Registration: 9:00 of August 12, 2019 – 17:00 of August 23, 2019 (Beijing time)

Organized by Chengdu Shudu Culture Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd., Shijia Bridge project will focus on the goal of “Famous City for Culture and Innovation”, “Famous Cities for Tourism” and “Gastronomic Capital”. It is calling for overall planning and conceptual schemes from experienced design institutions, it aims to develop the company’s main business, promote and pass on Sichuan cuisine culture, Douban Culture and other characteristic cultures of Pidu.

Based on global vision, national stance and Pidu’s expressions, this project will adopt creative, operable, grounded planning and design concepts to make it suitable for culture industry, commerce and tourism. Established in Chengdu and radiating the country, it will find out its unique position through the in-depth research, stand out and complement others in future, as well as become a peculiar project in culture industry, commerce and tourism within “Three Cities and Three Capitals”.

1. Overview

1.1 Project

Open Tender for Overall Planning and Conceptual Schemes of Shijia Bridge Area in Chengdu

1.2 Location

It is situated in the 2nd and 8th Shunan Village in You’ai Town of Pidu District. At the Shijiaqiao Exit of Chengguan Expressway, it is about 27 kilometers away from the downtown in Chengdu, east to Chengguan Expressway, west to Guixi Ouyuan Community, south to Outlets, north to the factory area.

1.3 Range

It covers an area of about 32 acres (including about 9 acres for commercial service facilities and about 23 acres for green land).

1.4 Content

The consultation consists of two parts: scheme preparation (overall planning and conceptual scheme design) and subsequent optimization design (scheme integration and optimization as well as architectural design assistance).

2. Registration Requirements

2.1 The applicants shall be a legally registered legal entity or a legal entity formed by legally registered legal entities.

2.2 The applicants must have Grade A and above qualification of architecture design (architecture engineering).

2.3 Design consortium
① The consortium must submit the consortium agreement jointly.
② Design consortium is allowed with no more than 3 members for each consortium.
③ Any member of the design consortium can’t apply for the competition individually or join other teams at the same time.

2.4 The applicants shall provide at least one similar business achievement on designing projects in the culture industry, commerce and tourism, industry planning and operational planning in the past 5 years (from January 1, 2014).

2.5 The chief planner shall have at least one business achievement on projects in the culture industry, commerce and tourism planning (with a size of not less than about 8 acres). The main designer shall have at least one business achievement on designing projects in the culture industry, commerce, and tourism (with a size of not less than 5000 m2). The chief planner and the main designer shall directly participate in the open tender (including but not limited to the site survey, Q&A meeting, mid-term report meeting, and scheme review meeting) and the whole process of subsequent optimization service.

3. Registration

Applicants who intend to participate in the project must register at first (See Appendix 1 for Registration Form. E-mail the filled Registration Form to [email protected]). After the agency receives the form, it will send solicitation documents, the assignment book, and other information to the applicants.
Registration: From 9:00 of August 12, 2019, to 17:00 of August 23, 2019 (Beijing time, the same as below)

4. Submission

Deadline of submitting application documents is 12:00 of September 2, 2019. Applicants shall submit application documents in written version to the following address: 1407, Building 3, Lixiang Center, No.38 Tianyi Street, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Recipient: Mr. Zhou. Telephone number: 13980406620. After the official seal is affirmed, applicants shall send the scanning copy in PDF format to [email protected].
(The delivery time of mailed or delivered materials is subject to the actual delivery time to the solicitor, and documents received after the deadline will be rejected)

5. Other Terms

3 shortlisted institutions and 3 alternative institutions (They will be sorted in order and take place others according to the rankings in case any shortlisted institution gives up.) will be selected in the tender. The winner will be determined among 3 qualified shortlisted institutions through open vote.

5.1 Conditions of Getting Design Compensation
Those who are shortlisted for the solicitation and submit the qualified deliverables could get design compensation.

5.2 Fee
Design compensation: 600,000 RMB each
Optimization service for shortlisted institutions: 1,000,000 RMB (responsible for subsequent scheme integration and optimization as well as architectural design assistance)

6. Contact

Organizer: Chengdu Shudu Culture Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 221, North Section of Hongqi Avenue, Deyuan Town, Pidu District, Chengdu
Postcode: 611730
E-mail:[email protected]
Contacts: Ms. Zhao & Mr. Zhong: 028-87929877、028-64438578

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