-production experts. Although keeping 3D visualization services in-house is an attractive option, employment means offering staff wages and paying employment taxes. All of this makes the organization of a 3D visualization department a costly business.

However, outsourcing architectural visualization services is a cheaper alternative with fewer obligations. Working with a professional contractor can reduce the cost for the architecture companies because they only need to pay for the work that they required instead of supporting a team of 3D artists.

2. Accelerate Work Progress
Outsourcing architectural visualization services help reduce the project period to an extent. Many 3D architectural studios hire capable 3D artists who accumulate rich experiences in visualizing architecture and design. They know the ability of each other and have reached a tacit understanding during years of cooperation. When dealing with a large-scale project or emergent tasks, they can divide the workload and streamline the production.

In addition, professional project management is another advantage of CG company. They hire highly trained project managers who organize the workflow and make sure the results meet all of the deadlines. They are in charge of the final quality control of 3D visuals, checking the details, and provide internal feedback. In this way, they safeguard the quality and guarantee on-time delivery. As for the architecture company, it avoids spending too much energy on managing the project, which is convenient and time-saving.

3. A Wider Variety of Services
An outsourcing company that has a large sum of outstanding experts who can not only perfect the workflow of architectural visualization, but also provides a wider variety of 3D services, like 3D animation, 3D panoramas, AR, and VR.

Moreover, a studio specialized in offering architectural visualization services has gathered a group of 3D artists with narrow specialization. In the studios, there are people who excel in interiors and exteriors. Some of them are good at visualizing residential buildings. Some are skilled in commercial and industrial designs. Each performs his own functions, which achieves a better effect compared with an in-house team. So, if you’re looking for high-quality and various formats of 3D rendering service, it’s the wise choice to outsource the project.

4. The Support of Top Software and Hardware
Producing good quality 3D renderings takes time and requires powerful computing resources. Though technically, any computer can be used to render images with the right software, it is time-consuming and just passable if using subpar equipment and software. Without powerful software and hardware, the process of image creation will lead to unnecessary time-wasting. For the architecture companies where 3D visualization is not a core business, there is no need to invest in additional computing equipment and professional software.

If they partnering up with a CG company, all problems with equipment will be readily solved. A professional 3D visualization studio arms with effective software for 3D modeling and rendering. With resourceful software, they could produce superior quality in less time, which benefits the architects, especially when facing some urgent projects.

5. The resource library of Pre-Made 3D Assets
Compared to working alone by using an in-house team, outsourcing 3D services provides a wide range of materials to enhance the visual. Professional CG company has developed a resourceful library, including 3D models, textures, and scenes. Those pre-made assets will be enormously helpful to speed up the complement and lower the costs. Besides, it’s possible to change the color of the furniture or replace the texture with the existing materials. Those materials can change perfectly to fit in the design. Architects can preview and adjust their design styles easily rather than spend a long time drawing support from other existing references.

The above 5 important reasons for outsourcing 3D architectural services. In conclusion, it brings lower expenses, less duration, high quality, and a galaxy of talents. In-house or outsourcing 3D services depends on the current requirements and long-term development of the architecture company. And working with an outsourcing 3D studio is the best choice when looking for high-quality architectural visualization. You can totally focus on the quality of the visuals and leave the creation of 3D visuals to experienced and mature professionals. Do you want to find out which is the best alternative for your company? If you want to know more, warmly welcome you to contact us.

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