This project is located at the northwest area at the intersection of Zhongxin Road and Chuangye Road in Houhai Area, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, with a land parcel of T107-0093 and land attribute of commercial land. The land is in the central core area of Houhai, Nanshan District, with complete transport and supporting facilities around, and in the future, this area will be continuously built into an area gathered with headquarter corporations. Total land area: 4144.52m2;Construction land area: 4144.52m2;FAR:≤9.65;Floor area included into FAR calculation: 40000m2 (including 37000m2 for office, 2000m2 for commercial, 900m2 for canteen and 100m2 for property management);Building height limit: 100m;

The project site has planned road on the north, Zhongxin Road on the east, Chuangye Road on the south and planned road on the west.

Work Content

The content of this tender is the architectural schematic design of Houhai CBD Plot G-08 (tentative name). The scope of design service of the winner includes architectural schematic design (plans, elevations, sections, node details, etc.), which should meet the requirements of specialty design institutions and construction applications for government approval to ensure its feasibility. Meanwhile, cooperate for architectural design development, architectural construction drawing design, and construction process, make technical disclosure for design, cooperate with the design of other specialties (including but not limited to: landscape design, lighting design, signage system design, curtain wall design, interior secondary decoration design, etc.) and other work as stipulated in the Tender Document (including design contract, the same below).


Registration Requirements

The prequalification of this tender will adopt the method of invitation + open application. The Tender will sendan  invitation to the invited candidates and shortlist 3 from them; the other 3 bidders will be selected from the open applicants. These 6 shortlisted bidders will jointly participate in the second stage: scheme review.

1.The invited agencies are determined by the Tenderee after comprehensive consideration based on their industrial reputation, achievements, awards, proposed team members, etc., approved by the relevant government authorities.

3 invited agencies are as follows (according to the sequence of initial pinyin alphabet of the company name):

1)HOK International(Beijing)Limited

2)Hong Kong Hua Yi Design Consultants (Shen Zhen) Ltd.

3)Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Inc.

2.Open application

1)The tender will adopt an open application method, without any qualification restriction. The bidders must be independently registered design agencies qualified as legal persons from home and abroad. No application of consortium, individual or combination of individuals is accepted.

2)The proposed chief designer and team need to have at least one of the following conditions, which will be given priority.

a)The proposed chief designer has attended the design competition for projects in Houhai Area of Shenzhen in the past five years and is among top two;

b)Professorship senior engineer, Young Architect Award of Architectural Society of China, Top Ten Young Architects of Shenzhen Survey & Design Industry, Outstanding Architect of Shenzhen, or the project with him/her as the chief designer has won first prize for public buildings in national excellent engineering survey & design industry award, first prize of excellent engineering survey & design in Shenzhen City, architectural creation bonus of Shenzhen, etc.

c)The designers participating in the bidding shall be registered personnel of the design agencies. Chief designers shall be persons who have led several projects of the same type and must directly participate in the whole bidding and make scheme presentation as per review requirements. The chief design team must have fixed personnel. If main designers need to be changed, prior written agreement from the Tenderee must be obtained. In order to ensure that the project designers have an accurate understanding of the regional background of China and the related requirements, the project designees shall have at least one person fluent in Chinese.



This tender is divided into three stages: 1st stage: The application and prequalification stage; 2nd stage: Scheme review stage; 3rd stage: Bid award stage.

1.The prequalification of this tender will adopt the method of invitation + open application. The Tender will send an invitation to the invited candidates and shortlist 3 from them; the other 3 bidders will be selected from the open applicants. These 6 shortlisted bidders will jointly participate in the second stage: scheme review.

2.Second stage: Scheme Review Stage

6 shortlisted bidders must submit the deliverables meeting the requirements of the Design Brief.

3.Third stage: Bid Award Stage

1)The Tenderee will review the deliverables of the top two winning candidates as recommended by the scheme review committee. Based on the full respect on the professional review result of the review committee, according to the result of commercial bid, combined with such factors as cost, construction period and technology, the Tenderee will give ranking to the winning candidates, and after verifying with the urban planning or urban design, it will determine the winner of the bid as per approval procedure.

2)The bid winner will sign Architectural Schematic Design Contract with the Tenderee designated design general contractor. If the winner gives up the award qualification, fails to reach agreement with the Tenderee during the commercial negotiation and is unable to sign the contract, or doesn’t conform to the bid award conditions due to such situations as being unable to fulfill the contract due to non-force majeure and having violations that affects the bid award result, then the Tenderee can make contract negotiation with another winning candidate so as to determine the winner. The winning candidate failure in signing the contract will get the corresponding design compensation based on the ranking of the winner.

4.Tender Schedule (Tentative)

Note: All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Tenderee reserves the right to adjust the schedule due to Client’s operation or government work arrangement. Any change will be notified 7 days in advance.



The bidder will make quotation based on architectural scheme and tender document, with total price no more than RMB4 million.



Design compensation: The bid winner will get the design contract, without any design compensation; the other unsuccessful candidate in the bid award stage will get RMB500,000 design compensation, and the remaining failed bidders will get RMB300,000 design compensation each.


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